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The Secret Horror of Torchwood: Miracle Day

There is perhaps no more polarizing, yet inspiring series on television than Torchwood. It provokes heated debate about the value of human life and our efforts to preserve it at all costs. But it also reminds us that there is an amazing world within the universe, which it has created, and it invites us to play there for a while. So while Torchwood will galvanize fans with its shocking deaths, it also makes one weep with joy for having been granted the privilege of knowing those wondrous characters.

As Torchwood returns for its fourth season, it promises to provide yet another shock-and-awe story. Having closed the book on the story of season three with the ultimate sacrifice, season four introduces a brand new story of adventure. With the show transplanting from the U.K. to the U.S. in search of greener pastures (not to mention the funding necessary for
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Lauren Ambrose will take part in the lesbian threesome in "Wanderlust"

Back in August, we told you Jennifer Aniston had been cast in a new Judd Apatow film called Wanderlust. Aniston plays Linda, a married woman (Paul Rudd plays her husband) who decide to live in a hippie commune for a while and de-stress. Part of this process includes some free love, in which both husband and wife are invited to engage, and Linda's sexual escapades lead her into a threesome with two women.

The only clue we had as to who Aniston will hook up with in the film was that one of the women would be pregnant. From reading the script's sides, it's apparent that Almond is the name of the pregnant character, and Lauren Ambrose has been cast in the role.

Now that we know she's involved, we can count out Malin Akerman, who plays Almond's sister, Eve. Eve is too concerned with trying to bed Paul Rudd.
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