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The safe room airlock set (with the large sofa) was built in a tin shack.
Reportedly the other actors were so stunned by ferocity of Ben Kingsley's performance that they occasionally forgot their lines and much of the fear in their performances wasn't difficult to act.
Ben Kingsley claims the character of Don Logan is largely based on his grandmother.
Ben Kingsley described playing Don as venting all the anger and tension he had in him, and then he'd be meek as a baby the rest of the day.
Anthony Hopkins was considered for the role of Don Logan.
The boulder was made of fiberglass. A large net was kept open on the ledge of the pool so that if the boulder went over the pool, it would not continue down the hill into the village below. Additional shots involving the boulder were created digitally.
The first scene that Ben Kingsley shot was the airport interrogation.
The word 'cunt' is used 21 times in this film.
The conversation in the kitchen between Gal and Don originally took place in the living room, but the director decided that a more domestic and less formal setting would be more effective. Also, the shot where Don kicks the cabinet doors was done in only one take; the director decided that coverage wasn't necessary.
The word 'fuck' is used 115 times in this film.
Final screen appearance of Cavan Kendall, who died shortly after filming wrapped.
Ray Winstone, who plays Gal, was also given the option of playing Don.
Ben Kingsley and Ian McShane never share a scene together.
Among the photos in Gal's bedroom is the publicity photo of Ray Winstone from the early nineties. It's best seen in the scene of DeeDee laying in bed as Don criticizes her in front of Gal.

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