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Hugely entertaining
Alex Mucha27 July 2003
A plot that takes an unusual and comical look at what would normally be the darker side of society, with retired mobsters, detectives, hookers and bungling drug lords coming together in a storyline that takes all the cliches and presents them in a new and refreshing manner.

I've watched this movie several times - I think it's well written and acted, with some great characters, the casting is excellent as is the soundtrack.

Not a great classic, but I don't think it's trying to be, just a hugely entertaining movie - I'm sure the actors enjoyed making it.
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A highly underrated sleeper comedy
optimistjean7 August 2005
I don't think this movie was given enough of a chance. The cast alone is worth watching the movie for (Jennifer Tilly is one of my favorites; the cast also includes Burt Reynolds, Richard Dreyfuss, Jeremy Piven and Carrie Anne Moss. The jokes are cute and clever, and although it doesn't have the clever wit of a Tarantino, it's still well-timed and hilarious.

I'd never heard of this movie and happened to see it on TV. Now, I'm a hard sell, and I laughed my ass off through half the movie and smiled at the sweet, fairy tale ending that leaves everyone walking away from the movie with warm fuzzies.

And it's not just some mushy piece of sap; it's about old wise guys, so there are plenty of geriatric fist fights and pee jokes for the guys (and for those of us females who appreciate gentle toilet humor too, like me).

So give this movie a chance, is all I'm saying, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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Robert D. Ruplenas24 August 2001
I was positively intrigued to see such a wide divergence of opinion on this flick; I can't recall ever seeing such a split opinion in this space. Therefore I will offer the moderate observation that, while being far from the cleverest comedy I've seen, the movie isn't all that bad. The script is not a particularly witty effort, but the tangled web that these 4 retired hoods spin for themselves becomes progressively more intriguing. (I would note that the arson technique portrayed must be taken with about a pound of salt) The sentimental sub-plot about the missing daughter is unnecessary and dilutes the comedy (though, mercifully it's not played up very big). Altogether, not a cause for raves, but not as bad as some here say.
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Not Bad
tasker10925 August 2000
Maybe because I "AM" over 50 I enjoyed the Crew. I cant say. But the music was good too. I came home and did a search on Napster for Joe Pesci's "Old Man Time". Good song. Check it out. People are used to complicated stories and special effects. They cant just sit and be entertained anymore. Which is what this movie is-entertainment. I enjoyed it. 7 out of 10 stars I would say.
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Light, Fun Comedy
stang426 August 2000
Wanna see something fun with no blood, no hidden agenda, just humor? It's a lotta fun. It's not adolescent glee -- don't expect Mike Myers. But it's not short on entertainment value. Four old retired wise guys are forced back into the "business" for reasons beyond their control. Sometimes it's a bit formulaic, but it's always entertaining. I'll see it again.
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Space Cowboys with a different Cast and setting - just as funny!
Buff200125 August 2000
If you happened to read my review of Space Cowboys, you know that when our local critics rate a movie low, it is usually just an enjoyable fun movie not to be taken seriously. Such was the case with Space Cowboys and also The Crew, which they rated a C+.

The movies are quite similar in plot, i.e. four old retired guys come out of retirement and become heros with a lot of antics along the way. This time instead of retired astronauts, we have retired "Sopranos". Whereas all four of the astronauts were big name stars, only two of the retired mobsters, Richard Dreyfus and Burt Reynolds are household names. You will recognize the other two by sight, if not by name, and they do a great job!

Having retired from New Jersey to Florida, I found a lot of the jokes really funny and not to far from the truth in many respects!

No messages at all here except the usual Hollywood swipe at the poor Republicans, so go for enjoyment and fun only!!!!
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Funny but, like senility, short...
boothboy1822 August 2000
There are good parts and there are bad parts in "The Crew." The good stuff is that all four geezers in the movie are consistently amusing, Jennifer Tilly has never looked better (maybe her cleavage has something to do with that), it's good to see Carrie-Anne Moss in something other than "The Matrix," and the general level of humor is funny even though we've seen it a million times. On the bad side, it's much too short to make a lasting impact, poor Jeremy Piven is stuck in a thankless role, too many jokes are aimed at the same target, and too much time passes between major gut-busters. Still, Richard Dreyfuss and Burt Reynolds get their share of laughs, even though the cleavage gets all the attention.
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Amusing spoof of 'Goodfellas'
moirakc27 September 2000
Mob film affectionados will appreciate this film if only that it adds a new perspective to an old theme. There are several cleverly orchestrated scenes which spoof other classic mobster films, giving viewers something more than simple comedy to get them laughing. Richard Dreyfuss was not entirely convincing as a retired 'wiseguy'; he doesn't really fit the part somehow. The storyline may have been improbable at times, and dragged a little on a few occasions, but for the most part it holds one's attention until the very end. It really makes one wonder; what does happen to all those old "made" guys if they happen to live to retirement age?
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A Crew of Veterans.
Python Hyena9 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Crew (2000): Dir: Michael Dinner / Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Burt Reynolds, Dan Hedaya, Seymour Cassel, Carrie-Anne Moss: Here is a comedy that features a concept that is actually funny. Title suggests small factors prevailing over bigger ones. It opens in New Jersey 1968 and chronicles four mafia guys now living in a care home. Richard Dreyfuss regrets leaving his family and wishes to locate his daughter. Burt Reynolds cannot hold a job. Dan Hedaya works at a morgue. Seymour Cassel hardly speaks accepts during sex. They are blackmailed into kidnapping but accidentally blow up the home of a drug dealer. This is perhaps the funniest and best set up comic sequence in the film, and director Michael Dinner capitalizes upon it with great payoff. Acting by the veteran cast is a great combination. Dreyfuss will discover that his daughter is indeed the police woman investigating their crimes. Reynolds cannot make a career out of the fast food industry. Hedaya makes smiles on the corpses at the morgue. And Cassel has great sex. Carrie-Anne Moss is effective as Dreyfuss's daughter who is a police officer and now dealing with who her father became. What works against it is the contrived ending that allows the criminal so-called good guys to get off the hook. It has a great theme regarding time and age and a small crew that got duped into making a terrible move. Score: 7 / 10
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Light senior moments
Chris.13 November 2010
So much promise, yet so little achievement was the enduring impression left on me after watching this comedy. A group of ageing ex-con artists conjure an imaginative, yet flawed plot to save their Miami retirement home from soaring rents by using the body of a dead neighbour to scare away potential residents. When the dead man's son (Sandoval) emerges to take vengeance on those responsible for his death, they use their collective criminal experience to dodge the attempted retributions.

Dreyfuss, Reynolds, Cassel and Hedaya probably weren't quite old enough to convince me that they were geriatrics, relying on props to affect the age (hearing aids etc) although Reynolds did a great impression of someone who'd lost his marbles. His near-death epiphanies lead to several hair-brained schemes while Dreyfuss' main angle is assisting the local police investigating the death, the female detective (Moss) unaware the she is his daughter. She mistakes his kindly advances as those of a dirty old man, while Dreyfuss is trying to work out how to confess to the ruse, and still reconcile with the daughter neither knew existed. Moss is stunning and it's almost inconceivable that the Pivster (Piven) is both her detective partner and boyfriend from whom she's estranged. Must be low self esteem...

Slapstick, sentimental comedy has its moments and an appealing cast but never quite hit the notes I was expecting, all things considered. Easy, lightweight viewing.
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