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Season 1

28 Oct. 1998
ACT 1.0 Kanojo no Jijou
Arima and Yukino both have the day off from school so they decide to meet up over at Arima's place. But that's not the whole story... Arima's parents won't be home! Just the two of them? Alone?
ACT 2.0 Futari no himitsu
Yukino's inadvertently made a fool of herself in front of Arima and now he's blackmailing her! Getting her to do his work, act as his slave... she's just about at her wit's end!
ACT 3.0 Kareshi no jijo
Things have been good between Arima and Yukino for the past few weeks but lately Arima has been acting strange. He's been very distant and it almost seems like he's purposefully ignoring Yukino... what is it that's changed so suddenly?
ACT 4.0 Kanojo no nandai
Confessing your love for someone can be very tricky... and it's not any easier for Yukino!
ACT 5.0 Hibi no meikyu/ACT 5.5 Kare no yabou
A new boy has just transferred to Yukino and Arima's school... Asaba. He's pretty handsome and charismatic, so it doesn't take long for him to rise in popularity, but he's got a real problem with Yukino.
ACT 6.0 Boku wo kaeru, kimi no koe
Arima and Yukino lead very similar lives despite their differences... but how will their bond stand against the test of time? While Yukino feels as if she's been liberated of her guise of perfection.
ACT 7.0 Futari no sokaku
The newest test scores have been posted and Yukino and Arima's scores weren't up to their typical standard.
ACT 8.0 Kanojo no nichijo/ACT 8.5 Sakura no hayashi no mankai no shita
Arima and Yukino both have the day off from school so they decide to meet up over at Arima's place. But that's not the whole story...
ACT 9.0 Moratorium no shokuzai
Two jealous rivals emerge to sabotage Yukino! The first girl, Maho, resents her popularity and attempts to unmask Yukino's superficiality to the whole school...
ACT 10.0 Subete wa kore kara
The class has sided with the scheming Maho and they all decide to give Yukino the "silent treatment." As time goes on and it appears that things won't change, Yukino knows that she'll have to confront her saboteur and put an end to the harassment... but how?
ACT 11.0 Ichi-gakki no owari ni/ACT 11.5 Natsu no yasumi no hajimari ni
Summer has arrived and it's a time of separation. Arima is going away for a Kendo tournament while Yukino has made new friends. Even Tsubasa has taken a liking to Yukino, but something's not right... she's grown a little too attached.
ACT 12.0 Shiawase no arika
Tsubasa has holed up at Yukino's house and refuses to go home. Tsubasa's father is remarrying and it's been hard for her to come to terms with the idea.
ACT 13.0 Shiawase no shukan
Tsubasa decides to go home, but her loathing for her father getting remarried is renewed upon meeting her future stepbrother... a punk-rocker named Kazuma. How could she ever possibly relate to someone so completely different?
ACT 14.0 Kore made no ohanashi (Zenpen)/ACT 14.3 Kore made no ohanashi (Chuhen)
Yukino and Arima's story up to this point is revisited.
ACT 14.6 Kore made no ohanashi (kouhen)/ACT 15.0 Koe no muko ni mieru mono
Arima's absence has been hard on Yukino, but she's not the only one. Asaba's had it tough as well...
ACT 16.0 Towa no tentei
The Miyazawa family heads off to meet grandpa... an ill-tempered old man who's got it in for Yukino's father!
ACT 17.0 Kare no kyorai
Hearing from her friends that Arima has changed a lot over the summer, Yukino bemoans over the fact that she hasn't changed at all and that she can't seem to get her feelings sorted well when it comes to him.
ACT 18.0 Shin ka
Arima's feelings for Yukino are beginning to build up and he knows now, more than anything, he wants to take their relationship to the next level...
ACT 19.0 14 Days 1
Yukino isn't all that interested in the culture fest until she finds out that the class that puts on the best show gets the test notes of a student who went on to Tokyo University!
ACT 20.0 14 Days 2
Tonami had a tough childhood... he was constantly sick, being bullied, but the worst of it was all Tsubaki's fault. Now he's back and he's determined to throw it back in her face!
ACT 21.0 14 Days 3
Aya has finished her script for the culture fest play, but neither Yukino nor Maho are eager to participate. All the while, Tonami has begun to make his mark on Tsubaki. She begins to suspect who he really is.
ACT 23.0 14 Days 4
After reading the Aya's play, Yukino decides that she'd like to participate in it.
ACT 23.0 14 Days 5
Yukino's organizational talents shine as the play really starts to come together. Meanwhile, Tonami's plot for revenge against Tsubaki isn't going as well as he'd hoped...
ACT 24.0 Ima made to chigau ohanashi
Yukino has changed a lot since meeting Arima, but Arima still feels that he himself hasn't changed much at all.
ACT 25.0 Kore made to chigau ohanashi
Kano's been feeling a strange presence lately... as if someone is following her. Mysterious phone calls... flowers from an anonymous admirer...
ACT 26.0 14 Days 6
The final episode. As tensions rise over Arima's jealous and over-protective nature, Tonami begins to realize that his desire to get Tsubaki to notice him was one born out of an emotion different from hate.

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