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Jason Dohring (Jerry), Kristoffer Polaha (Eric Hughes), and Jason Behr (Max) have all worked with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Jason Dohring and Kristoffer have worked with her on Ringer (2011), and Jason Behr worked with her on The Grudge (2004) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997). Kristoffer has also worked with Shiri Appleby (Liz) in Life Unexpected (2010).
The pilot episode was the highest-testing episode 20th Century Fox had ever done.
There is an hour of unaired footage from "The Departure" episode floating around the internet. The episode was originally two hours long, but at the last minute, the WB network would only give Roswell a regular hour-long slot, so they had to cut an hour of footage to make the episode fit into the time slot.
Heath Ledger auditioned for the role of Max Evans.
They didn't even use real Tabasco sauce. Instead, it was V8 Berry Splash. They tried to use real Tabasco sauce, but their eyes kept watering and they kept running for more water after each take.
Nick Wechsler auditioned for four different roles.
FOX was originally going to air the series, but decided at the last minute not to air it. The WB Network bought the rights instead, but didn't like the original pilot episode, so they made them re-shoot parts of it. That means that there is an unaired, original pilot episode, and it is floating around the Internet.
Fearing cancellation during the show's first season, fans of Roswell sent tiny bottles of Tabasco sauce (the choice condiment of the show's aliens) to the WB network as part of a campaign to save the show. Roswell was subsequently moved to a new night and time and renewed for a second season.
Katherine Heigl tested for all three female leads before landing the part of Isabel Evans. Before winning the role of Maria DeLuca, Majandra Delfino originally auditioned for the part of Liz, which eventually went to Shiri Appleby who, like Heigl, tested for all three female lead roles, winning the lead of Liz Parker after several callbacks.
Though Isabel graduated before Max, making her older, in real-life, Katherine Heigl is five years younger than Jason Behr, who plays Max Evans.
The newspaper clippings shown at the beginning of the show's credits are actual headlines from the infamous Roswell "UFO Crash" in July of 1947.
Throughout the series, various characters joke about growing up to work in the "cheese factory" (most notably in season one, episode three, "Monsters"). In reality, Roswell is home to a major manufacturing plant of Leprino Foods, the world's largest producer of mozzarella.
Similarities between Katherine Heigl's characters in Roswell (1999) and Grey's Anatomy (2005): in each her character, Isabel/Isobel talks to and dances with a dead lover, is extremely fussy about the holidays, and dates a guy named Alex.
Executive Producer Jonathan Frakes appears on-screen near the end of the first episode. He is the man on stage that announces the crash of the U.F.O. He appears twice more as himself, once as a guest speaker in season one, episode thirteen, "The Convention," and another in season three, episode four, "Secrets and Lies", where he holds a casting audition for Max on the show Star Trek: Enterprise (2001).
In season three, episode four, "Secrets and Lies", after doing terribly on an audition for Star Trek: Enterprise (2001), Max's agent tells him that "There's still Buffy." a reference to Jason Behr's guest appearance as Ford in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997). Also, Julie Benz (Agent Kathleen Tapolsky) played Darla on Buffy, and Keith Szarabajka (Dan Lubetkin) in "To Serve and Protect" and "We are Family", went on to play Daniel Holtz in eleven episodes of Angel (1999).
The mountain, from where alien-children came, (and frequently go back) is the same as the mountain Captain Kirk climbs in an episode of Star Trek (1966). It was also used in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991), as the mountain to which Bill & Ted are brought to be killed by the evil robots, and in Fastlane (2002), where Van and Deq go to meet with an arms dealer (and their car is shot with a rocket launcher).
Though the name given to the alien Nasedo is purported on the show to be an Indian word for "visitor," it was actually made up by show co-Executive Producer and Writer Thania St. John, by scrambling the letters of the town of Sedona, Arizona.
During the opening credits of the show, the names of the stars come up on the screen, first in "alien writing," and then morph into English.
Early on in season one, Michael calls Max by the nickname "Maximilian". From then on, he calls him Maxwell instead. In season one, episode six, Michael calls Max "Maximilian".
On The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin (1954), season one, episode thirty-one, "Bounty Hunters", Lieutenant Rip Masters scales a jutting rock formation. Forty-five years later, this same location would serve as an integral part of this show, housing the pod chamber and Granolith room.
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Kyle (Nick Wechsler) was told he would be in law enforcement later in life. Nick payed the role of police officer Jack Porter in Revenge (2011) .
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Brendan Fehr (Michael) and Adam Rodriguez (Jesse) were on CSI: Miami (2002) and on The Night Shift (2014-)
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Brendan Fehr (Michael) plays Allison Lange's (Laurie Dupree's) grandfather. In Christina's House (2000), they play boyfriend and girlfriend.
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All three of the lead actresses (Shiri Appleby, Katherine Heigl, and Majandra Delfino), have acted along side Erika Christensen on separate projects. Appleby in Swimfan (2002), Heigl in Wuthering Heights (2003), and Delfino in Traffic (2000).
Brendan Fehr (Michael Guerin) and Adam Rodriguez (Jesse Ramirez) have gone on to work together again on the show The Night Shift (2014) as the characters Dr. Drew Allister and Dr. Joey Chavez, respectively. As with this show, on The Night Shift, only Fehr's character appears in season one, with both Fehr and Rodriguez's characters appearing in later seasons.
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Roswell is mentioned by character Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams) as starting in five minutes on season three, episode seven of Dawson's Creek (1998). Jason Behr (Max Evans) played Chris Wolfe for six episodes in the second season of Dawson's Creek, being a potential romantic interest for Jen Lindley.
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