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An uplifting but occasionally treacly tale of transcendent grief, opted to venture where angels go fearlessly.
New York Daily News
With its mystical mumbo jumbo and even a helpful beam of celestial light in one scene, A Rumor of Angels is a kind of cinematic comfort food for an undemanding audience.
Film Threat
Were it not for the presence of higher-level acting talent, A Rumor of Angels would have been a banal TV movie.
New York Post
A predictable tearjerker whose main redeeming feature is that you don't actually see any of the angels in the title.
L.A. Weekly
A Rumor of Angels beats its wings furiously, only to sink back into spiritualist goo.
As A Rumor of Angels reveals itself to be a sudsy tub of supernatural hokum, not even Ms. Redgrave's noblest efforts can redeem it from hopeless sentimentality.
Los Angeles Times
The emotional aspects of the story are treated with such a heavy hand, the supernatural aspects are so vague and uninvolving, and the group dynamic is so unconvincing that one can't quite imagine why anybody bothered.
What's most offensive isn't the waste of a good cast, but the film's denial of sincere grief and mourning in favor of bogus spiritualism. Only devotees of Ouija boards and TV's "Crossing Over" will find anything of merit here.
Village Voice
The pat reconciliations among family members start to pile up like so much driftwood along the beach.
Wall Street Journal
I've been a Vanessa Redgrave fan for such a long time that I would have been happy to watch her beautifully weathered face without much happening around her.

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