Partners in Crime (2000) Poster


Gene Reardon: Just a feeling. That's what a woman would say, isn't it?

Wallis P. Longsworth: And a man would say?

Gene Reardon: And a man would say "Where's the proof? Where's the evidence? There's no logical reason to believe a woman kidnapped him."

Wallis P. Longsworth: No logical reason?

Gene Reardon: No, not based on what we know.

Wallis P. Longsworth: We don't know anything.

Gene Reardon: Exactly, we don't even know if he was kidnapped or not.

Mike Pelton: Three more questions.

Buster Cummings: Have we considered the possibility that he has been abducted by aliens?

Mike Pelton: That's Eighteen.

Gene Reardon: Would the FBI still have jurisdiction?

Mike Pelton: There's nineteen.

Wallis P. Longsworth: All the way to the moon and beyond. Right boys?

Mike Pelton: Twenty.

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Wallis P. Longsworth: Alright, twenty questions.

Buster Cummings: Alright.

Wallis P. Longsworth: Why does a happy healthy man in a normal course of events voluntarily abandon his car and leave the motor running?

Gene Reardon: He Doesn't. He gets out of the car for a number of reasons, voluntarily, but he doesn't voluntarily abandon his car with the motor running.

Buster Cummings: Or maybe he leaves the motor running to protect himself from the cold.

Wallis P. Longsworth: Why does he stop and get out of the car volunarily?

Gene Reardon: Maybe he likes the view, maybe he's got a car problem.

Buster Cummings: Maybe he has to take a leak.

Wallis P. Longsworth: What if the cars running fine?

Mike Pelton: Maybe someone else has the car problem.

Wallis P. Longsworth: Somebody broken down on the narrow bridge, somebody blocking the way.

Gene Reardon: OK.

Wallis P. Longsworth: A woman.

Gene Reardon: Why a woman?

Wallis P. Longsworth: Why not a woman?

Gene Reardon: I asked you first.

Wallis P. Longsworth: Because a man stops to help a woman.

Gene Reardon: A man doesn't stop to help a man?

Wallis P. Longsworth: A man lets his guard down when he stops to help a woman.

Gene Reardon: Where did that come from?

Wallis P. Longsworth: Just a feeling I have about men.

Gene Reardon: Are you telling me you think a woman kidnapped Mr. Weems?

Wallis P. Longsworth: No, I'm just not ruling it out.

Gene Reardon: Any particular reason?

Wallis P. Longsworth: No. No reason, just a feeling.

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