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I could not believe it!
cynthiahost29 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I could not believe it that it was released in the United states in 41. How did that pass the government? This was the beginning of the war. Well. this was a very realistic propaganda feature. It showed how the Germany suffered through out the centuries economically and independently,or that's what they claim. Hitler was anti religion and yet all those blind German men who joined Hitler army, probably for the pay and job only, took an oath to God that they serve the furor ,boy! was this hypocritical. But warmongers always use religion. This of course showed from the side of the German , who were mislead blindly to serve a madman. They are being shown the way American soldiers were shown in American war documentaries, as human doing their duty. It shows how after they marched and marched that they were given a break. You sees these soldiers washing themselves, some of them naked, Shaving, getting their hair cut, boiling their clothes, writing to their Mutters, ha! ha! .You see one soldier washing his dog. He took his dog with him obviously.But then you see show easily they win in their invasion of Holland. They show these diagrams of maps when they make other invasions. But,you see the french soldiers preparing for their attack, This is from some french news film they, the Nazis , had stolen.There is the other scene of the french getting ready to fight the Nazis against the invasion of Paris, which Frau Luna, starring Lizzie Waldmuller, would be shot up there once they took over, the Nazis.This did not look like from a news reel. How did they get those french soldiers to participate in this Documentary? Unless they were prisoners of war. You see a lot of the victims, the french soldiers both white and black give up and give in . You see a group of black french soldiers ,standing around with the french white soldiers, they are all prisoners, doing a tribal dance. Was it to express sadness that they lost? And at Dunkirk. The British soldiers burn every thing before they take off, so that the enemy won't use it before they leave. It's portrayed like that. Many of them end up as prisoners in smiling way. The Nazi soldiers are portrayed as merciful ,as they seemed to allow a bunch of Brit prisoners of war ,carrying their wounded to the hospital. They weren't . This was a put on. how many of those prisoner they had killed? This is a documentary showing the good guys loosing. Why? Old Mustache had had manipulated every one of his victims years earlier. Catching them off guard later. That's why.
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