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Hugely entertaining
Alex Mucha27 July 2003
A plot that takes an unusual and comical look at what would normally be the darker side of society, with retired mobsters, detectives, hookers and bungling drug lords coming together in a storyline that takes all the cliches and presents them in a new and refreshing manner.

I've watched this movie several times - I think it's well written and acted, with some great characters, the casting is excellent as is the soundtrack.

Not a great classic, but I don't think it's trying to be, just a hugely entertaining movie - I'm sure the actors enjoyed making it.
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A highly underrated sleeper comedy
optimistjean7 August 2005
I don't think this movie was given enough of a chance. The cast alone is worth watching the movie for (Jennifer Tilly is one of my favorites; the cast also includes Burt Reynolds, Richard Dreyfuss, Jeremy Piven and Carrie Anne Moss. The jokes are cute and clever, and although it doesn't have the clever wit of a Tarantino, it's still well-timed and hilarious.

I'd never heard of this movie and happened to see it on TV. Now, I'm a hard sell, and I laughed my ass off through half the movie and smiled at the sweet, fairy tale ending that leaves everyone walking away from the movie with warm fuzzies.

And it's not just some mushy piece of sap; it's about old wise guys, so there are plenty of geriatric fist fights and pee jokes for the guys (and for those of us females who appreciate gentle toilet humor too, like me).

So give this movie a chance, is all I'm saying, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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Robert D. Ruplenas24 August 2001
I was positively intrigued to see such a wide divergence of opinion on this flick; I can't recall ever seeing such a split opinion in this space. Therefore I will offer the moderate observation that, while being far from the cleverest comedy I've seen, the movie isn't all that bad. The script is not a particularly witty effort, but the tangled web that these 4 retired hoods spin for themselves becomes progressively more intriguing. (I would note that the arson technique portrayed must be taken with about a pound of salt) The sentimental sub-plot about the missing daughter is unnecessary and dilutes the comedy (though, mercifully it's not played up very big). Altogether, not a cause for raves, but not as bad as some here say.
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Not Bad
tasker10925 August 2000
Maybe because I "AM" over 50 I enjoyed the Crew. I cant say. But the music was good too. I came home and did a search on Napster for Joe Pesci's "Old Man Time". Good song. Check it out. People are used to complicated stories and special effects. They cant just sit and be entertained anymore. Which is what this movie is-entertainment. I enjoyed it. 7 out of 10 stars I would say.
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Light, Fun Comedy
stang426 August 2000
Wanna see something fun with no blood, no hidden agenda, just humor? It's a lotta fun. It's not adolescent glee -- don't expect Mike Myers. But it's not short on entertainment value. Four old retired wise guys are forced back into the "business" for reasons beyond their control. Sometimes it's a bit formulaic, but it's always entertaining. I'll see it again.
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Space Cowboys with a different Cast and setting - just as funny!
Buff200125 August 2000
If you happened to read my review of Space Cowboys, you know that when our local critics rate a movie low, it is usually just an enjoyable fun movie not to be taken seriously. Such was the case with Space Cowboys and also The Crew, which they rated a C+.

The movies are quite similar in plot, i.e. four old retired guys come out of retirement and become heros with a lot of antics along the way. This time instead of retired astronauts, we have retired "Sopranos". Whereas all four of the astronauts were big name stars, only two of the retired mobsters, Richard Dreyfus and Burt Reynolds are household names. You will recognize the other two by sight, if not by name, and they do a great job!

Having retired from New Jersey to Florida, I found a lot of the jokes really funny and not to far from the truth in many respects!

No messages at all here except the usual Hollywood swipe at the poor Republicans, so go for enjoyment and fun only!!!!
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Funny but, like senility, short...
boothboy1822 August 2000
There are good parts and there are bad parts in "The Crew." The good stuff is that all four geezers in the movie are consistently amusing, Jennifer Tilly has never looked better (maybe her cleavage has something to do with that), it's good to see Carrie-Anne Moss in something other than "The Matrix," and the general level of humor is funny even though we've seen it a million times. On the bad side, it's much too short to make a lasting impact, poor Jeremy Piven is stuck in a thankless role, too many jokes are aimed at the same target, and too much time passes between major gut-busters. Still, Richard Dreyfuss and Burt Reynolds get their share of laughs, even though the cleavage gets all the attention.
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Amusing spoof of 'Goodfellas'
moirakc27 September 2000
Mob film affectionados will appreciate this film if only that it adds a new perspective to an old theme. There are several cleverly orchestrated scenes which spoof other classic mobster films, giving viewers something more than simple comedy to get them laughing. Richard Dreyfuss was not entirely convincing as a retired 'wiseguy'; he doesn't really fit the part somehow. The storyline may have been improbable at times, and dragged a little on a few occasions, but for the most part it holds one's attention until the very end. It really makes one wonder; what does happen to all those old "made" guys if they happen to live to retirement age?
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A Crew of Veterans.
Python Hyena9 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Crew (2000): Dir: Michael Dinner / Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Burt Reynolds, Dan Hedaya, Seymour Cassel, Carrie-Anne Moss: Here is a comedy that features a concept that is actually funny. Title suggests small factors prevailing over bigger ones. It opens in New Jersey 1968 and chronicles four mafia guys now living in a care home. Richard Dreyfuss regrets leaving his family and wishes to locate his daughter. Burt Reynolds cannot hold a job. Dan Hedaya works at a morgue. Seymour Cassel hardly speaks accepts during sex. They are blackmailed into kidnapping but accidentally blow up the home of a drug dealer. This is perhaps the funniest and best set up comic sequence in the film, and director Michael Dinner capitalizes upon it with great payoff. Acting by the veteran cast is a great combination. Dreyfuss will discover that his daughter is indeed the police woman investigating their crimes. Reynolds cannot make a career out of the fast food industry. Hedaya makes smiles on the corpses at the morgue. And Cassel has great sex. Carrie-Anne Moss is effective as Dreyfuss's daughter who is a police officer and now dealing with who her father became. What works against it is the contrived ending that allows the criminal so-called good guys to get off the hook. It has a great theme regarding time and age and a small crew that got duped into making a terrible move. Score: 7 / 10
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Light senior moments
Chase_Witherspoon13 November 2010
So much promise, yet so little achievement was the enduring impression left on me after watching this comedy. A group of ageing ex-con artists conjure an imaginative, yet flawed plot to save their Miami retirement home from soaring rents by using the body of a dead neighbour to scare away potential residents. When the dead man's son (Sandoval) emerges to take vengeance on those responsible for his death, they use their collective criminal experience to dodge the attempted retributions.

Dreyfuss, Reynolds, Cassel and Hedaya probably weren't quite old enough to convince me that they were geriatrics, relying on props to affect the age (hearing aids etc) although Reynolds did a great impression of someone who'd lost his marbles. His near-death epiphanies lead to several hair-brained schemes while Dreyfuss' main angle is assisting the local police investigating the death, the female detective (Moss) unaware the she is his daughter. She mistakes his kindly advances as those of a dirty old man, while Dreyfuss is trying to work out how to confess to the ruse, and still reconcile with the daughter neither knew existed. Moss is stunning and it's almost inconceivable that the Pivster (Piven) is both her detective partner and boyfriend from whom she's estranged. Must be low self esteem...

Slapstick, sentimental comedy has its moments and an appealing cast but never quite hit the notes I was expecting, all things considered. Easy, lightweight viewing.
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Forgettable dud
Christopher Smith26 June 2004
I saw this movie a couple years ago and I just saw it again when it was on television recently. Back when this movie was released, the mafia theme was hotter than ever for movies and television shows thanks to the success of the HBO show THE SOPRANOS. Several movies about or involving the mob were released, none of which were particulary good. THE CREW was one of those movies. It was a box office dud, earning just $13 million on a budget of $38 million. The movie was pretty much forgotten after disappearing from theaters, yet it continues to be shown on cable constantly. The movie has its moments and Jeremy Piven is great as always, but other than that, there is nothing recommendable about THE CREW. I expected better considering the screenplay was done by one of the guys who wrote KINGPIN. **
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Abysmal 'alleged' comedy
george.schmidt28 April 2004
THE CREW (2000) * Richard Dreyfuss, Burt Reynolds, Seymour Cassel, Dan Hedaya, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jennifer Tilly, Jeremy Piven, Lainie Kazan, Miguel Sandoval. (Dir: Michael Dinner) There's been a spate of gangster related comedies in the past few years thanks largely to the success of HBO's blockbuster series `The Sopranos' and the Billy Crystal/Robert De Niro comedy `Analyze This'. Which can only explain why the latest in the subgenre - thugcomedy - has squeaked by and falls short of its predecessors as if stumbling in cement shoes.

A foursome of retired gangsters contemplate their golden years in sunny Florida while wondering where they went wrong in the long run sets the premise for this woefully unfunny comedy that fails to elicit a smile let alone a laugh.

Bobby Bartellemeo (Dreyfuss slumming big time) is the ring-leader of the Grumpy Old Gangsters who pines for his long-lost daughter; Bats Pistella (Reynolds fading on his comeback from the vapors of `Boogie Nights') would rather die in a blaze of glory when he's not too busy getting ideas after being clunked on the head; The Brick Donatelli (the usual estimable Hedaya) works part-time in a morgue painting up the stiffs to look like clowns and The Mouth Donato (Cassell) is the ladies' man with a gift of gab (unbeknownst to his colleagues who think he's practically a mute). The friends become embroiled in a scheme to save their retirement lodgings in a decrepit hotel by `killing' a corpse (with the aid of The Brick's workplace) to put the fear into the housing development community which only sets the police to investigate.

Enter Detective Olivia Neal (the foxy Moss late of `The Matrix') and her estranged boyfriend/partner Detective Steve Menteer (Piven, completely wasted of his comic talent here) to check out the geezers' residence and escalate their workload when the guys are offered a hit job by The Mouth's stripper girlfriend Ferris (bodacious cartoon Tilly getting her ya-yas out) to whack her stepmother, the obnoxious deli franchise owner Pepper Lowenstein (Kazan who is pushing maximum density to her zaftig voluptuousness). Their attempt to do the job results in only pissing off the local drug czar, Raul Ventana (Sandoval), who seeks revenge when the corpse they've `offed' turns out to be his Alzheimer's ridden father. Are you laughing yet? Not only does the film creak and groan and diminish the talents of the entire cast but reduces Piven to a toe-sucker, Moss to an unbelievable plot point of unbelieveablilty (she's Dreyfuss' missing daughter!) and to see Reynolds in some painful slapstick not seen since his `Cannonball Run' heydey is just plain sad. Nor did I even believe any of the crew being actual mob guys. They were not menacing, street-smart or credible. Much could be said of the lame production itself. I did not for once find any of this amusing and couldn't wait to get out of the theatre. Don't make the same mistake I did.
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Well what can I say
bluebomber5 September 2000
Like many I thought this was a waste of some very good talent. I hope that this doesn't mean that these people are on their way down the proverbial ladder and will have to sink into the gutter with more trash like this. I expected so much more and am very disappointed. Hindsight now tells me I should have waited for the Video a few years from now and saved a few bucks. But then maybe in a few years you won't even be able to find it on the shelves

IMHO I rate it 3/10
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Truly fantastic
Fingers51519 August 2004
This movie is really not for the cynical, or people who don't mind a little brains with their stupidity. I have seen this movie many, many times and it never seems to get old. I suggest it to anyone can enjoy these great, older actors (especially Burt Reynolds and Dan Hedaya, though Seymore Cassel and Richard Dreyfuss do a great job) injecting a little humor into a great little story about being mobsters who actually live past retirement. The great writing is backed up wonderfully, by a director who truly knows how to storytell. Unfortunately, Carrie Anne Moss still can't act her way out of a paper bag, even when teamed up with a comic genius like Jeremy Piven. Still, besides that, see the movie!
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could be a tv movie
mm-3930 August 2000
This film could be a tv movie,its budget, script, and acting; I've seen better made for tv movies then this one. It not bad, but I would rent it, there is a few laughs. I was happy I went on cheap night, this movie is not worth $8.50 times 2 when I head out. In defence this movie is not bad either, the movies story did not make me drift off and the cast played a very entertaining role, and I even laughed a couple of times.
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A well crafted piece of light entertainment.
wardwade27 August 2000
Solid performances by Richard Dreyfuss and (especially)Burt Reynolds make this an enjoyable summer flick. There are enough sub-plots to keep you wondering, but the story is easy enough to follow. Lots of inside jokes about Italian, Jewish and senior citizen culture in Miami will provide more chuckles than the obvious, physical humor. Look for your favorite mob-character actor among the ensemble in the finale.
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Grumpy Old Mobsters
ScorpioVelvet1 July 2016
I would never thought of seeing Richard Dreyfuss working with Burt Reynolds until I've watched The Crew (2000). It is like Grumpy Old Men (1993) except it deals with old-time mobsters who decide to reunite for one last crime and things get fishy when they make it on the news as another group of mobsters interfere with their lives. The film has dozens of pretty funny moments & dialogues while Dreyfuss & Reynolds go at their funniest & best in the entire comedy genre. Plus Dan Hedaya makes a fine addition to the cast, too. No wonder why anybody has watched this film before except recalling my family owning it on VHS, but still a good comedy to watch to pass some time.

My Rating: 3/5
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'The only thing we ever wanted to do was be wise guys.'
TxMike17 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is a totally fun movie for me, for several reasons. I actually like all the actors, and I have a long history with one in particular. Back in the 1960s Lainie Kazan was a top singer in the same category as Barbra Streisand, and I was able to hear her live in concert at Purdue University in the late 1960s. Since then she has shown us she is one of the best actresses her age, no matter what age she was, and she is great in this somewhat dark comedy.

It starts in 1968 when "the crew" of four wise guys in the New York area are committing one of their crimes. After about 5 minutes of that it cuts to 2000 in the South Miami area where the four are semi- retired and living in an apartment complex with an ocean view.

The script is funny and one scene with a rat (described after the SPOILERS below) is one of the most inventive comedic scenes I have ever seen. The crew really are trying to be retired but because their location has become desirable, and they are threatened with rent doubling, they hatch a plan. One of the crew works as an undertaker and they figure if they get an unidentified body and blow its head off in the lobby then their location will become undesirable and with people moving out they might even get a reduction in rent.

It works, but one of the crew, the usually silent one, blabs to a hooker and she threatens to expose them unless they do a job for her. Then the south American drug mob gets involved and what follows is a series of funny escapades. I am surprised at this movie's low IMDb rating, I found it to be a very entertaining movie.

SPOILERS: The crew are asked to kill the hooker's wealthy stepmom (Kazan) but they don't want to so instead they get a skeleton, kidnap the lady, put her wristwatch on the skeleton, burn down her mansion to spare her but make it look like she was killed. They use a rat, tie a long fabric fuse to its tail and release it into the house where, as it goes through various walls starts fires all along the way. But it gets spooked by the fires and heads outside, to the house next door which is the south American drug lord's, sets his house on fire and it burns down also. A detail makes it even funnier, we see them outside at night in the front lawn as the rat pulling a burning fuse scampers towards the house in the background. A really fine, comedic detail.
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Amusing, Yes. But scattershot and still misses the mark
Bob-4517 July 2001
"The Crew," like one of its leads, Burt Reynolds, had great potential, but squandered it in silliness and a scattershot approach. Reynolds, along with Richard Dreyfuss, Seymour Cassal and Dan Hedaya play over-the-hill mobsters now retired in Miami Beach, trying to save their retirement hotel from the intrusion of yuppies. The scheme the use to do this is actually quite clever. However, as always, the "devil is in the details". The execution is too violent and sexually gamey for senior citizens (particularly female), too silly and juvenile for teen audiences and too predictable for the rest of us. Certainly, I cannot quibble with the casting or the performances in "The Crew". In addition to the leads, Lainie Kazan is always a welcome attraction, as is Jennifer Tilly (when one can keep his eyes off her boobs or her legs, one realizes Tilly can be a first rate actress). Carrie Anne-Moss seems a bit miscast. She's a bit to hard to engender the kind of warmth necessary in her role. But Miguel Sandoval excels in a thankless, stereotypical role as the drug lord. Although Touchstone Films premiered with a film using frontal nudity ("Splash"), the sex and violence in "The Crew" seems out of place. Let's see, we have simulated oral sex, Men's magazine level near nudity (course, no worse than you see at the beach or a public pool) and violence involving baseball bats, shotguns and near drownings. Have we really been THIS desensitized?
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A wasted opportunity
mattymatt4ever8 April 2001
Let me see...old retirees/former gangsters decide to reform the crew. Sounds great to me. What doesn't sound great is the way they handled this potentially hilarious premise. I can't say I hated this movie, because I did get quite a few chuckles, but no real laughs. And when you see a cast including Burt Reynolds and Richard Dreyfuss you can't help but feel cheated when it doesn't live up to the hype. First of all, the trailers are misleading. And the poster of the whole crew--Dreyfuss, Reynolds, Seymour Cassel and Dan Hedaya--in gangster suits and hats is as well. Because we hardly ever get to see them get into action, mob-wise. In the first act, we're bombarded with senior citizen stereotypes: getting to a restaurant in time for free soup, ogling young women, having weak bladders, playing Bingo, etc. In other words, it goes for pretty cheap pay-offs. The four leads look more like caricatures of senior citizens than actual senior citizens. Everything in this movie is mediocre, except the acting. Some critics felt the movie was trying too hard; I felt it was trying too little. The plot, however, is overwrought. We're stuck with one preposterous situation after another, and they all somehow interlock. In a funnier movie, I would've excused that--but in this one...the plot was a distraction. Just like how we're stuck with old people stereotypes, we're stuck with Cuban stereotypes, with a bunch of "Scarface" wannabes. That didn't work out too well either. Despite the great cast, I would not suggest renting this movie. Though it's not bad, there's so much unocovered potential that you just want to yell out your ideas to the director. The cast deserves better and we deserve better.
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TV quality mob comedy
FlickJunkie-28 April 2001
`The Crew' is a comedy that attempts to be `Goodfellas' plus forty years. Four aging wiseguys have retired to Florida and they spend most of their time reminiscing about the glory days. Eager for some action, they cook up a number of bumbling schemes that make them feel like they are back in the rackets. The screenplay is mildly droll, but lacks anything that might be considered hilarious. It is a bit more entertaining if you happen to have grown up in any metro New York Italian neighborhood, since the actors do a good job of capturing the colloquialisms and attitudes one might have found there.

The film has a TV feel about it, which is not surprising given the fact that the writer is Barry Fanaro (`Benson', `Golden Girls', `Archie Bunker's Place') and the director is Michael Dinner (`The Wonder Years', `Chicago Hope', `The Street'). Also working against the premise is the fact that we have been inundated with Mafia humor (`Analyze This', `Mickey Blue Eyes', etc.) lately and the novelty is wearing off.

The acting is okay, but not great. Richard Dreyfuss is reasonably good as the narrator and leader of the motley crew. Dan Hedaya and Seymour Cassell are also wryly humorous as his henchmen. Burt Reynolds is probably the weak link here. Carrie-Anne Moss has a minor role that doesn't give us much by which to judge her talents. The best performance is probably by Jennifer Tilly, who plays her standard airhead sex-bomb character, which says a lot about the general mediocrity of the film.

This occasionally amusing dark comedy has a veteran cast but fails to elevate itself above sitcom class humor. I rated it 5/10. Add a point or two if you like mob humor or grew up in New Jersey in the sixties.
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A movie that you pay to get in and would pay more for it to end.
mattdoolittle12 December 2000
`The Crew' (2000) *½ out of **** All of the actors in this film are at least 50 and the film is about as boring as watching paint dry, or grasses grow. I went to this expecting a lot and it really didn't even come close to what I expected. It had to be the worst film in anyone of the actor's careers (excluding Richard Dreyfuss in `Kippendorf's Tribe'). It wasn't bad acting it was more of no story or plot. It was lacking everything but experience. The film had potential but I have no idea what happened. It might have been the lack of direction, or the lack of comedy in the jokes. Whatever it was, it shot the film in the foot. I'd like to tell you the plot and what went wrong but I still have no clue what the plot was. I checked my watch every five minutes for the last hour of this film. This is definitely not a film for anyone under 70. If someone asks you to go to this film that you want to see a movie that fills its potential.
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Somebody needs to whack this movie.
kpanther8322 August 2000
Now I know this is an August movie but that is no excuse for this pointless comedy. I was completely lost in this movie about 4 old retired "wise guys" who wanted that spunk and thrill back into their lives. Problem is was that the main story--which I'm still unsure of--was saturated with ridiculous side stories about getting back with your girlfriend, finding your lost love one, and a rather stupid involvement with a stripper. Maybe I would have been able to laugh at the many jokes if I wasn't concentrating so much on finding the point of the movie, or for that matter, the point of me still being in the movie theatre. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone under the age of 50 (the elderly people, who occupied 80% of the audience, seemed to enjoy it).
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Worthless junk
Empire-312 May 2002
This "comedy" is awful. It is boring. Good actors making fools of themselves appearing in this awful movie. There was nothing funny in this movie. Jokes are awful and the plot is junk also... Avoid this movie at all costs. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone. Depressing...
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Really, Really Bad
mgreene-212 May 2001
I rented The Crew (2000) with my family and could not even finish watching the whole thing, and it was only 88 minutes long! Director Michael Dinner needs to stick to TV. Voice overs worked great in The Wonder Years (tv show) but I don't need a voice over for the first 45 minutes of any movie. This movie was a brainless and pathetic attempt at humor. This movie was not funny, nor thought provoking, and really is a complete waste of time. Its not that it was just not funny, it was actually annoying, aggravating, and painful to watch. I give this movie a two, which is 100% mark-up for what it really deserves just because of the cinematography, set design, and editing. Enough said. This movie was AWFUL!!
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