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Rated Episodes

# Episode User

Scientology & Me 8.4 136
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.4/10 X  
58.38  The Secrets of Scientology 7.4 95
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.4/10 X  
61.11  North Korea Undercover 6.7 29
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.7/10 X  
Sex Crimes and the Vatican 8.5 27
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.5/10 X  
How Safe Is Your Money 9.5 25
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.5/10 X  
Episode dated 19 October 1964 7.8 18
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.8/10 X  
56.4  Cocaine: Alex James in Colombia 6.2 17
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.2/10 X  
61.46  The Romanians Are Coming? 2.7 17
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2.7/10 X  
59.7  WikiLeaks: The Secret Story 6.1 16
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.1/10 X  
59.42  Britain's Child Beggars Special 8.6 13
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.6/10 X  
60.20  Euro 2012: Stadiums of Hate 6.4 13
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.4/10 X  
61.8  Panorama Special: The Spies Who Fooled the World 8.2 12
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.2/10 X  
60.39  Jimmy Savile: What the BBC Knew 7.0 10
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.0/10 X  
56.7  Bottled Water: Who Needs It? 6.5 8
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.5/10 X  
Weekend 'Nazis' 6.2 8
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.2/10 X  
58.11  Chocolate: The Bitter Truth 7.0 7
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.0/10 X  
59.19  The Death of Bin Laden 7.1 7
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.1/10 X  
59.43  Britain, Gaddafi and the Torture Trail 8.0 7
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.0/10 X  
61.42  Amazon: The Truth Behind the Click 7.0 7
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.0/10 X  
An Interview with HRH the Princess of Wales 7.7 7
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.7/10 X  
The Dollar a Day Dress 9.2 6
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.2/10 X  
57.4  Have I Got Bad Language for You? 7.6 5
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.6/10 X  
59.1  Too Much Too Young 6.8 5
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.8/10 X  
62.47  Apple's Broken Promises 6.6 5
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.6/10 X  

Unrated Episodes

# Episode
1.1  Episode #1.1
1.2  Episode #1.2
1.3  Episode #1.3
1.4  Episode #1.4
1.5  Episode #1.5
1.6  Episode #1.6
1.7  Episode #1.7
1.8  Episode #1.8
1.9  Episode #1.9
1.10  Episode #1.10
3.9  Salvador Dali
3.10  Episode #3.10
4.15  Episode #4.15
4.34  Civil Defence Makes Sense
5.13  Spaghetti Harvest
5.38  Television's Window on the World
6.34  Episode #6.34
6.35  Episode #6.35
6.36  Episode #6.36
6.37  Episode #6.37
6.38  Episode #6.38
6.39  Episode #6.39
6.40  Episode #6.40
6.41  Episode #6.41
7.1  Episode #7.1
7.2  China
7.3  Episode #7.3
7.4  Episode #7.4
7.5  Episode #7.5
7.6  Episode #7.6
7.7  Episode #7.7
7.8  Episode #7.8
7.9  Episode #7.9
7.10  Episode #7.10
7.11  Episode #7.11
7.12  Episode #7.12
7.13  Episode #7.13
7.14  Episode #7.14
7.15  Episode #7.15
14.3  Volta River Project
14.10  Welfare State in Action
44.1  Boozing for Britain
45.1  Medicine's Missing Millions
45.2  Drug Crime
45.3  Crime and Punishment
45.4  The Great Euro Debate
45.5  Missing Mum
45.6  Facing Up to Genocide - Valentina's Story
45.7  The Copper Ring
45.8  Predators
46.2  The Battle of the Green Belt
46.4  All the President's Women
46.6  Branson's Pickle
46.7  Dome!
46.8  Rural Revolution
46.10  Teacher, I Need You
47.1  In Stephen's Name
48.1  Casualties
49.1  The Accidental President
49.2  The Borrowers - Britain Deep in Debt
49.3  The Wrong Track
49.4  The Wonderland Club
49.5  Animal Underworld
49.6  The Hindujas Affair
49.7  Boys Behind Bars
49.8  In Deep Water
49.9  Condition Red
49.10  Crisis in the Countryside
49.11  The Tranquilliser Trap
49.12  Not Cricket!
49.13  The Labour Years
49.14  Economy Class Syndrome
49.15  The Accused
49.16  No More Broken Hearts
49.17  The Bulger Killers
49.18  Finger of Suspicion
49.19  Panorama Special: Jeffrey Archer - A Life of Lies
49.20  Panorama Special: The World's Most Wanted
50.1  MMR - Every Parent's Choice
50.2  Bravo Two Zero: A Question of Betrayal
51.1  Survivors
51.27  Sex and the Holy City
52.1  A Fight to the Death
53.5  What Has Labour Done for the NHS?
54.2  Herceptin: Wanting the Wonder Drug
55.5  Please Look After Mum
55.48  Please Look After Dad
55.49  The Battle for Basra Palace
56.3  Britain's Protection Racket
56.6  No More Mandelas
56.9  Taking Back the Streets
56.20  The Challenge of the Sixties
56.23  The Property Game
56.24  What Happened After Taking on the Taliban?
57.1  Kids Behaving Badly
57.2  Jailed for a Knife
57.3  What Now, Mr. President?
57.5  Tax Me If You Can
57.6  Gaza: Out of the Ruins
57.7  Muslim First, British Second
57.8  Credit Where It's Due
57.9  RBS: What Happens After Sorry?
57.10  Episode #57.10
57.11  Crime Pays
57.12  Who Will Save the Savers?
57.13  1959: A Panorama Guide
57.14  The Gunmen Who Never Went Away
57.15  Slumdogs & Millionaires
57.16  Britain's Homecare Scandal
57.17  Life after Woolies
57.18  May Contain Nuts
57.19  Who'd be an NHS Whistleblower?
57.20  Baby P: The Whole Truth?
57.21  The Six Billion Dollar Man
57.22  Stem Cells and Miracles
57.23  Is Your MP Working for You?
57.24  A Very Dangerous Doctor
57.25  Obama and the Ayatollah
57.26  The Death of Kiss and Tell
57.27  The Battle of Swat Valley
57.28  Will the Scots Ever Be Happy?
57.29  Whatever Happened to People Power?
57.30  Licence to Torture
57.31  Save Our Steel
57.32  The Trauma Industry
57.33  Smugglers' Tales
57.34  The Truth About Happy Hour
57.35  What Are We Fighting For?
57.36  Gimme Shelter
57.37  Britain's Dirty Beaches
57.38  Europe or Die Trying
57.39  Swine Flu: Everything You Need to Know
57.40  Banks Behaving Badly?
57.41  The Truth About Spending Cuts
57.42  Dying to Be Treated?
57.43  Migrants, Go Home!
57.44  Why Hate Ryanair?
57.45  Undercover - Hate on the Doorstep
57.46  Freed to Offend Again
57.47  The Child Protectors
57.48  Assault on Justice
57.49  Swimming with Loan Sharks
57.50  Lethal Enterprise
57.51  Can Tesco Save the World?
57.52  Can You Forgive Your MP?
57.53  Can't Deliver, Won't Deliver
58.1  The MP and the Whistleblower
58.2  A Walk in the Park
58.4  I Helped My Daughter Die
58.10  Are the Net Police Coming for You?
58.12  Passports to Kill
58.13  How to Win an Election: A Panorama Guide
58.14  Spoilt Rotten?
58.20  Man United: Into the Red
58.21  BP: In Deep Water
58.22  What's Up with the Weather?
58.23  The Fox Attack Twins
58.24  Can I Sack Teacher?
58.25  Orphans of Haiti
58.27  It Shouldn't Happen at a Vets
58.28  The Generation Game
58.31  Death in the Med
58.34  A Risk Worth Taking?
58.36  Because We're Worth It - The Taxpayers Rich List
58.37  Britain in the Dock
58.39  Who Took My Pension?
58.40  Kids in Care
58.41  Lord Ashcroft's Millions
58.42  Trapped: The Chile Miners' Story
58.43  The Great Housing Rip-Off?
58.49  Addicted to Games?
58.52  Supermarkets: What Price Cheap Food?
59.2  Britain's Missing Dads
59.3  Stop Stalking Me
59.4  The Battle for Bomb Alley
59.5  The Battle for Egypt
59.6  Forgotten Heroes
59.8  How to Blow a Fortune
59.9  Classroom Warriors
59.10  Smoking and the Bandits
59.11  Tabloid Hacks Exposed
59.12  Fighting Gaddaffi
59.13  My Big Fat Fake Wedding
59.14  The Big Squeeze
59.15  Finished at Fifty?
59.16  Living with the Ayatollah
59.17  The Trillion Dollar Con-Man
59.18  Council Houses: Cheats and Victims
59.20  Track My Trash
59.21  FIFA: Football's Shame
59.22  Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed
59.23  A Job to Get Work
59.24  Can You Trust Your Bank?
59.25  Breaking Into Britain
59.26  Land of Anarchy
59.27  Surgery's Dirty Secrets
59.28  Why Hate Junk Mail?
59.29  The Great Car Insurance Swindle
59.30  Murdoch: Breaking the Spell
59.31  One Born Every 40 Seconds
59.32  Dying for a Drink
59.33  Mugabe's Blood Diamonds
59.34  The August Riots
59.35  Gerry and the GPs
59.36  Tsunami: the Survivors' Stories
59.37  Drinking Our Rivers Dry?
59.38  Syria: Inside the Secret Revolution
59.39  All Work and Low Pay
59.40  BNP: The Fraud Exposed
59.41  The Great Fuel Robbery
59.44  Dale Farm: The Big Eviction
59.45  Cops Behaving Badly
59.46  Britain on the Fiddle
59.47  What's Fuelling Your Energy Bill?
59.48  Inside the Riots
59.49  Meet the Burglars
59.50  Who's Getting Rich on Your Money?
59.51  From Russia with Love
59.52  The Truth About Supermarket Price Wars
59.53  How to Survive the Meltdown
59.54  The Truth About Adoption
60.1  Stephen Lawrence: Time for Justice
60.2  Train Fares: Taken for a Ride?
60.3  Secrets of the Tory Billionaire
60.4  Hunting the Internet Bullies
60.5  Poor America
60.6  Britain's Hidden Alcoholics
60.7  The Cost of Raising Britain
60.8  The Money Farmers
60.9  Homs: Journey into Hell
60.10  Britain's Crimes of Honour
60.11  Murdoch's TV Pirates
60.12  The Honeymoon Murder
60.13  The Great Apprentice Scandal
60.14  Ivory Wars
60.15  Billionaires Behaving Badly?
60.16  Undercover: Elderly Care
60.17  Madeleine: The Last Hope?
60.18  The Truth About Tax
60.19  Eurovision's Dirty Secret
60.21  Life & Debt: A Greek Tragedy
60.22  Cold Calling Undercover
60.23  Britain on the Brink: Back to the 70s?
60.24  Britain's Biggest Waste Dumpers
60.25  The Truth About Sports Products
60.26  Disabled or Faking It?
60.27  Rats, Traps, Bugs & Cutbacks
60.28  Justice Denied: The Greatest Scandal?
60.29  Kony: Hunt for the World's Most Wanted
60.30  Dial 999 - And Wait?
60.31  Old, Drunk and Disorderly?
60.32  Trouble on the Estate
60.33  Price Tag Wars
60.34  Reading, Writing and Rip-Offs
60.35  Undercover: Debt on the Doorstep
60.36  Britain's Secret Health Tourists
60.37  Return of the Supergrass
60.38  Kill at Will? America on Trial
60.40  Winterbourne View: The Hospital That Stopped Caring
60.41  Gambling Nation
60.42  Badger Cull
60.43  The Mind Reader: Between Life and Death
60.44  Who's Watching the Detectives?
60.45  Undercover: How to Dodge Tax
60.46  How Safe Is Your Hospital?
60.47  The Secret Drone War
60.48  Britain's Hidden Housing Crisis
60.49  Tax Haven Twins
61.1  Immigration Undercover
61.2  The Great Disability Scam?
61.3  The Great Abortion Divide
61.4  Inside Barclays: Banking on Bonuses
61.5  What's Really in Our Food?
61.6  Mission Accomplished? Secrets of Helmand
61.7  America's Gun Addiction
61.9  The Great Savings Wipeout
61.10  The Derby Fire: Secrets and Lies
61.12  Secret's of Britain's Sharia Councils
61.13  The Russians Are Coming
61.14  Jobs for the Boys?
61.15  Hillsborough - How They Buried the Truth
61.16  Cancer: Hope for Sale?
61.17  Cash for Questions Undercover
61.19  Blacklist Britain
61.20  Traffic Fines: Highway Robbery?
61.21  Elderly Care: Condition Critical?
61.22  Kids Lost in Care
61.23  The Truth About Pills and Pregnancy
61.24  The Trouble with Trump
61.25  Broken by Battle
61.26  Jungle Outlaws: Chainsaw Trail
61.27  Tainted Love: Secrets of the Dating Game
61.28  The Brothers Who Bombed Boston
61.29  Locked Up for Being Ill
61.30  Tax, Lies and Videotape
61.31  The Honeymoon Murder: Who Killed Anni?
61.32  Dying for a Bargain
61.33  Terror in Nairobi
61.34  Saving Syria's Children
61.35  Malala: Shot for Going to School
61.36  Britain's New Banking Scandal
61.37  Murder in the Alps
61.38  Our Dirty Nation
61.39  After Savile: No More Secrets?
61.40  The Great House Price Bubble?
61.41  Britain's Secret Terror Force
61.43  Where's Our Aid Money Gone?
61.44  Energy Bills: Power Failure?
61.45  All in a Good Cause
61.47  Woolwich: The Untold Story
62.1  I Want My Baby Back
62.2  Police: Shooting to Kill
62.3  Putin's Games
62.4  Educating North Korea
62.5  Immigration Undercover: The Student Visa Scandal
62.6  Britain Underwater
62.7  Kidnapped: Betrayed by Britain
62.8  Hungry Britain?
62.9  The Revolution That Shook the World
62.10  A Week in A&E: Condition Critical?
62.11  The Great NHS Robbery
62.12  The Mayor and Our Money
62.13  The Pope's Revolution
62.14  Don't Take My Car: Bailiffs Undercover
62.15  Don't Cap My Benefits
62.16  Who's Paying Your Doctor?
62.17  Bernie Ecclestone: Lies, Bribes and Formula One
62.18  Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed
62.19  From Jail to Jihad?
62.20  Behind the Balaclavas
62.21  Savile: The Power to Abuse
62.22  Brazil: In the Shadow of the Stadiums
62.23  Justice for Sale?
62.24  Britain's Homeless Families
62.25  Hacking: Power, Corruption and Lies
62.26  Bedlam Behind Bars
62.27  ISIS: Terror in Iraq
62.28  Drivers Who Kill
62.29  Last Chance Academy
62.30  Stolen Childhoods: The Grooming Scandal
62.31  Putin's Gamble
62.32  Scotland's Decision
62.33  Scotland: The People's Voice
62.34  War of the Tunnels
62.35  Born Asleep
62.36  Workers on the Breadline
62.37  The Farage Factor
62.38  Inside the Taliban
62.39  To Walk Again
62.40  Drugs and Money: Dog Racing Undercover
62.41  The Girl Who Vanished
62.42  The Fake Sheikh Exposed
62.43  Ebola Frontline
62.44  Did the Bank Wreck My Business?
62.45  Domestic Abuse: Caught on Camera
62.46  The Innocent Serial Killer?
63.1  The Battle for British Islam
63.2  Trouble at Tesco
63.3  Rescued from a Forced Marriage
63.4  Emergency in A&E
63.5  The Bank of Tax Cheats
63.6  Can You Cure My Cancer?
63.7  Children of the Great Migration
63.8  What Britain Wants: Someone to Love
63.9  What Britain Wants: Somewhere to Live
63.10  What Britain Wants: Somewhere to Work
63.11  What Britain Wants: Something to Hope For
63.12  DIY Justice
63.13  A Suicide in the Family
63.14  The Great Housing Benefit Scandal
63.15  Who Will Win the Election?
63.16  Panorama Live
63.17  Antibiotic Apocalypse
63.18  Britain's Secret Terror Deals
63.19  The Most Dangerous Woman in Britain
63.20  Catch Me If You Can
63.21  GM Food - Cultivating Fear
63.22  Stolen Childhoods: The Legacy of Grooming
63.23  Disaster on Everest
63.24  The Missing Stolen School Children
63.25  Greece: Euro or Bust?
63.26  NHS: The Perfect Storm
63.27  The Train That Divides Jerusalem
63.28  Young, Homeless and Fighting Back
63.29  Terror on the Beach
63.30  Fighting Terror with Torture
63.31  Trouble at the Post Office
A Carer's Story
A Choice or a Dilemma?
A Class Apart
A Class Revolution
A Democratic Europe?
A Dying Industry?
A Failure of Intelligence
A Hard Act to Follow
A Higher Form of Killing
A Life in Limbo
A More Dangerous World
A Pay Cut for the Poor
A Peace Without Honour
A Review of the Economy
A Revolution Without Shots
A Very British Folly
A Vote for Europe?
A Woman's Work
AIDS - The Fight for Control
Abortion Behind Closed Doors
Absolutely Fabulous Prices
Addicted to Aid
Adios General Pinochet?
Adlai E. Stevenson
Adrift in Space
Adult Illiteracy
Afghanistan - The Dark Ages
Afghanistan: The Fall of Kabul
Afghanistan: The Squandered Victory
After Beirut: Has Anything Changed?
After the Desert Storm
After the Invasion
Aids: The Race for a Cure
Air Crash: What Price Survival?
Al-Qaeda Strikes Back
Alaska: Oil on the Rocks
Alcohol: More Harm Than Heroin
All Change for China
Allies in Arms
America's Other Election
America's Secret War
An Act of Man
An Englishman in Sarajevo
An Ordinary Boy
Animal Transplants
Apres Pompidou
Arafat: Paying the Price of Terror
Are You Being Served?
Arming Apartheid
Arming for Islam
Arms Control - Checking on Cheating
Arms for Kuwait
Arthur Scargill Evermore?
Atomic Alert
Austin Rover - Breakthrough or Breakdown?
Babies on Benefit
Baby Blues
Baby Trade
Back on Speaking Terms
Back to the Kitchen Sink
Bad Blood
Bad Deal for Britain
Bad Medicine
Bank That Didn't Add Up
Banning Britain's Bomb: Sense or Suicide?
Battle for No.10
Battling for Air
Behind the Desert Shield
Beyond Deterrence
Beyond the Poll Tax
Bhopal: The Lingering Tragedy
Bidault Interview
Bin Laden's Biological Threat
Bitter Sweet Pill
Blair vs. Blair
Blair's Britain
Blair's University Challenge
Blair's War
Blood on the Snow
Blot on the Runway
Bologna: The Inadmissible Evidence
Booming Britain - Miracle or Mirage?
Boys Don't Cry
Brent Schools - Hard Left Rules
Brining Our Boys Home?
Britain Undercover
Britain in the Red: Your Questions Answered
Britain's Amateur Justice System: A Jail Lottery?
Britain's New Bomb
Britain's New Migrants
Britain's Rural Revolution
Britain's Secret War on Drugs
Britain's Terror Heartland
Britain's Wasteland
British Nuclear Power: The Great Confusion
British Rail: The Ultimate Sell-Off
Broken Hearts
Buddy, Can You Spare a Home?
Built in Britain, Made Abroad
Bullied to Death?
Bunking Off
Bush's Domestic Storm
Buying the Games
California Year 2000
Called to Account: How Roberto Calvi Died
Cambodia: The Secret State
Can Money Grow on Trees?
Can We Afford the Doctor?
Can We Afford to Fill Up?
Can't Pay, Won't Pay
Cannabis from the Chemist
Careless Talk
Carry on Dr. Neale
Carter's Peace Mission
Cervical Cancer - And Men
Challenge of the Sixties
Charles - A Life in Waiting
Charles, Prince of Conscience
Chasing Saddam's Weapons
Cheap Labour
Child Abuse: Battering the System
Children in Need
Children's New Alphabet
China's Secret War
Choosing the Future - The Genetic Revolution
Church of England - One Foundation?
Citizen Major's Charter
Citizen Murdoch
Clash of Cultures
Class Struggle
Class Wars
Class of '81
Climate Chaos: Bush's Climate of Fear
Closing Down
Cloud Over Christmas Island
Coal's Unsettled Future
Cocaine Country
Cold Warrior - The Story of James Jesus Angleton
Comeback Coal
Coming Clean
Comrade Bob's Election
Concrete v. Countryside
Conspiracy in the Caribbean
Cops on Drugs
Council Housing: The Last Frontier
Coventry and Kiel: Who's Winning This Christmas?
Covering Up
Crack Crisis - Is Britain Next?
Crack UK: Britain's War on Cocaine
Crisis Inside Prisons
Crisis at the Coalface
Crisis in Care: Part 1
Crisis in Care: Part 2
Current Fears
Cut Adrift
Cuts Both Ways
Cyber Attack!
DROPS - A Scandal in Defence
Danger: Plutonium
Dangers Unknown
Dead Poor
Deadly Force
Death in the Rainforest
Death of a Principle
Death to America
Debt: How Deep Are You in?
Decision in Detroit
Deep Down and Dirty
Democracy and the Gun
Deprived or Depraved?
Desert Storm - The First Five Days
Diana - The Last Day
Die by Wire
Digging the Dirt
Disarm and Defend?
Disarming the Alliance: The Soviet Peace Offensive
Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Doctor in a Hurry
Doctoring the Reforms
Dollars, Deals and the Old Guard Fever
Down the Tube
Dr. Shipman - The Man Who Played God
Drug Rule
Drug Runners
Dumping Granny
Dunblane - The Legacy
Dying to Win - Drugs in Sport
Election '83: June 9th
Election '83: Who Rules Britain?
Election 70
Election Panorama
Election Panorama: The Battle for Britain
Electricity - A Shock in Store
Empress on the Rocks
Escape from Tiananmen
Europe: My Way or Theirs?
Experimenting with Life
Experimenting with Life: Update
Factory Fresh: The Food Revolution
Failing at Four
Fair Cops
Fair Play for Britain's Blacks
Falling Through the Net
Family Secrets
Family of Spies
Farmers We Can't Afford
Fear of Freedom
Ferries - The Fatal Flaw
Fighting for Labour's Future
Fighting for Survival
Fingerprints in the Dock
First Sex
Fishing: The New Falklands Factor
Flags, Flowers and Mongoose Men
Flying in the Face of Terror
Follow My Leader
Football - Safe in Their Hands?
For Fools and Horses?
For God's Sake, Vote Reagan
For Those in Peril
For the Sake of the Children
Four More Years?
France's Seven-Year Itch
France: Au Revoir Socialism
Frankenstein Foods
Friends in High Places
From Cradle to Grave: Part 1 - Broken Promises
From Cradle to Grave: Part 2 - Paying for the Future
Front Line Blues: Policing the Cities
Gangsters at War
Gap and Nike: No Sweat?
Gay Times
Germany Divided - for Good?
Germany: The Great Fear
Gerry Adams - The Man We Hate to Love
Gerry Adams: The Provo's Politician
Getting Away with Murder
Getting Rid of Granny
Getting the Message Across
Give Us Your DNA
Going Critical: Your Nuclear Future
Gold and Diamonds: The Kremlin Connection
Good Enough for Your Child?
Goodbye USSR
Gorbachev - A Tarnished Leader
Gorbachev and the Defence of Europe
Gorbachev: Reaping the Whirlwind 1 - The Poisoned Land, the Dying Sea
Gorbachev: Reaping the Whirlwind 2 - Bloody Sunday
Grassed! - The Changing Role of the Police Informant
Gravy Training
Guns, Knives and Children
Gustav Wagner: Angel of Death
H Blocks: The Propaganda Prison
Hands That Once Picked Cotton
Happy Families
Hard Labour
Hard Lessons
Hard Times 1986
Harming or Helping? - The New Abortion Bill
Has the Lady Turned?
Have They Got News for You
Healey's Budget
Hear No Evil
Heroin: Addicted to Crime
Heseltine's Resignation
High Society?
His Master's Voice?
Home Truths
Hong Kong
Hot Property
House Prices, Home Truths
How Free Is Britain?
How Much
How Safe Is Saudi Oil?
How Safe Is Your Pension
How the Economy Got Personal
How the Left Won
How to Win the World Cup
Howard's Way
Human Traffic
Hungary Calling, Hungary Calling...
If the Bomb Drops...
In China
In Search of Cynthia Mthebe
In Wealth We Trust
In the Line of Fire
In the Name of Satan
In the Name of the Children
In the Shadow of the Killing Fields
Inner Cities - We Want Them Too
Inside Guantanamo
Inside the Ayatollah's Iran
Inside the War Room
Inundation of a Nation
Invisible Kids
Iraq: Saddam the Survivor
Irish Unity: The Only Answer
Iron Curtain Report
Is America Ready for a Black President?
Is There No Alternative?
Is War Inevitable?
Israel at 40
Israel: Resisting the Squeeze
Jam Today, Jam Tomorrow?
Jasmine, a Death too Many
Jim Garrison Interview
Jobs: What's the Answer?
John Major
Journey Into Darkness
Justice Under Fire
Justice on Trial
KGB: Russia's Secret Service in the West
Karen Silkwood: Deceased
Keeping Britain Dry
Kennedy: Ten Years On
Kids on Pills
Killing or Caring?
Koran and Country
Kosovo: The Reckoning
Kuwait: The Victims of Victory
Labour Leadership Debate
Labour Pains
Labour's Agonising Reappraisal
Labour's Dream Machine
Labour's Liverpool Nightmare
Lady Porter - The Pursuit of Power
Last of the Big Spenders?
Leaving Baby
Let Me Die
Lethal Force
Libya: Trading in Terror
Life After Debt
Life on TV
Limehouse Blues
Listen, Man!
Live Aid's Desert Gamble
Living Dangerously
Living with AIDS
Lloyd's Last Chance
Lockerbie: An Avoidable Tragedy
London Under Attack
Long to Reign Over Us?
Losing Control
Love Hurts
Lucky to Have a Job
Lyndon Johnson in Texas Republican Primaries
MI5, MI6 and the Need to Know
Mad Cows and Englishmen - The Making of the Beef Crisis
Maggie's Market Forces
Maggie's Militant Tendency
Make 'Em Work
Making a Killing?
Mandela's Promised Land
Men Aren't Working
Men of Honour
Mental Illness
Mercy or Murder: The Abortion Debate
Message to Maggie
Minds Behind Bars
Monarchy, Magic and Citizen Major
Mozambique - Apartheid's Second Front
Mr Ridley's Europe
Mr. Major's Medicine
Mrs Thatcher's Future
Murder or Mercy
Must Labour Lose?
Myra Hindley Debate
NHS - A Terminal Case?
NHS Plc? - What's in It for Patients?
NHS for Sale
Neil Appeal: The Relaunch of Labour
Next Stop Downing Street?
Nicaragua: America's 'Secret' War
Nicaragua: Seeing Red
Nicholas Geldard
Nicking the Neighbours
Nixon on the Russians
No Asylum?
No Hiding Place
No Man's Land
No Spring in Prague
No Surrender, No Progress
No University for You?
North Sea Storm Signals
Northern Ireland: The Long Peace
Northern Ireland: The Troubled Peace
Nose to Tail
Not So Great Railway Journeys
Not a Drop to Drink
Not in My Backyard
Notes on a Dirty Island
Nothing to Declare
Nuclear Nightmare
O Come All Ye Faithful?
Obama and the Pitbull: An American Tale
Off the Rails
Off the Rails?
On Course for War
On the Trail of the Real Bill Clinton
One Miracle Is Not Enough - The Philippines After Marcos
One Rule for the Bosses
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Out of Work
Over a Barrel
Pack of Lies
Paddington an Accident Waiting to Happen
Pakistan: Paying for a Holy War
Panorama Leaders: John Major
Panorama Leaders: Neil Kinnock
Panorama Leaders: Paddy Ashdown
Panorama Special: A Licence to Murder - Part 1
Panorama Special: A Licence to Murder - Part 2
Panorama Special: A Nurse's Story
Panorama Special: England's Shame
Panorama Special: Guildford - The Untold Story
Panorama Special: Ivory Wars
Panorama Special: Moral Combat - NATO at War
Panorama Special: Racing's Dirty Secrets
Panorama Special: Russia Strikes
Panorama Special: Scottish Parliament
Panorama Special: Taking Up the Torch
Panorama Special: The Drugs Olympics
Panorama Special: The Manager
Panorama Special: The Premiership
Panorama Special: The Royal Wedding Interview
Panorama Special: The Story of Child B
Panorama Special: The Terror Network
Panorama in China
Panorama in Rhodesia: After the Elections
Panorama on Nixon
Panorama on Pay: How Much Are You Worth?
Pension Funds
Pensioned Off
Pinochet: The Hollow Cheers
Piper Alpha: The Human Price of Oil
Planned Giving
Playing with Fire
Poachers Turned Gamekeepers
Poison in the Mouth
Poison on Your Plate
Police - In for Questioning
Poll Tax - What Price on Your Head?
Poll Taxing Their Loyalty
Porn Wars
Power to Abuse
Prescription for Fraud
President Bush - Challenging the Future
Price of Peace
Primark on the Rack
Prisoners of Zion
Prisons for Profit
Private Risks
Profile of Enoch Powell
Profits on Tap
Project 706: The Muslim Bomb
Protecting the Unborn Child?
Pulp Future
Pump Wars
Punching Judy
Purging the Party
Queen Camilla?
Race Against Time
Race, Violence and the Law
Radiation - How Safe Is Safe?
Rajiv Gandhi - India's Pilot Prime Minister
Rats, Traps, Bugs & Cutbacks
Ready Steady Trade
Real Spooks
Red Alert
Referendum Special
Replacing the Hidden Bomb
Rethinking the Unthinkable
Return to Gaza
Review of the Year: The Sights and Sounds of '71
Rhodesia: Harold Wilson's Visit
Rhodesia: Michael Charlton Reports
Rhodesia: Viewpoints
Right Time for a Baby?
Rioting for Rights?
Risky Business
Rivals for Russia
Rocking the Navy's Boat
Running out of Time
Russian Elections
Rwanda: The Bloody Tricolour
Sadat Is Dead
Saddam - A Warning from History
Saddam's Fifth Column
Saddam's Secret Arms Ring
Saddam's Supergun: Project Babylon
Safe in Their Hands?
Sailing Too Close to Disaster
Salvaging Babies
Scandal Down Under
Scandal at County Hall
School Siege: The Survivors' Stories
Schools: Selling the Children Short
Scientology - The Road to Total Freedom
Scuttling British Shipbuilding
Searching for the New Zimbabwe
Secrets of the Citadel
Secrets, Spies, and Videotape
Securing a Headline
Seeing Red
Selling Our Schools
Selling Out the Pound?
Selling Socialism
Selling Star Wars
Selling the Nuclear Dream
Selling the Product
Sent from Heaven - Sold on Earth
September 11th: A Warning from Hollywood
Settlement or Sell Out?
Shah - Grabbing the Front Page Lead
Shannon: The Mother of All Lies: A Panorama Special
Shock Troops
Short Sharp Shock
Should Britain Abandon Its Nuclear Weapons?
Should We Be Scared of Russia?
Sick and Tired
Siege: A Failure of Intelligence?
Sinking Into Squalor
Sins of the Fathers
Soldiers on the Run
Solidarity - Taking the Reins of Power
Some People's Poland
Sources Close to the Prime Minister...
South Africa: 'To the Last Drop of Blood'
South Africa: The Black Mans' Burden
Spain: The Carrot and the Stick
Special: Hutton Enquiry
Spin Doctors
Spy Wars
Spycatcher: Wright or Wrong?
Stalker - Coincidence or Conspiracy
Stalker and Co.
Stockton - Never Had It So Good
Stockwell: Countdown to Killing
Suffer Little Children
Suffering for a Solution
Summit in the Shadow of the Gun
Super Tuesday
Suppressing the Evidence
Tackling Saddam
Taking Baby
Teacher's Revolt
Ten Years' Hard Labour
Terror in the Skies?
Terror: Are We Next?
Terrorism - The Elusive Enemy
Thank You 1980, and Goodbye: A Panorama Special
Thatcher Revolution: What Next?
Thatcher's 3,000 Days
The 250 Million Dollar Sting
The Age of Fear
The Alliance Alternative
The Allies: In the Eye of the Storm
The Battle Against Heroin
The Battle for Britain
The Battle for Britain's Defences
The Battle for Power
The Battle for Printing House Square
The Battle for the Falklands: Fighting for the Future
The Bawdens and the Katseres Rhodesia: To Share or to Fight?
The Beast of Corleone
The Beautiful Bung: Corruption and the World Cup
The Bent Cop
The Best Days?
The Big Heat
The Billion Dollar Don
The Billion Dollar Man
The Bitter-Enders
The Blair Mayor Project
The Boys on B Wing
The Bradford Experiment
The Brain Death Debate
The Cancer Lottery
The Car Cartel
The Case Against War
The Case for Labour
The Case for the Alliance
The Case for the Conservatives
The Certain Road to Absurdity
The Chancellors' Debate
The Chicken Run
The Child Snatchers
The Chinese News Machine
The Clinton Interview
The Coal War
The Cocaine Explosion
The Comeback Kid
The Condor Conspiracy
The Cost of Eating
The Cost of Living in Sin
The Crimes of the Comrades
The Cruellest Thing
The Cruelty Connection
The Dalai Lama
The Debriefing of Colonel G
The Dental AIDS Mystery
The Dentists' Revolt
The Devolution Debate Part 1
The Diana Dividend
The Division of Labour
The Dream That Fell Out of the Sky
The Dream of Kurdistan
The Dying Game
The Edge of the Abyss
The Electric Shock
The Falklands Crisis
The File on Yuri Andropov
The First Human Clone
The Fonda Syndrome
The Friends Who Put Fire in the Heavens
The Future Is Female
The Gathering Storm
The Gift of God or Human Torment?
The Great Pit Disaster
The Great Train Jam
The Greatest Nightmare
The Gulf in Our Defences
The Habit the Government Won't Break
The Halcion Nightmare
The Hi-Tech Trail to Moscow
The House Party's Over
The House Price Lottery
The Hunt for Bin Laden
The Illusive Peace (Israel and the PLO)
The Immigration Game
The Islamic Bomb
The Jewish Pawns in Russia's Game
The Kennedy Challenge
The Killer Inside
The Killing Screens
The Kinnock Alternative
The Landlord's Return
The Leader Interview No. 1 - Tony Blair
The Leader Interview No. 2 - Dafydd Wigley/Alex Salmond
The Leader Interview No. 3 - Paddy Ashdown
The Leader Interview No. 4 - John Major
The Lessons of Brixton
The Life and Soul of the Party
The Line of Fire
The Long War
The Lost Children
The Louise Woodward Interview
The Major Question
The Marketing of Margaret
The Max Factor
The Media War
The Million Dollar Spy
The Mind of Saddam
The Mobile Mystery
The Mortgage Timebomb
The Mr. Nice Guy Murders
The National Health Part 1: Blackburn
The National Homes Swindle: A Growing Scandal
The Next British Deterrent
The Norway Channel
The Other Ruling Class
The PLO: The Road to Respectability
The Party Leaders: David Owen and David Steel
The Party Leaders: Margaret Thatcher
The Party Leaders: Neil Kinnock
The Peace Penalty
The Pensions Bubble
The People's Monarchy
The People's Party
The Plane Truth
The Police Bill: Excessive Force?
The Politics of Hunger
The Politics of Plenty
The President's Star Warriors
The President's World
The Price Is Wrong
The Price of Freedom
The Price of Peace
The Price of Power
The Price of Silence
The Price of Success?
The Price of Victory
The Price of Your Car
The Prime Minister
The Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher
The Private Wars of Colonel North
The Provo's Last Card
The Race to Baghdad
The Rape of Justice
The Re-Arming of America
The Real Apprentices
The Real Refugee Tragedy
The Real War in Space
The Red Army Revolution
The Red Peril
The Refuge Trail
The Ridings School
The Right Hon. Margaret Thatcher
The Right to Privacy: The Need to Know
The Road to Hope
The Road to Reykjavik
The Sacrifice Zone
The Sale of the Century?
The Scout Who Smuggled Heroin
The Secret Policeman Returns
The Secrets of Samarra
The Sentence of the Court...
The Shadow of the Swastika
The Shaming of the President
The Siege of Paris
The Sinful Messiah
The Sky High Gamble
The Slide Into Slump
The South African Press
The South Strikes Back
The Stolen Children
The Storm Beyond the Crash
The Summit Debate
The Summit: And After
The Television Revolution
The Tender Trap
The Testing Question
The Thin Blue Line
The Third Man
The Tories: Friends of the Earth?
The Trial of Private Clegg
The Troubled Madonna of the Philippines
The Trust Betrayed
The Truth About Rubbish
The Truth About Sports Products
The Two Billion Pound Ball Game
The Two Billion Pound Rip-Off
The Ultimate Taboo
The Uncertain Summit
The Underclass of 88
The Uneasy Alliance
The Uneasy Peace
The Unwinnable War
The Valley of the Dead
The War Party
The Welfare State: Beyond Our Means?
The White Tribe of Africa: Part 1 - Drowning in Blood
The White Tribe of Africa: Part 2 - No Way Back
The Whole Truth
The Whole Truth?
The Winter of Perestroika
The X-Ray Files
The Year Britain's Bubble Burst
The Year of the Spy
Them and Us
Three Bloody Summers
Three Bloody Summers in Afghanistan
To Catch a Cop
To Catch a Thief
Tony Blair's Long Goodbye
Transplants: Are the Donors Really Dead?
True Brits
Trust Me I'm Gordon... Not Tony
Truth Is a Difficult Concept
Turning the Mersey Tide
Two Weeks in Winter: How the Army Took Over Poland
U Turn
UK Ltd: The Arming of Iraq
Uganda - Children of the Terror
Ulster's Regiment - A Question of Loyalty?
Ulster: A Chance for Peace
Ulster: A Question of Unity?
Uncle Sam v. Saddam
Under the Skin of the BNP
Underclass in Purdah
Undercover Hospital Cleaner
Undercover Nurse
Underwater Britain
Unfinished Business
Unsafe Convictions
Vietnam - People and War
Vietnam: Children of the Dust
Vietnam: Journal of a War
Violence on Television
Violent Britain - The Hurd Instinct
Violent Women
Visit to Belsen
Voices from the Ghetto
Vote, Vote, Vote for Tony Benn
Waiting for Labour
Walking on Coals
Wanna Buy a Railway?
War Crime - Five Days in Hell
Wasting Welfare
Water - Profits and Poverty
Watergate: The President Explains
We Didn't Ask to Be Born Here
Wendy Savage: The Battle Over Britain's Babies
Wessex Man
What About the Workers
What Future for Thatcherism?
What Happened Next?
What Happened Next? 2003
What Happened to Baby P?
What's Your House Worth?
Whatever Happened to Afganistan?
Whatever Happened to Solidarity?
When Good Men Do Nothing
When the Roof Falls In
Which Way Will She Turn?
White Fright
Who Bombed Omagh?
Who Is British?
Who Is This Man Dukakis?
Who Killed Georgi Markov?
Who Pays for the Party?
Who's Afraid of Germany?
Who's Afraid of Rupert Murdoch?
Who's Behind the Peace People
Who's Failing the Failures?
Who's Sorry Now
Whose Death Is It Anyway?
Whose Law Is It Anyway?
Whose Mind Is It Anyway?
Why Pay for Auntie?
Will You Still Feed Me?
Will the Cap Fit?
Wish I Weren't Here
Young Gunmen
Young Robbers
Your Child - Unfit for Life
Your Child's Been Stabbed
Your Pound in Their Pocket - Panorama's Tax Bombshell
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