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Season 63

12 Jan. 2015
The Battle for British Islam
Panorama investigates the battle for the hearts and minds of British Muslims.
19 Jan. 2015
Trouble at Tesco
Britain's supermarket giant is losing customers, its share price has fallen and its profits are down. Tesco is also facing criminal proceedings over its accounting practices. Kamal Ahmed investigates what has gone wrong inside the company.
26 Jan. 2015
Rescued from a Forced Marriage
Even though it is now a criminal offense, British girls are still being forced into marriage against their will. Jane Corbin follows the work of the Forced Marriage Unit in London and the British High Commission in Pakistan.
2 Feb. 2015
Emergency in A&E
One year on, Panorama again spends a week on the 'frontline' of the NHS within the Accident and Emergency department of The University Hospital of North Tees. Such departments face unprecedented pressure, why have things changed so much?
9 Feb. 2015
The Bank of Tax Cheats
Panorama reveals how Britain's biggest bank has helped some of its wealthiest customers avoid paying tax. The bank knew that its clients were breaking the law but the bank didn't report them and the tax evaders have not been prosecuted.
11 Feb. 2015
Can You Cure My Cancer?
Panorama reports on the British cancer patients who are pioneering a new generation of treatments. Huge advances in genetic research are providing new hope for patients, some of whom were given just months to live.
23 Feb. 2015
Children of the Great Migration
Paul Kenyon travels to the border area between Sudan and Eritrea to investigate the world's most dangerous migration route. Lone children fleeing Africa's most secretive rogue state are being used to pilot boatloads of migrants to Europe.
2 Mar. 2015
What Britain Wants: Someone to Love
In the run-up to the 2015 UK General Election, Panorama looks at what British people consider makes for a 'good life'. Can the politicians deliver these? First, what binds modern Britain together, family, community and country.
9 Mar. 2015
What Britain Wants: Somewhere to Live
In the second part of this series of Panorama specials Mariella Frostup looks at what 'home' means in modern Britain. For generations, owning your own home helped to define the 'good life' but is it now becoming an impossible dream?
23 Mar. 2015
What Britain Wants: Something to Hope For
In the final part of this four part series John Humphries looks at British peoples hopes and aspirations. For your children to do better than you and having a comfortable retirement would be many peoples answer but is either now possible?
3 Apr. 2015
DIY Justice
Panorama meets parents fighting complex child custody cases without any legal assistance. Cuts to legal aid mean they face preparing their own cases. The minister who made those cuts explains why the 'gravy train' of legal aid had to stop.
13 Apr. 2015
A Suicide in the Family
Simon Jack's father took his own life at the age of 44. Simon investigates why more middle-aged men commit suicide than any other group. Simon talks to men who have overcome their own suicidal thoughts and are now helping others.
20 Apr. 2015
The Great Housing Benefit Scandal
Some landlords are getting rich at the taxpayers expense by providing cramped and poor quality accommodation for those in receipt of housing benefit. Alys Harte investigates and talks to some of the people who have been their victims.
27 Apr. 2015
Who Will Win the Election?
Richard Bacon takes American statistician Nate Silver on a road trip around Britain to meet voters. Can the man who correctly predicted the results of the last two Presidential elections in the States do the same here?
11 May 2015
Panorama Live
A special live election edition of Panorama from Westminster. Jeremy Vine is joined by a panel of politicians, analysts and voters for a discussion of what the result could mean for Britain. With reports from around the UK.
18 May 2015
Antibiotic Apocalypse
Panorama investigates the global rise of antibiotic-resistant super-bugs, the threat they pose to modern medicine and to the lives of millions of patients worldwide.
28 May 2015
Britain's Secret Terror Deals
The British security forces have been accused of being involved in the murders of dozens of people in Northern Ireland during 'The Troubles'. Did they collude with paramilitary killers and cover up their crimes? Panorama investigates.
1 Jun. 2015
The Most Dangerous Woman in Britain
Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon was dubbed this by one national newspaper. Following her unprecedented electoral success, Panorama follows the rise and rise of the woman who could hold the future of the UK in her hands.
8 Jun. 2015
GM Food - Cultivating Fear
Some former critics of genetically modified foods have been 'won over' by a new generation of crops. Governments and scientists say such crops could help to feed a hungry world. Are those who oppose GM foods doing more harm than good?
15 Jun. 2015
Stolen Childhoods: The Legacy of Grooming
One year ago a damning report into the sexual exploitation of children revealed the abuse of 1,400 children in Rotherham. Alison Holt returns to the town and talks to some of the victims. Will they ever see their abusers face trial?
22 Jun. 2015
Disaster on Everest
BBC reporter Tom Martienssen was on Everest with a group of British Army Gurkhas when the earthquake hit Nepal. This program tells the story of the extraordinary rescue mission and the of those who lost their lives that day.
29 Jun. 2015
The Missing Stolen School Children
In April 2014, Boko Haram kidnapped 276 schoolgirls from the Nigerian town of Chibok. More than a year on, most of those girls are still missing. Panorama discovers that some of them have been 'turned' or forced to join the Jihadists.

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