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There are no weak spots in the picture at all
deickemeyer4 April 2016
Although the idea behind this photoplay has been used twice recently (in Rex, "Securing Evidence," and in the Selig, "Jealous George"), in neither instance has the leading man been so competent to put it over convincingly as in this picture. It is made very delightful. The man pictured is just the kind of charming ass that would get himself tangled up in this situation. He begins by refusing his pretty wife the money for a new dress and then buys an expensive one at a department store and has it sent home. His wife sells it to a second-hand dealer and another girl buys it. Then the man sees the dress and following creates a scene in a restaurant. What makes this picture unusually acceptable, is the acting of the leading man and the presence of the other Vitagraph players, as well as the fact that there are no weak spots in the picture at all. It is strong all the way through. - The Moving Picture World, September 2, 1911
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