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Wall Street Journal
The team's (Merchant-Ivory) best adaptation yet of a Henry James novel.
Chicago Sun-Times
I admired this movie. It kept me at arm's length, but that is where I am supposed to be; the characters are after all at arm's length from each other, and the tragedy of the story is implied but never spoken aloud.
Boston Globe
What Merchant, Ivory and Co. arrive at is a sort of handsomely illustrated Cliffs Notes version of the novel.
Philadelphia Inquirer
If The Golden Bowl -- isn't charged with electric emotion, well, that's not what Henry James or James Ivory is about.
Christian Science Monitor
Too staid and stolid for audiences on the hunt for easy entertainment.
New York Post
But it is Thurman who stands out, with a marvelous, full-blooded performance, her best in some time, as tragic Charlotte.
Entertainment Weekly
There's no mirth, and precious little passion, left in this house.
New York Daily News
Nolte, at least, delivers his lines with laser accuracy, and gives The Golden Bowl the life that so much cogitation could have drained from it.
Miami Herald
Certainly diverting and, in Thurman, it also has a knockout of a performance.
Impeccably mounted, nicely scored and beautifully written.
The movie establishes good will (or even great will) in the initial scenes because it's so gorgeous, but the rest is such a slog.

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