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Mark Wahlberg does NOT do the singing in this movie or for the soundtrack. The singing is done by Miljenko Matijevic who sang for Steelheart and Jeff Scott Soto who sang for Yngwie Malmsteen and Journey, among others.
Inspired by the real-life story of Tim "Ripper" Owens, singer in a Judas Priest cover band who was chosen to replace singer Rob Halford when he left Judas Priest. Jason Flemyng's character's declaration of homosexuality on his departure mirrors that of Halford.
When Mark Wahlberg tumbled down the stairs for Izzy's first Steel Dragon performance, he did it at a real rock concert. At first the unaware fans thought he'd fallen for real and were shocked into silence. After a few takes they realized it was an act and stopped caring.
The majority of the musicians in the movie are actual musicians: Mark Wahlberg fronted Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch; Jason Bonham (A.C., Steel Dragon drummer) is son of John Bonham and was drummer for Led Zeppelin; Jeff Pilson (Jorgen, Steel Dragon bassist) is bassist for 80's hair band Dokken; Zakk Wylde (Ghode, Steel Dragon guitarist) has played with a ton of bands including Ozzy Osbourne and has his own band, Black Label Society; Blas Elias (Donny, Blood Pollution drummer) is drummer of 90s hair band Slaughter; Brian Vander Ark (Ricki Bell, Blood Pollution bassist) is singer and guitarist in The Verve Pipe; Nick Catanese (Xander Cummins, Blood Pollution guitarist) is guitarist in Wylde's Black Label Society; Stephan Jenkins (Bradley, Black Babylon singer) is singer for Third Eye Blind; Vitamin C (Guitarist outside the Steel Dragon mansion) is better known as Vitamin C; Myles Kennedy (Thor) joined Alter Bridge with ex-Creed members after leaving his band, The Mayfield Four and has also sang for Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash. The majority of the songs are also played by original 80's hair band musicians,including Wahlberg's singing voice which belongs to 'Mike Matijevic', lead singer of Steelheart. Steve Plunkett was the lead singer of Autograph, an 80's hair band band with a Top 30 hit "Turn up the Radio". He plays the photographer in the scene where "Chris" does his first photo shoot with Steel Dragon. Steve Plunkett also co-wrote the song "Living the Life".
Fortunately for Mark Wahlberg, he hung out with enough rock gods during his 'Marky Mark' days, among them 'Motley Crue''s lead singer Vince Neil, to know the drill. "I just took a crash course. I went and hung out with all of these guys," he says. " I was researching the part pretty early on, actually in the middle of shooting The Perfect Storm (2000). I just went to as many concerts as I could and hung out with these guys."
Brad Pitt was initially offered the role of Chris Cole.
The singer auditioning for Steel Dragon as Izzy arrives for his audition is future Steel Panther singer, Ralph Saenz, whose stage name is Michael Star.
The final song performed by the Chris Cole Band, "Colorful" is actually the voice of Brian Vander Ark, the song's composer, from his The Verve Pipe days.
The Marshall amplifier head shown at 29:45 has the band name "DEEP PURPLE" painted across the top of it. This is likely a head once used by Ritchie Blackmore.
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Tim "Ripper" Owens, who the movie is based on, now owns a bar/restaurant in Akron Ohio and has various concerts of local bands as well as classic stars, including himself The bar was featured on Jon Taffer's Bar Rescue.
The rooftop locale used for the press conference that introduces Chris "Izzy" Cole as Steel Dragon's new lead singer, and announces their forthcoming tour with him, is the same rooftop that was used for the final, tour ending press conference and record company party for the fictional heavy metal band, This Is Spinal Tap (1984).
Ozzy Osbourne was at the concert filming, as well as Nikki Sixx, and Alice Cooper and many other "rock legends" where a 12 Step Meeting was held for extras working in the film. A literal "who's who" of real Metal Gods.
Originally titled, "Metal God".
The entrance hall of Kirk Cuddy's mansion is the same set that was used for Chilton Academy on the TV show Gilmore Girls (2000).
Anthony Head was cast as another manager. He got paid for the role, but a few weeks before production began he was written out.
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Three of the actresses who played the wives of the Steel Dragon band members had actually themselves been in romantic relationships with rock stars in real life. Rachel Hunter (A.C.'s wife) was in a relationship with Kip Winger (Alice Cooper, Winger) and had been married to Rod Stewart. Heidi Mark (Kirk's wife) had been married to Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe. Carrie Stevens (Ghode's wife) had been married to KISS drummer Eric Carr until Carr died of cancer.
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