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Don't let the title fool you
budikavlan21 June 2004
Though this series' title makes it sound like a language class, it's really an entertaining drama with just a small pedagogic element at the end of each episode. The story of a girl attending school, getting involved in the music industry, and dealing with friends, family, and two brothers with whom she might be falling in love, "Connect With English" was a surprise to me when I caught it late one night on PBS. They were showing several episodes in succession, and I found myself stuck watching all of them. I later caught some others during another marathon. A major feature of the show is the song "Dreamcatcher," which is a good song but is repeated several times--if you DON'T like the song, it grows tiresome.
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One of TV's greats!
normbaits27 April 2005
Public broadcasting does not get much better than this. The epic struggle of one woman's quest for independence and beauty brought me to tears and new heights of the the human spirit. Rebecca Casey is an every-woman from Boston who is so strong and heroic it is easy to see why Kelly Ripa's husband falls in love with her, not to mention she is absolutely beautiful. I love this show and it is a highlight of my late nights. My only problem is they stopped making them. There needs to be a Connect With Engligh II. Please WGBH, please make my dreams come true. You say everyone needs a dreamcatcher, well you are my dreamcatcher, catch my dream of a new season.
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More than just educational television
kurt_messick12 August 2005
If all educational television were this good, we'd be a nation in which everyone is a genius. The acting is wonderful, the storyline compelling, the characterisations are superb - nothing overblown and nothing soap-opera-esquire here -- Hollywood could take lessons. I caught this being broadcast on the Annenberg/CPB channel, and was almost instantly hooked, despite the fact that I don't really need the pedagogical element attached at the end (yet even that is interesting, to watch the reactions of those watching).

High praise goes to Karin Anglin and Willy O'Donnell, who play Rebecca and Kevin Casey, sister and brother, going through a rough patch in their lives that include the death of a parent, reconnection with long lost relatives, friends who are in trouble, and both job and school situations that are interesting and realistic. This is perhaps the real hook of the series - it is very realistic, both in its production value and its plot/character developments. The 48 episodes are not nearly enough, as one commentator has already mentioned.
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caught me by surprise
lilmzsasha10 September 2005
I too was up really late one night flipping through the channels.I had left it on PBS since nothing else was on.A War Documentary on POW's was just finishing,and I saw this show coming on.I chuckled to myself at the corniness in the introduction,and the corniness I thought was to follow.Boy was I wrong.

Not only did the storyline completely suck me in,but I was hooked.I remember very boring,cheesy educational videos back in high school,and this is nothing like what I expected.The story lines were real,the acting was good.Plots came out at you with surprise,and you found yourself eagerly waiting the next episode as each ending finished with a "cliffhanger".I was very surprised to see a younger,and very hot,Mark Consuelos playing Alberto.But he was only an added bonus to why I now am keeping track to when these episodes come on again.

The actress who plays Rebecca is great,as the actor who plays her father.Mark brings some comic relief and great acting as well.This is like a regular drama to me,and I only see the "educational" part at the end as a way to see others views on what we just saw.

Now please tell me,why do they not have more educational shows like this? Whoever put these together is a genius.I wish they could do more.I'm so happy I stayed up late now,otherwise I never would've known about this.
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Sooo bad, but I can't stop watching!
cferg82017 January 2010
I am absolutely amazed to read reviews praising this program! Are they for real, or is it some kind of cruel joke? Yes, I'll admit that I love this show, but only because it's so terrible that it's hilarious. The acting is embarrassing, the lighting is poor, and the lines in the script are beyond cheesy. It's ridiculous. I feel like I'm watching a really bad student film. I'm aware that the program is made for those who are learning to speak English, but I'm surprised to see so many great reviews about it. Come on, people. Genius? I hardly think anything about this show could be described as 'genius...'

Having said all that, I have still been sucked into this show! And so I have given it four stars - not because it's good though, because it's entertaining.
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