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Wall Street Journal
The team's (Merchant-Ivory) best adaptation yet of a Henry James novel.
If this handsome, faithful, intelligent screen adaptation of the novel doesn't leave you devastated, its ominous sense of a rarefied moral and aesthetic world bending before the accelerating streetcar of history will leave you with a mournful sense of loss.
Boston Globe
What Merchant, Ivory and Co. arrive at is a sort of handsomely illustrated Cliffs Notes version of the novel.
Seen in the bowl's metaphoric reflection, Nolte's Adam, with his patronizing wish to build a great art museum to "give something back" to the poor laborers who built his fortune, is a complex American monster.
Entertainment Weekly
There's no mirth, and precious little passion, left in this house.
Chicago Reader
This early-1900s costume drama surely differs from Henry James's source novel.
Village Voice
Though it often wallows in louche baroque textures, The Golden Bowl is perhaps the most visually accomplished of the Ivory soaps.
Charlotte Observer
Henry James' tangled, turgid prose always seems to me like a thicket of thorn trees -- so I should be grateful when somebody does the job for me on film. But I'm not - at least, in the case of The Golden Bowl.
A deliberately paced literary film that takes too long to build narrative momentum and explore its central dramatic conflicts.
Baltimore Sun
Takes a literary milestone of ambiguity and makes everything about it blisteringly obvious.

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