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Surprisingly good.
sjcjrice25 February 2001
"Partners in Crime" is a surprisingly good little movie. Okay, you know who the villain is in the first half hour, but the story still contains enough surprises to be interesting. Rutger Hauer (who's one of my favorite actors even in bad movies) is very good as a small town detective who's reunited with his ex-wife, a successful FBI agent. He has great scenes with the actress who plays the ex-wife and with the young girl who plays his daughter from a subsequent marriage. For a film that's marketed as a B-movie action flick, there is actually a great deal of character development and some very good performances. If you're bored with everything in the new releases section at the video store, try this one.
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I Second the "Surprisingly Good" Comment
56DeSoto20 October 2005
This enjoyable film reminds me of a more pedestrian version of Last of the Dog Men, at least in feel. The landscape is compelling and the performances all around are quite good. The director has an easy hand which works well even with the mystery and pseudo-action sequences. Good job by the young girl that plays Hauer's daughter. Too often these child roles fall into the maudlin, but she comes across convincingly here.

The highlight isn't the none-too-convoluted plot, but rather the interaction between the two leads. You need to suspend disbelief for some of the story line elements, but the reward is a fun film that was made with obvious care. And it is quite refreshing to see Hauer with some decent material to work with. He may play a good villain, but is at his finest when exploring the layers of a troubled good guy.
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It isn't bad
Scoopy15 July 2000
I guess it's a straight-to-vid, and you won't find any great surprises in it, but it's a pleasant enough way to pass a little time.

Rutger Hauer, now about double his fighting weight, plays a local detective who has to co-operate with the FBI's supervision of a murder/kidnapping. It turns out that the FBI hotshot called in on the case is his ex-wife. And he is now a single dad, and has a precocious ultra-cute daughter from a subsequent wife.

So you can see the cliches will fall fast and furious. And they do, especially when all the clues seem to point to: Rutger Hauer!

Anyway, the most pleasant surprise of the movie is an excellent performance from Paulina Porizkova as the FBI agent. She is natural in the relaxed moments, and capable when she needs to be in charge, and totally believable in the role. You know any other supermodels who can convincingly play a top bureau agent? I really believe she will be top actress, and not in cutesy glamour roles, either.
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Recommended most highly
strobiwan52018 October 2006
I was completely captivated by this movie. For what in year's gone by would have constituted a B movie or secondary feature, this film was excellent down the line. The story is crisp, and without slow spots. The acting is uniformly excellent. And to look at Paulina Porizkova is heavenly. Rutger Hauer is always good, and all acting is under control. The children in this are terrific, especially a beautiful performance by Hauer,s daughter. The directing is superlative; even the dog wasn't obviously looking at his handler off-screen. The pace, photography, sets, were of the highest order. You can watch this one over and over and still enjoy it. Bravo.
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Standard but well acted movie.
Boba_Fett11383 September 2005
Basically this movie isn't anything new or refreshing, I mean movies like these are made dozens of times every year. This is one of those movies were not an awful lot is wrong with but its just to unoriginal or not refreshing enough to make this movie a must see. It's one of those typical 6 out of 10 movies.

The movie is a standard police/crime movie in which the main characters has to solve a case. No the movie most certainly isn't filled with any new or original moments and elements but it serves its purpose well and the movie is technically not badly made.

Finally a movie in which Rutger Hauer can show again how a great actor he is. Also Paulina Porizkova really isn't a bad actress despite the fact that she already had received a Razzie nomination for her role in "Her Alibi" from 1989. Hauer and Porizkova make a great screen duo and make the story believable and likable enough.

The story and the sidelines of it are interesting enough to fill 95 minutes. None of the dramatic and perhaps cliché sidelines of the story are ever getting distracting, which of course is a positive thing to say.

Yes of course you're ten times better of watching a good English detective series but this movie certainly is a watchable one, despite the fact that it isn't anything new or really special.

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Doing his job
Movie-Man29 March 2003
I bought this movie the other day for the sole reason that I like Rutger Hauer, I always have since "the Hitcher". The problem is that I always compare him to that movie and he's never done anything that comes near that one again. However, I bought this and watched it, Rutger Hauer is the only this about this movie that's good And he's just doing his job, nothing out of the ordinary.

The plot is quite dull and nothing new. Then they spoil it further by throwing in an ex wife of his... I wish they would concentrate on the actual crime instead, it would be much better. But as I said, Rutger does his job well but not great. This is only for Fans of Rutger Hauer. 5/10

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LeonLouisRicci2 October 2013
This one plays like a Made-for-TV Movie with an Uninspired Look and So-So Story. The Acting is Fine with an Exceptional and Truly Believable Performance from Sarah Ashley as Rutger Hauer's Daughter.

The Plot Trots along and is not as Interesting as the Character Relationships and things never Accelerate until the final Scenes. There aren't enough Red Herrings to make it Intriguing, and the lack of Suspects is Unforgivable and anyone would be hard pressed to think that the Frame is anything but, and herein lacks the Suspense and Mystery.

Not a Bad Movie but is so Lackadaisical it hardly ever moves Beyond its Mediocrity. For Rutger Hauer Fans or those wanting a Smooth, Bloodless, and Unchallenging Who-Done-It.
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Thought Former Pres. Bill Clinton was in this Film
whpratt116 January 2006
While viewing this very interesting film, I thought that actor Rutger Hauer, (Gene Reardon),"Sin City",'05, looked just like President Bill Clinton at times through out the film. Getting back to the film, it starts out with a mail truck making deliveries, a car being stalled on a bridge and a person driving an old car into a garage. It is at this point in the picture when you should be able to determine who the killer is, but I bet you don't. Gene Reardon is a detective with a past that seems to haunt him and he meets up with his ex-wife, Paulina Ponizkova,(Wallis P. Longsworth),"Knots",'04, who is an FBI Agent and very attractive. Gene Reardon was married again and has a cute and smart thirteen year old who adds greatly to this murder mystery. It is rather slow and at times it seems as if the actors had trouble trying to remember their lines or the film was just plain slow and boring.
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