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Energetic, if fairly typical of the genre.

Author: sketchy from A pit of posionous snakes.
22 July 2003

While this film uses standard formula, this is still an okay effort. The script and acting aren't great, but the film is set at a fairly quirky pace make-up for the low-budget effects. Noting great is to be found here, thats for sure, but if your a b-movie fan, than by all means, give it a try. Not half bad.

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Tepid teen SF revenge fantasy

Author: dargento ( from Rochester, NY
1 July 2000

A typical teen powertrip fantasy where nerdy highschooler and his tomboy friend stumble upon alien weaponry in the school basement. They go about dispensing temperate justice for wrongs committed by the school jocks and preppies. Meanwhile, aliens, disguised as students, try to reclaim the armor and zapguns. In order to approximate cutting-edge filmmaking, the camera slowly rocks from side to side. I'm surprised i didn't vomit from seasickness! Standard stuff from Full Moon pictures. Danielle Hoover as Baxter the tomboy is about the only character with her head on straight and is the only shining light in this tepid little tale.

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God Bless Full Moon Pictures!

Author: docmarvy from Omaha, NE
19 July 2001

Please, somebody, tell me why I sit through movies like this -- multiple times, no less! I can't get enough of the wooden portrayals of stereotypical characters. I usually have no problem suspending belief when watching these movies, but were we really supposed to believe that "Ralph" and "Baxter" weren't actually just good looking kids badly in need of a makeover? Come on. And the "aliens?" They were all pale, blonde, and muscular... are they from the planet Minnesota? This movie is such a freaky scene, mostly because of the intense sincerity put into the filmmaking. The copy I rented had a "making of" feature at the end and then a promotional announcement for other Full Moon Pictures films. The most incredible thing is that all the Full Moon Films look exactly like Alien Arsenal. Is that a good thing? A bad thing? You be the judge.

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Author: kefkajr from Gunz-R-Us...All Alien models on sale
4 October 2002

An enjoyable update of LASERBLAST from the always impressive duo of David DeCoteau and Matt Walsh. Written and directed with a good sense of humor and plenty of campy goodness the whole family can enjoy.

If only turning a jock into a respectable human being was that easy.

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Alien Arsenal - good little flick

Author: aristoie from Los Angeles
10 February 2000

Strong performances by Josh Hammond. Good story line about good overcoming evil. Nice "cameo" by Ryan Van Steenis from the Killer Eye, turning in another strong performance. The movie is a good one for the kids

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Julian Breen's Alien Arsenal

Author: Charles Tatum from North Dakota
17 June 2002

David DeCoteau directs under yet another pseudonym in this

cheap sci-fier that cannot coast on its likable cast alone.

Josh Hammond is Ralph, your typical high school nerd. The film

opens with him being chased around by some blonde hunks, all

of whom act and look the same. Ralph's best friend is the cute

tomboy Baxter, played by Danielle Hoover.

Ralph and Baxter happen upon a mysterious bricked-up room in

the basement of their high school. They open it, and discover

sophisticated alien weaponry inside. They loot the joint, taking

everything with them. The opening of the room sends a signal to a

spacecraft, and three aliens assume human form, come to Earth,

and investigate the arsenal's entry.

Meanwhile, Ralph begins getting a little alien weaponry-mad and

starts dispatching all the guys who picked on him, sending them

into an alternate dimension with the shot of a small gun. He

fancies himself a superhero, and starts wearing the alien armor in

public. The three aliens hire one of the bullies to work for them,

outfitting him in the same type of weapons and armor.

Baxter and Ralph then must battle the aliens, who plan on

eliminating the planet using the same room the arsenal was in.

If anything, the young cast here is attractive and fun to watch.

Hoover is cute as can be, and Hammond plays Ralph well as both

a nerd, and later a confident stud. DeCoteau's (or Breen's)

direction makes the most of the obviously limited budget. The

special effects are computer video based, but have a nice, colorful

quality to them that makes them interesting.

The screenplay, however, has large enough holes to maneuver

the Death Star through. How come the aliens can receive an

intergalactic message from Earth that the arsenal was opened, yet

have no idea where in the school it is located? Who walled up the

arsenal in the basement in the first place? If the arsenal is so

important to the aliens' destructive plans, why didn't they come

open it themselves? The finale pads itself by having Ralph and

Baxter wandering around the school looking for the aliens, when it

is really obvious they are back in the arsenal. Are Ralph and Baxter

orphans? I thought there might be some entertaining scenes as

the parents watched the duo become super heroes thanks to the

alien power, but moms and dads are not even mentioned. One

subplot, where the pair convince an athlete to turn into a nerd is

painfully unfunny. The only real adult who scores laughs is Brenda

Blondell, who plays the history teacher Mrs. O'Houlihan. Her

obsessions with obscure nineteenth century American treaties

and pacts is a riot.

The film is so laid back it becomes innocuous in its delivery. There

are a few curse words here and there, but the script feels slightly

altered as to not offend anyone, especially when you have

students using guns in school in this post-Columbine age. "Alien

Arsenal" is not the worst film you will ever see, but it might be one

of the most forgettable. I do not recommend it.

This is rated (PG13) for physical violence, gun violence, profanity,

and some sexual references.

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