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19 Mar. 1985
The Way We Are: It Started with the Greeks
The Ancient Greece based origins of modern Western Civilization's primary value of individuality driven curiosity that drives it to question and explore reality.
26 Mar. 1985
In the Light of the Above: Medieval Conflict - Faith and Reason
Introduction of the knowledge from captured Islamic Spanish libraries transforms the Europe's conception of knowledge and the fact that it can advance.
2 Apr. 1985
Point of View: Scientific Imagination in the Renaissance
The introduction of perspective techniques transforms Europe's use of art, architecture, geography and navigation among others with its revolutionary concept of remote positioning.
9 Apr. 1985
A Matter of Fact: Printing Transforms Knowledge
The introduction of practical mass printing ends Europe's predominate reliance on memory and its related concepts of reality and authority.
16 Apr. 1985
Infinitely Reasonable: Science Revises the Heavens
The publication of Copernicus' theory of a heliocentric universe profoundly challenged Europe's concept of the universe and the authority of the Church.
23 Apr. 1985
Credit Where It's Due: The Factory and Marketplace Revolution
The rise of land enclosure and advances in engineering help transform the West's major economic philosophies.
30 Apr. 1985
What the Doctor Ordered: Social Impacts of New Medical Knowledge
The advance of modern medicine and public health comes at the cost of the fields becoming depersonalized with their increasing use of statistics and microbiology.
7 May 1985
Fit to Rule: Darwin's Revolution
The introduction of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution undermines the concept of divine creation while providing a rationale for both capitalism and communism.
14 May 1985
Making Waves: The New Physics - Newton Revised
As modern theoretical physics becomes more ambiguous in nature, the Western lay public increasingly confuses advances in engineering with pure science.
21 May 1985
Worlds Without End: Changing Knowledge, Changing Reality
James sums up his ideas about the effect of different worldviews on science by showing how different cultures approach it in their own way.

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