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23 Sep. 1990
Flippin' Fido/Dakota Droopy & the Lost Dutch Boy Mine/Dog Daze Afternoon
Tom chases Jerry in a department store. On the other hand a watchdog is pursuing Tom, so he distracts the dog with a Frisbee. Droopy and Dripple set out to find gold while McWolf follows them to get the gold for himself.
30 Sep. 1990
Toys Will Be Toys/Droopy Delivers/My Pal
Tom is chasing Jerry in a toy store at night. McWolf tries to ruin Droopy and Dripple's pizza business. He is trying to get rid of them and taking over their own pizza business. Tom accidentally frees Clyde's head from a flower pot.
22 Sep. 1990
Prehistoric Pals/Super Droop & Dripple Boy Meet the Yolker/Marvelous Marvin
Jerry befriends a baby dinosaur while cave cat Tom chases him. Superheroes Droopy and Dripple are in pursuit of the Yolker. Tom tries to capture Jerry so he can be a spokesperson for a cat food company.
14 Oct. 1990
Bat Mouse/Puss'n Pups/Outer Space Rover
Jerry learns how to be like Bat Mouse from a videotape. Spike teaches his son how to chase cats. Jerry befriends a six-legged dog from outer space.
21 Oct. 1990
The Vermin/Aerobic Droopy/Mouse Scouts
Jerry joins his favorite music trio: The Vermin. He plays his electric guitar all night and keep Tom awake who comes home after an all night party. Droopy and Dripple open a new aerobic studio next to McWolf's who wants Miss Vavoom in his.
28 Oct. 1990
Sugar Belle Loves Tom, Sometimes/Mall Mouse/Super Duper Spike
Tom is torn between being allured by Sugar Belle and guarding the banquet table from Jerry. Tom gets to guard the cheese in a cheese shop from Jerry, who's superhero identity is the Mall Mouse.
3 Nov. 1990
Gator, Baiter/Hoodwinked Cat/Medieval Mouse
A wrestling gator is annoyed from being humiliated by other wrestlers that break the rules. He leaves his career and then meets Tom and Jerry. Spike sends Tyke out to deliver a canary to his grandmother.
3 Nov. 1990
Clyde to the Rescue/Droopio & Juliet/Maze Monster Zap Men
Clyde gets his head stuck again and helps golfer Tom to catch Jerry. Jerry keeps running away from them. Droopy writes a story about a competition between him and McWolf for a woman named Juliet.
10 Nov. 1990
Crash Condor/Yo Ho Ho... Bub/Scrub-a-dub Tom
Tom tries to turn a baby condor who dropped on him while Jerry befriends the condor and helps him fly back up in the air. Droopy, Dripple and McWolf are pirates who compete for gold and for the female pirate Vavoom.

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