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Ryan Phillipe accidentally punched Sarah Silverman in the opening scene; She got knocked out and when she woke up he was standing over her almost in tears. The make up department used fake blood and the huge lump on her chin was a continuity bonus. Phillipe apologized for a week.
Christopher McQuarrie's brother, a US Navy SEAL, was technical advisor for the gunfight scenes, hence the realism of the coordinated movements, use of cover, and room-clearing tactics used by Parker and Longbaugh.
The names of the main characters, Parker and Longbaugh, are the real last names of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Unlike many movies with action-packed gunfights, every round fired is accounted for and all characters reload when appropriate, with the exception of one sequence in the brothel courtyard where Parker and Longbaugh fire dozens of rounds in rapid succession without pausing to reload: an intentional sort of fun tribute to classic action movies.
The unusual car chase scenes after the kidnapping were Benicio Del Toro's idea. He suggested it to Christopher McQuarrie after watching the show Cops (1989) where a couple of criminals did the same when cops were chasing them.
The final shootout scene in the brothel is the same location where the final shootout scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) occurs.
The hotel (where the parking lot gunfight takes place) is said to be in the town of Salsipuedes, which is Spanish for "get out if you can".
The main characters meticulously adhere to "trigger discipline" when handling their weapons: the only time their fingers are actually on the trigger is when they are willing to shoot somebody.
Christopher McQuarrie had written considerable amount of dialog for Longbaugh's character, however Benicio Del Toro suggested the "less is more" approach and had him cut down his lines.
The store clerk seen at the 7-11 truck stop (the one who shares a cigarette with Longbaugh) is the wife of the film's composer, Joe Kraemer.
Benicio Del Toro coached Nicky Katt in his Spanish dialogue scenes.
The rifle used be Benicio Del Toro at the motel and in the brothel was an Isreali made Galil in 7.62mm. The handguns used by Parker and Longbaugh were Colt MK IV Series 70 Government Models in 9mm for ease of use with blanks. The handguns used by the bodyguards were H&K USP 9's. The Revolvers were Taurus Model 85 .38 Specials. The shotgun was a Remington 870 12 gauge.
James Caan portrays Juliette Lewis's father in the film, while her real-life father, Geoffrey Lewis, plays the minor role of Abner.
The original painting by "Oliver Dear", that is hanging in the Mexican brothel scene was originally painted and used in the TV movie Purgatory (1999).
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The castanet staccato heard several times throughout the movie is from the first few seconds of The Professionals (1966).
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The name of the motel, Nacio Madre, translates to "birth mother".
Nicky Katt (Obecks) did all his own stunt driving.
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In a scene where Parker jumps into a well to take cover, he lands in a number of glass bottle and cutting his arm. The bottles did have labels which were all approved to be used. When the sponsors saw what was done with the bottles, they asked to have their labels removed because they were not approved as weapons. The filmmakers complied.
According to the DVD commentary, Christopher McQuarrie hired Kristin Lehman based on her performance in Dog Park (1998).
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The violence was scaled back because the MPAA threatened the film with the NC-17 rating.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the audio commentary on the DVD it is confirmed that in the alternate ending, Parker and Longbaugh do die due to their gun shot wounds.
At the start of the brothel shootout, the Bag Man who was killed by first being shot in the foot from around the corner outside the birthing room was the result of repeated bungled attempts by the actor to hide out of sight of Parker and Longbaugh. After many rehearsals where some part of the actor's body could still be seen, the scene was finally changed to reflect this.
The opening scene where Parker punches the loudmouthed character played by Sarah Silverman is explained in the commentary as an idea Christopher McQuarrie had kicked around with his friends while heckling a large group of ultimate frisbee players at a dog park. They realized that if a group of people actually came at them, they would surely lose, but could "steal the victory" by giving the women bloody noses, making the womens' boyfriends to be the focus of their ire (reasoning that the women would blame the boyfriends for starting the fight in the first place) long after the fight was over.
The Mexican brothel scene when Longbaugh (Benicio Del Toro) slaps one whore on her behind as she is running out, was unscripted. Christopher McQuarrie privately suggested it to Del Toro who was very resistant to it. The extra playing the whore was not told about this. As Del Toro feared, she came back after the shot was filmed very angry and complained how she was slapped. Del Toro immediately turned to McQuarrie and said "he made me do it!!!". (From the director's commentary on the DVD)

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