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Season 5

15 Sep. 2003
Til Death Do Us Part-And Make It Soon
Nikki sneaks aboard the professor's yacht and discovers that his wife is plotting to murder him.
22 Sep. 2003
Squatter's Rights
Back from his honeymoon after his wife tried to kill him for his money, Stanley receives a letter stating due to his uncle's debt, he would not inherit as much as he thought. Stanley ends up broke and living with Nikki. When Nikki can no longer support him, he tries to move back into his apartment, but he is told it is occupied.
29 Sep. 2003
A Plot of View
Nikki tries to buy a cemetery plot for her and the professor.Stevie and T invite a new singer into the group but realize she's trying to steal the spotlight.
6 Oct. 2003
Mama, I'm Back
Kim returns from Harvard to find that Nikki has rented out her room; T convinces the professor to join a pyramid scheme.
13 Oct. 2003
The Accidental Therapist
Nikki blackmails the professor into attending couples therapy with her.
20 Oct. 2003
The Mack Is Like Wo!
The professor goes on a TV show called The Mack to meet women. Nikki joins the show to keep an eye on him. Kim, Stevie, and T open their own smoothie cart.
10 Nov. 2003
I Never Rapped for My Father
T's father, Thad Radcliffe played by Gerald Levert, comes to town and tries to take over Freestyle Unity. Nikki and Andell give Andell's country cousin, Lurlene, a makeover, but it presents a problem when she catches the eye of the professor.
17 Nov. 2003
Foul Ball
Former major league baseball star Eric Davis plays himself as Stevie, Nikki and Kim enlist a ringer(Jennie Finch) to win an annual softball game against a rival team lead by Professor Oglevee and T. 100th episode.
24 Nov. 2003
Cheaters Never Prosper
Nikki becomes Stanley's T.A. and tries to prove that a student is cheating. Kim, Stevie, T, Regina, and Freddie are forced to stay in a room together for 72 hours in order to win $5,000.
1 Dec. 2003
Out with the Old, in with the New
Stevie meets her mother's new boyfriend, who shows an overriding interest in his girlfriend's daughter; Nikki holds a garage sale and Oglevee senses a chance to strike it rich.
9 Feb. 2004
Can Two Wrongs Make a Right?
Nikki has an interview with a scholarship program, but is surprised when the interviewer shows up a day early while she is having a girls' night. Stanley pretends he is a single father in order to land a date.
16 Feb. 2004
She's Positive
Kim and Stevie take T to a Murphy Lee performance for his birthday; where he meets a beautiful girl named Kai, who happens to be HIV positive. Nikki caters a dinner party for the professor, where his guests turn out to be racist.
23 Feb. 2004
Judge Not a Book
Nikki writes a book portraying the professor to be an amazing lover. Kim gets a well-paying job where she has to cater to the needs of a tyrant boss.
1 Mar. 2004
Practice What You Preach
Nikki throws a naughty girl party for her visiting friend, Karla, who turns out to be a minister.
26 Apr. 2004
Could It Be You
Andell wants more time with her boyfriend so she sets up Nikki with Johnnie to get her out of the house. Woody and Oglevee become roommates.

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