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good, bad,...??

Author: Amal from Lebanon
31 August 2002

I have seen a few episodes of this sitcom, I think it's a very original one... The problems treated by the writer are very ordinary problems that we encounter every day but the originality here is the context: this boy living with "the other sex" and just dealing with their changing humors and their daily needs in a very comic way... It's a very funny and realistic sitcom: I really advice every one to see it sometime.

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A funny tv show!!!

Author: Jennifer Anne Smith ( from Aberdeenshire, Scotland
6 November 2001

I personally think that Odd Man Out is very funny!! I love it!! Yes I do really only watch it because Trevor Fehrman is in it but thats because he is sooo funny and cute!! I think the show has some really good points to it. The jokes are great and I think the plot lines are intreseting. I have to agree that it does seem to be the same type of show as all the other TGIF shows but I luv it!! I think the acting is pretty good and so I enjoy watching it!!


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Good TGIF show

Author: Op_Prime from Ardmore, PA
2 January 2000

Odd Man Out is a true TGIF show and it shows. Now that is not a bad thing, but the compared to a lot of other shows, it is really out of it's league. This show is of course like the other TGIF shows, past and present, dealing with more family issues instead of what the other shows deal with. But this show is still good. Why the show is getting canned is a complete mystery to me. Of course, so was the cancellation of of another favorite TGIF show, Family Matters.

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Good, but a bit repetitive.

Author: Stephanie from Vancouver, BC
9 October 1999

I watched the show for the first time last night. The best part is definitely Erik. He is so incredibly hot, and has some talent. He was walking around with his shirt off in the beginning, and wow, he just blew me away. They say the same lines too much such as "Of course, it's me" and stuff like that by the same character over and over, but other than that the show is interesting, and funny.

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Does anyone have episodes available for download?

Author: JenDaMonkee from United Kingdom
26 July 2009


I love this show, I think it's funny and it's a real shame that there weren't many episodes.

I also think Trevor Fehrman is awesome.

So I don't suppose anyone has episodes available for download? I can't find anything on the internet which is so unfair. I have also tried You Tube and searching Facebook and obviously Google.

If anyone has episodes available or has any info in as how to get them I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks dudes!


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Good looks do not a good show make.

Author: Tommy-92 from Baltimore, Maryland
8 January 2000

While Erik von Detten may be "damn fine" in the looks department, he is pretty damn bad in the acting department. He is so bland and boring that he just fades into the background whenever he's on the screen, which doesn't seem to be a whole lot, so you tend to forget the show is (supposedly) about him. Thankfully, however, there is a lot more action going on here to make up for it. Markie Post is pretty good as the mom. At least she can act. The guy who plays von Detten's best friend can be funny sometimes, too. The oldest sister is, admittenly, attractive and has some acting ability, as well. But other than that, despite all the action, it's a bland, forgettable sitcom that, if we are to believe other comments, will soon join the long list of bland, forgettable TGIF sitcoms that are, have been, and will be canceled quickly and forgotten.

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my opinion

Author: bizkitbabe99 from usa
31 October 1999

This show is okay; good enough to make me stay home on a friday night. The show itself is kinda dumb. The only reason I watch is Keith. Admit it, if he wasn't on the show, it would probably suck. Even the title character is boring. You would think that since he lives with four women, he'd have a clue, right? Trevor Fehrman is great as Andrew's best friend, keith, though. I loved the halloween episode when he was dressed as a bug. maybe if the sisters were a little more believeable, the show would be really great. but for now, I'll keep watching, being loyal to my man, keith.

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just a few words ...

Author: fuelie ( from new mexico
4 October 1999

the show was pretty cool ... the plot was fairly realistic ... the characters were good ... and erik is DAMN fine ...

*~cheri the fuelie~*

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not too shabby

Author: fask from USA
12 October 1999

Not too bad for a TGIF show. Seeing as how The Hugleys is good and the middle two shows BITE this is a good bookend. IF not for the "comedy" watch for the chicks. The oldest sister (Natalia Cigulati) is a BONEafide hottie and the mom (markie post) has been on my "woooweeee" list since Night Court. Not to mention the chicks "eric" dates. Just last week he had that Delicious anna-kournikova-look-alike marnette patterson (from the short lived MOVIE STARS). Check out and you will agree.

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Pretty good, better than other TGIF shows anyway

Author: Burgundy from USA
3 December 1999

I've only seen this show 3 or 4 times, but I have to say that I like it a lot more than other shows such as "Sabrina". (the TGIF show that has been running way too long) It has a more unique plot than average, and can be quite funny. Though Keith (Trevor Fehrman) is really the funniest person on the show, not the main character Andrew.

It's too bad they're cancelling it. But, of course, the better shows on TGIF are cancelled (remember Teen Angel from a couple years ago?) while the boring and repetative ones live forever.

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