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Eiffel Tower
Despite its detractors in the French art world, Gustave Eiffel's tower quickly won the hearts of Parisians and came to symbolize the spirit of Paris during the city's tribulations over the century that followed. This program provides a romantic perspective on the construction of the tower, the accomplishments of Gustave Eiffel and the Eiffel Tower's place in the culture of Paris.
24 Nov. 1996
Thinking Machines: The Creation of the Computer
The history of the development of the computer, starting with Charles Babbage's mechanical Difference Engine in the 1820s and Herman Hollerith's punch-card tabulating machines of the 1890s, through the development of the first vacuum-tube machines in World War II (Colossus and ENIAC) followed by continuing miniaturization enabled by the transistor, integrated circuit, and microprocessor, to the beginnings of the personal computer revolution led by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.
13 Apr. 1997
Roller Coasters
They are the centerpiece of all great amusement parks, heart-stopping rides with names like 'The Cyclone' and 'The Beast'.
24 Sep. 1998
World's Fairs: Visions of the Future
A look at the expositions known as "World's Fairs," which have served as showcases for entertainment, cultural events and new technology.
12 Nov. 1998
Domed Stadiums
From Houston's Astrodome to Toronto's stunning Skydome, follow the history of the revolutionary structures that have transformed sports in America.
Television: Window to the World
Modern Marvels looks at the history of television from its invention by Philo Farnsworth to its popularization by David Sarnoff.
Extreme Gadgets
The history, development, & future of sports equipment based on the surf board, including skis, skateboards, mountain boards, & mountain bikes.
14 Mar. 2003
Space Stations
An out-of-this-world exploration of the history of long-duration life in space--from the first Soviet station to Skylab to Mir to the International Space Station.
21 Sep. 2005
11 Feb. 2007
More Ice
10 Feb. 2009
Fry It
Welcome to the world of sizzling hot oil. First, it's a trip to the fair to discover the secrets behind fried classics such as funnel cakes and churros. And how about some deep fried treats such as frogs legs, and Twinkies and Coke?
2 Mar. 2010
15 Apr. 2010
Deliver It
Got something strange to deliver? From pizza to packages, we'll show you how it's packed, labeled and shipped. Head down the highway carrying gigantic wind turbine blades. See how UPS got China's invaluable terra cotta warriors to a Los Angeles art museum.
22 Apr. 2010
Helicopters 2010
In Alabama, fly with the Apache Longbow, the deadliest helicopter in world, and learn how to fly the Blackhawk, one of the most sophisticated and versatile helicopters in world.
29 Apr. 2010
Super Ships
Take a journey into the world of super sized, super strong, super unique ships. The Scripps Institution of Oceanography takes viewers out to sea to see how their FLIP research vessel flips a full 90 degrees, sinking over three quarters of its 355-foot length.
13 May 2010
Breaking Point
Get ready to examine points of failure in ultra slow motion. Watch drivers crash cars and trucks at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to find their breaking points, and to find the breaking points of the crash dummies inside.
22 Oct. 2010
Mega Stores
The colossal cornerstones of commerce. Oversized outfitters. Merchandise Moguls. Mega Stores are giant facilities engineered to keep up with America's supersized habits. They are the largest, busiest places in the country.
19 Nov. 2010
Engineering Disasters 22
They are catastrophic failures with deadly consequences. Caused by a single spark or a massive collapse, these disasters reveal one thing--the danger inherent in our most common industries. From a massive oil spill to refinery blaze to a downed plane, find out what went wrong... and how to prevent the next engineering disaster.
21 Dec. 2010
Driver's Seat
Get behind the wheel and take control of the some of the largest, fastest, most powerful machines on the planet. These aren't your average vehicles--and handling one of these rides is unlike anything else. But you need more than just a learner's permit to take control of these need training, experience, and above all, guts--if you plan to sit in the Driver's Seat.
21 Jan. 2011
GREASE It makes the whole world go around...and up and down...and side to side. Without it, the wheels of industry and our modern existence would grind to a halt, along with everything else. In this episode of Modern Marvels, we take a close up look - at GREASE.
28 Jan. 2011
Ropes & Chains
From hauling our heaviest gear to mastering the tallest mountains, they have been around for centuries, but we constantly improve upon them. Get an inside look at factories where every kind and style of Ropes & Chains are made. We'll get some lessons from a company that trains high-flying workers who depend on rope to do their jobs safely.
4 Feb. 2011
American Trucking
America would come to a standstill without trucks. Trucks transport a staggering 70 percent of all the nation's goods. Explore the amazingly diverse world of American trucks and the colorful men and women who drive them. Join country superstar Brad Paisley and his crew of truckers on the road between Little Rock and Tulsa--racing the clock to be on time for Brad's next concert.
3 Oct. 2011
Inside Your Walls
Don't look now--but there's a lot more to your walls than you'd ever imagine. Take a penetrating look inside something we consider utterly mundane, and uncover a surprising and sometimes shocking world.
10 Oct. 2011
Built by Hand
We live in a highly mechanized world in which billions of products are made by machines--but there are some things that can be built only by using an even more sophisticated tool--the human hand.
7 Nov. 2011
Is That a ... In Your Pocket?
Teddy Roosevelt carried a revolver. The night they each died, Abraham Lincoln carried a $5 Confederate note and nine newspaper clippings, while John Wilkes Booth carried a candle and pictures of five women, including his fianc e. Why?
5 Dec. 2011
More Candy
Candy is America's sweetest guilty pleasure--so appealing that we spend $25 billion annually to experience it. This episode journeys across the country to show that behind every delicious bite is a fascinating story of imagination and innovation. Fourth-generation candy makers Nick and Gino Marini reveal how they're redefining the limits of confectioneering.
1 Jun. 2014
Hottest Rides Countdown
For this countdown special, we're buckling up and punching it--as we raid the Modern Marvels archives for the hottest rides we've ever presented. From the retro to the rugged to the reckless, our top ten picks showcase our love affair with vehicles that blow back our hair or quicken our pulses. Our only limitation: they've got to stay earthbound--so no sea or aircraft. Other than that, anything goes...from one of Jay Leno's vintage autos to a sleek battery-driven roadster to a motorcycle you've got to see to believe. Our number 1 choice: a ride so hot that one ...
11 Apr. 2015
Panama Canal Supersized
The Panama Canal is considered the 7th wonder of the modern world. But today, it is too small. Now in order to fit the worlds' growing fleet of super ships, the Panama Canal is getting a complete overhaul. This all-new, one-hour Modern Marvels takes us inside the billion dollar Panama Canal Expansion Project. With unprecedented access, this program features exclusive footage of the building of the new canal and shows us what it takes to complete one of the greatest construction projects in history. From massive explosions at the excavation site to eighteen hour ...

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