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I'm not crazy!!!!!!!!!

Author: maxvaughn from Phoenix, Arizona
30 January 2005

I used to watched this show when I was so young that I could barely talk. But I remembered it. I always thought the mannequin and the woman store clerk should end up together, cause well, I was just a a weird kid. But anyway, for the past two decades every time I mention this show people look at me like I've been smoking something and I couldn't remember the name of it for the life of me so I couldn't prove anything. But here it is!!! I really loved this show. I liked how they always had so much imagination and all of the games they played became reality. Children's TV today doesn't have as much thought put into it. They focus more on the learning part of it as opposed to the story or way kids should be able to pretend things about a show like I did with this one. I miss television like this for children.

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This show rocked!!!!

Author: dootuss from PA
18 January 2002

I remembered watching this show as a little kid back when it was on Nickelodeon. It took place in a department store, and it had this manequin who had a magic hat that could make it come to life. I also remember that if he lost it, he would turn back into a manequin. There was also a lady in a hot-pink jumpsuit (I think her name was Jody), a security guard that had a face like Walter Matthau and a Hobo's face combined, and Muffy the mouse who always said a rhyme, and had a cool two-story mouse hole. Pure genious!!!

I really liked this show. It's a shame Nickelodeon dosen't air it anymore. If they didn't air so many stupid Nicktoons (like Spongebob Squarepants), or any other dumb show for that matter, this show probably would still be on. Nickelodeon has really lost it. All these stupid shows they air now have ruined this network after this show (and shows like "You can't do that on television" "Danger Mouse", and "Pinwheel) and many other good ones made it something for kids to watch, and learn from.

This show ruled 10/10.

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The garbage on Nick these days-makes me cringe!!!!

Author: AWERTH
27 December 2003

This is the only show that had and still has meaning for me. Jeff has released 2 CD's of his with brilliant singing- I own them both-- Nickelodean used to be fantastic in the 80's-

Today's Special, You Can't Do That On TV etc...

Muffy was how I get interested in writing poetry, -I always thought that there was an undertone of love between Jeff and Jodie-- like Michael and Bonnie on "Knight Rider"--

A few episodes stick out---

Going treasure hunting for Pirate Pete's gold---as Jeff goes on his own hunt throughout the store- we learn about map reading and how to read a compass---

Phil the Alcohalic--strong episode---dealt with Alcohal

Jeff not knowing he needs sleep to remain alert

The crooked commercial director who visits- he promises a spot in a commercial for Muffy to advertise Jeans, but the tables are turned when he meets Mort= Junior where he wants to take Muffy as part of his collection of toys cause he gets to greedy- Junior- the ultimate Man-Child!!!!

Waldo visits in a sour mood- and needs a special remedy gathered

from our 4 cast members!!!

Jody and Jeff trapped in the stalled elevator- the aid of a wheelchair boy comes to their rescue--

Valdy personally meets Jodi and the cast sing one of his songs with him---

Mort starts a fire in Muffy's apartment to keep warm--Sam sprays it out--

Sam and Jeff eat a whole bag of cookies-getting big stomach aches--

Memories where Jeff sings in my opinion his best solo in the series

When Jeff needs to help a young lady realize it's OK to move


A while back, a comment was posted at how Jeff- since he was a mannequin-did not know about how the world worked----, and that he was considered naive due to the fact he was indeed a mannequin (Did not know what a family was, or did not know what sleep is)

His perceptions of the topics throughout the series from his point of view make him far more smart than his 3 fellow cast members (Jody Sam Muffy and Mrs Pennypacker, Waldo and Mort occasionally)--than what he is seen as---

Jeff in fact seems to know more than he realizes in each episode

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Hocus Pocus Alama Gocus!!

Author: godeltsihw from Canada
22 June 2002

Today's Special was a childhood favourite of mine. The show took place late at night in a Simpsons Sears store. Run by a puppet night watch man named Sam Crenshaw and his computer 'TXL', the show revolved around a mannequin named Jeff. Late at night Jeff would come to life and learn new things along with Muffy the Mouse and Toy Department Clerk Jodie. However if Jeff ever left the store, or his hat fell off, he would become a mannequin again. By placing his hat on his heat and reciting the magic words "Hocus Pocus Alama Gocus" Jeff would come back to life.

Like most children's shows, you learn along with the show. Each episode of Today's Special had Today's Special.. a word that would be featured in the episode that you would learn about. If I remember correctly, the woman that played Jodie went on to become a news anchor for CBS and CBC news.

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A little piece if History

Author: Tim Keenan from Long Island, NY
28 January 2004

This was a show that was very cute and funny. I was about 7 or 8 when it was on. I can remember the characters Jodie and Jeff, Sam the security guard and Muffy the mouse. It was pretty funny, the stuff that they would do when the store closed down. The show was all about a mannequin who came to life when a magic hat was placed on his head. I think the store was supposed to be in Canada. One episode I remember well, was when they decided to have a Cafe' on the roof, and it started to rain. All the bread sticks got wet! As with the last person's comments, no one that I have asked remembers the show either. I think this was one of the first shows I watched on Nickelodeon. Hopefully, someday, they can recover the series, and bring it out on DVD for children today.

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A great show!!

Author: Chastity ( from Chattanooga, Tennessee
29 April 2002

I rank this show in the top ten shows of my childhood. I was very young when I watched this on Nickalodean. I have asked countless people if they remember it and no one has, except my father. I remember there was a word of the day every episode. I loved Muffy the mouse, I thought she was beautiful. I would do anything to be able to see an episode of this show.

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Author: Joshua White ( from Turner, Maine
12 January 2003

Anyone else remember this song?

Gertrude ol' girl My hearts in a whirl 'Cause these goodbyes Are hard to combine. I'll try not to cry As we say goodbye.

Sam and Jody sang that at the car dealership when Sam was trading in his old car for a newer model. The dealer rolled his eyes, but for Sam and the kids at home, this was serious trauma! I guess that's why I still remember it. Oh, but it ended happily. Sam got the new car and Jody bought back the old one.

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Ah, the memories...

Author: Lindsey from Illinois
9 October 1999

I remember this show! I used to watch it back when I was little. It took place after-hours in the childrens' department of a mall, and was complete with a living manequin, kids, a mouse named.. Fifi or something just as cute, a puppet security guard... and lots of kid fun! I remember one episode when the security guard had to go to either the ear or eye doctor. I was hoping there would be a cast list posted here. Oh well, maybe in the future.

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A tweed-loving mannequin and friends

Author: Jeannie from Los Angeles, CA
5 August 1999

A PBS favorite from my youth (along with Square One and 321 Contact, of course). Jeff is a department store mannequin who comes to life at night once the store is closed and his special beret-like hat is placed on his head. Jody is a real life person who is a friend of Jeff (and also fond of pink pantsuits, from what I recall). Sam is the puppet Walter Matthau-esque security guard, a gruff old man, but with a very entertaining computer. He's also friends with the puppet mouse (Muffy?). Hijinks ensue and emotions flow (especially from Jeff: how does he deal with his handicaps?) every night at this department store!

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On Todays Special!!

Author: SuprGro8 from Boston, MA
27 June 1999

There was Jeff the Mannequin, Jodie the sales lady, Muffy the mouse, and Sam Crenshaw. They all had fun in the department store at night when Jeff the mannequin would come alive. He had to put on this plaid hat and there was a rhyme. Like alakazam something. I wish they still showed this stuff on Nick. The eighties were a great time for kids shows!!

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