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Doctor Who: geeky spots in The Husbands Of River Song

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Spoilers! It's our viewing notes and geeky spots for the Doctor Who Christmas special, The Husbands Of River Song....

It’s Christmas Day and that can only mean one thing - the Doctor Who return of Professor River Song, and the Den of Geek return of the geeky spots. So join us, won’t you, for a festive walk through the callbacks, allusions and generally interesting similarities featured in The Husbands Of River Song. If you spot anything we’ve missed out - we’ve been on the Christmas sherry since 9 o’clock this morning - let us know in the comments!

The References of River Song

As you might expect from the convoluted story of the Doctor and River Song, this episode contains a lot of references to their previous adventures together. Before reading this article, it might be useful to read our article on River Song’s timeline,
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Busan: Double Edge Presents ‘The Kids,’ ‘We Are Family’

Busan: Double Edge Presents ‘The Kids,’ ‘We Are Family’
Taipei-based production and sales company Double Edge Entertainment brings two new titles to the Asian Film Market.

Director Sunny Yu’s “The Kids” is a teenage drama about a high school boy struggling to make life after figuring out that his girlfriend became pregnant. Recently picked up by the upcoming Tokyo International Film Festival and the Hawaii International Film Festival, “The Kids” features the supporting cast from “Partners in Crime,” Double Edge’s previous production title.

The other debut title is “Cha Cha for Twins” director Jim Wang’s “We Are Family.” “Family” is a youth comedy about three aimless college students who feel the weight of adulthood with a baby’s arrival. Screened at the Kaohsiung Film Festival and the San Diego Asian Film Festival, the Asian Film Market is its sales debut.

As producer, the company still has one production in development. Rising helmer Chang Jung-chi’s “Private Eyes,
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The Great British Bake Off rises to the top of BBC iPlayer in August

The Great British Bake Off isn't just king of the Wednesday night ratings - it was also top of the BBC iPlayer in August.

The first four episodes of the BBC One show were the most watched, totalling 7.3 million views combined.

There were 278 million TV and radio requests for programmes on BBC iPlayer in August, which was up by 8% on July 2015 .

226 million of those were TV requests alone, which was up 11% on July this year and up 24% on August last year.

Other than The Great British Bake Off, the rest of the most watched shows were made up of EastEnders episodes, with Natalie Dormer's period drama The Scandalous Lady W sneaking in a spot in the top 20.

Elsewhere, dramas Partners in Crime and Ripper Street proved to be popular.

For radio, The Ashes continued to deliver the most-requested episodes in August, with Radio 4 comedy and drama making up the
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Doctor Who series 9: geeky spots in The Witch's Familiar

  • Den of Geek
Spoilers! Here are our ultra-nerdy viewing notes and geeky spots from Doctor Who series 9's The Witch's Familiar...

The Witch’s Familiar may have been less frantic than The Magician’s Apprentice, but it contained just as many back-references and kisses to the past - in addition to the ones documented in last week’s article. So here are all the geeky things we were able to notice in this week’s episode…

As ever, let us know in the comments if we missed any. The article starts once you scroll past Daphne The Spoiler Squirrel...

Callbacks of the Daleks

This isn’t the first time the Doctor has wielded a Dalek gunstick. Having narrated every Dalek story to date for Davros in 1975’s Genesis Of The Daleks, the fourth Doctor then destroys the recording using a Dalek gun. Dalek gunsticks were also wielded by the Dalek-humans in David Tennant Story Evolution Of The Daleks.
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Doctor Who series 9: BBC One confirms airtime for Peter Capaldi's return

BBC One has confirmed the airtime for Peter Capaldi's return in Doctor Who series nine opener 'The Magician's Apprentice'.

The episode will air at 7.40pm on Saturday, September 19.

Doctor Who series 9: 10 exciting teasers for 'The Magician's Apprentice'

At around 50 minutes in length, the episode will finish at 8.30pm.

This means that 'The Magician's Apprentice' kicks off only 10 minutes earlier than last year's curtain-raiser 'Deep Breath', which was the latest time slot for a new series launch since Doctor Who returned in 2005.

'Rose' aired at 7pm on March 26, 2005, while 'New Earth' was shown at 7.15pm on April 15 the following year and 'Smith & Jones' opened the third series at 7pm on March 31, 2007.

Doctor Who series 9: A spoiler-free preview of 'The Magician's Apprentice'

Series four's 'Partners in Crime' aired 6.20pm on April 5, 2008 - with Matt Smith's debut 'The Eleventh Hour' occupying the same
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UK TV ratings: X Factor just shy of 6m viewers on Sunday night

UK TV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

The X Factor's second auditions episode fell just shy of the 6 million mark on Sunday night (August 30), according to overnight figures.

5.94m (27.7%) tuned in at 8pm for the hour-long show, down by over a million viewers from last year's corresponding overnight figures of 7.55m. A further 528k tuned in an hour later on ITV+1.

The X Factor episode 2 review: Simon struggles and we're not okay

Although it was also down on Saturday's audience of 7.11m, it was still the best-performing programme of Sunday primetime.

Elsewhere on the channel, 1.88m (10.9%) watched Animal Mums from 7pm, with 3.81m (18.9%) taking in The Trials of Jimmy Rose from 9pm (+1: 326k).

Over on BBC One, 4.23m (24.1%) tuned in for Big Blue Live at 7pm - but a special episode of Casualty was the channel's best performing primetime show at 8pm with 4.92m (22.8%).

David Walliams
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Partners in Crime episode six recap – a spectacular end-of-the-pier show

The Beresfords bow out with a big finish, featuring ticking time bombs, hand-to-hand combat and a Hollywood snog to round things off. But will Tommy and Tuppence return for a second series – and will you be tuning in if they do?

Spoiler Alert: This blog is for those watching series one of Partners in Crime. Don’t read on if you haven’t seen episode six.

For the episode five recap, click here.

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UK TV ratings: Big Blue Live kicks off with 5m on BBC One on Sunday

UK TV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

Big Blue Live was a ratings winner for BBC One on Sunday (August 23), according to overnight data.

The new live series kicked off with 4.96m (27.1%) at 7pm, while the latest episode of Partners in Crime brought in 3.68m (18.2%) at 9pm.

Over on BBC Two, Dragons' Den continued with 2.89m (13.9%) at 8pm, while Odyssey averaged 1.09m (5.4%) at 9pm.

ITV's Animal Mums appealed to 2.01m (11.0%) at 7pm (199k/1.0% on +1), before Midsomer Murders gathered 2.19m (10.7%) between 8pm and 10pm (229k/1.3%).

On Channel 4, Time Crashers interested 1.17m (5.7%) at 8pm (145k/0.7%) at 8pm, while the network premiere of Les Misérables entertained 1.32m (8.9%) at 9pm (106k/1.1%).

Channel 5's Police Interceptors: Unleashed thrilled 642k (3.1%) at 8pm (73k/0.4%), and Snitch was seen by 1.12m (6.4%) at 9pm (67k/0.6%).
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Partners in Crime: episode five recap – lashings of ginger beer and a genre sandwich

It’s a cross between the Famous Five, Scooby Doo and Miss Marple this week, as Tommy and Tuppence’s adventures take them down into a smugglers’ cave

Spoiler Alert: This blog is for those watching series one of Partners in Crime. Don’t read on if you haven’t seen episode five.

For the episode four recap, click here.

Related: Partners in Crime episode four recap – a brolly good adventure

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UK TV ratings: Countryfile tops ratings, while Cilla at the BBC brings in 956k

UK TV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

Countryfile continued to rule the ratings on Sunday (August 16), according to overnight figures.

The BBC One series pulled in 5.66m for its latest episode and scored a 32.7% audience share between 7pm and 8pm.

Later, Fake or Fortune? appealed to 4.17m (21.2%) at 8pm, while the start of a new three-part adventure on Partners in Crime entertained 4.23m (21.1%) at 9pm.

On BBC Two, Burma, My Father and the Forgotten Army interested 650k (3.8%) at 7pm, before Dragons' Den kept 2.74m (14.0%) on the edge of their seats at 8pm, and Odyssey continued with 1.12m (5.6%) at 9pm.

ITV's Nature Nuts with Julian Clary continued to rise with 1.40m (8.1%) at 7pm (189k/1.0% on +1), while Midsomer Murders averaged 1.93m (9.7%) at 8pm (184k/1.0%).

Channel 4's Secret History gathered 500k (2.9%) at 7pm (143k/0.7%), while Experimental was seen by 410k (2.1%) at 8pm (47k/0.2%). Zero Dark Thirty followed with 750k (5.1%) at
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UK TV ratings: David Walliams' Partners in Crime wraps up its first adventure with 4.5m

UK TV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

Partners in Crime wrapped up its first three-part adventure with 4.49m (22.9%) on BBC One, according to overnight figures for Sunday (August 9).

The figure was down around half a million on the number who tuned in to see episode two of the David Walliams series last week.

Elsewhere, Countryfile topped the night with 5.95m (34.3%) at 7pm, while Fake or Fortune? appealed to 4.55m (23.3%) at 8pm.

On BBC Two, Dragons' Den continued with 3.11m (15.9%) at 8pm, while Odyssey attracted 1.21m (6.1%) at 9pm.

ITV's Nature Nuts with Julian Clary added 200,000 viewers with 1.39m (8.1%) at 7pm (158k/0.8% on +1), before Midsomer Murders intrigued 2.14m (11.0%) between 8pm and 10pm (220k/1.3%).

Over on Channel 4, The Dambusters' Great Escape gathered 640k (3.7%) at 7pm (160k/0.8%), while Experimental interested 490k (2.5%) at 8pm (91k/0.5%). Life of Pi followed with 1.71m (10.5%) at 9pm (241k/2.2%).

Channel 5's Police Interceptors: Unleashed entertained 816k (4.2%) at
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UK TV ratings: Humans rises to 2.2m for its finale on Channel 4

UK TV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

Humans added viewers for its season one finale on Sunday (August 2), according to overnight figures.

The Channel 4 sci-fi drama entertained 2.24m (10.8%) at 9pm, while a further 338,000 (2.2%) tuned in on +1. This week's figure is up 340,000 on last week's episode.

BBC One's Countryfile was the night's most-watched programme, with 5.64m (33.3%) at 7pm, before Fake or Fortune? appealed to 4.54m (23.1%) at 8pm, and Partners in Crime continued with 5.02m (24.2%) at 9pm.

On BBC Two, Dragon's Den averaged 3.0m (15.3%) at 8pm, while Odyssey interested 1.06m (5.1%) at 9pm.

ITV's Nature Nuts with Julian Clary began with 1.19m (7.0%) at 7pm (104k/0.5% on +1), and Midsomer Murders was watched by 2.06m (10.2%) at 8pm (162k/0.9%).

Meanwhile, Channel 5's Tut thrilled 734k (4.6%) at 9pm (88k/0.9%).
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The week in TV: Life in Squares, Partners in Crime; Parks and Recreation; Taskmaster; Atlantic

Death in Venice meets Game of Thrones in BBC2’s fine new drama about Virginia Woolf and friends

Life in Squares (BBC2) | iPlayer

Partners in Crime (BBC1) | iPlayer

We’re growing used, I hope, to much galumphing Monday-night sex in filthy alleys and pale-skinned bedsits

Related: TV drama set to spark a tourist rush on the trail of the Bloomsbury Group

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Melbourne 2015: Next Gen Program Offers Thoughtful, Hopeful And Diverse Learning Experiences

Details have emerged regarding the full slate of films from the Melbourne International Film Festival's progressive Next Gen program. This film selection is aimed at varying youth groups and encourages teacher participation and curriculum. Each film has specific learning objectives about sexual politics, discrimination, empowerment and a whole raft of vital messages. Here are the eight films with school bookings in mind, including one of my favorites from last year, the Taiwanese murder mystery Partners In Crime.Being 14 (France); An uncensored look at the lives of three 14-year-old girls navigating friendships, sex, partying, bullying and shaming. Actress turned writer/director Hélène Zimmer takes a no-holds-barred look at the reality of middle-class, suburban adolescence.Gayby Baby (Australia); Four 10- to 12-year olds each cope with growing up as they...

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Doctor Who: 60 things we learned from The Writer's Tale

  • Den of Geek
To end a week celebrating New Who's 10th birthday, here's a bumper list of Doctor Who titbits from Russell T Davies' The Writer's Tale...

We’ve touched on why The Writer’s Tale, the 2008 (expanded in 2010) compendium of correspondence between Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies and journalist Benjamin Cook, deserves a space on your bookshelf here.

In short, The Writer’s Tale is both a screenwriting masterclass and an unparalleled look behind the scenes of new Doctor Who. As well as following the production triumphs and emergencies as the show lurches “from one crisis to another”, it lets you witness story ideas being created in the wild. See pivotal Doctor Who moments tottering unsurely out of Davies’ mind like new-born giraffes and watch them transform into sleek, galloping beasts of majesty! Think of it like a classy David Attenborough doc on storytelling, with bonus David Tennant photos and chat about Tony from Skins.
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Sherlock v Doctor Who As The Nta 2015 Shortlist Is Revealed

  • Kasterborous
Christian Cawley is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews - All the latest Doctor Who news and reviews with our weekly podKast, features and interviews, and a long-running forum.

The shortlist for the 2015 National Television Awards have has been announced, with Doctor Who and Sherlock once again nominated in the Drama category. Meanwhile, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is nominated in the Drama Performance category, with the only Doctor Who presence in the shape of Sarah Lancashire (Ms Foster in 2008’s Partners in Crime)...

The post Sherlock v Doctor Who As The Nta 2015 Shortlist Is Revealed appeared first on Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews.
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11 Doctor Who Rumours That Turned Out To Be Complete Twaddle


Ah, the British press. They’ve pretty much lost every ounce of credibility they had (if that was ever any) by this point but they’re still managing to spurt out their usual foray of nonsensical stories and ridiculous reports.

As one of the most hotly discussed programmes on TV, Doctor Who is often at the forefront of their outlandish claims and over the years there has been a never ending supply of “Earth-shattering” exclusives relating to the Doctor’s adventures that have well and truly sent the rumour mill into overdrive.

Doctor Who has even taken the time to respond to the endless outpouring of twaddle. Russell T Davies took the chance to make a dig at the tabloids in Partners in Crime when the Tenth Doctor told an enquiring journalist to “just make it up” – and it would seem that the real life ones have taken the invitation far too seriously.
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Partners In Crime: Watch The Trailer For Dark Teen Thriller

Taiwanese helmer Chang Jung-Chi puts a distinct spin on the teen thriller with the upcoming Partners In Crime, a coming of age tale about high school friends bonded by the shared experience of a horrible crime.On the way to school, Huang witnesses the death of Hsia, along with Lin and Yeh. This shocking image starts to tie their fates together. Huang, Yeh, and Lin then form a secret group: "Partners in Crime" to investigate the truth of Hsia's death. In the end, the truth is revealed by Hsia's secret diary, but, ironically, that truth also makes them realize that high school never ends, and people all have some dirty laundry...The trailer for this one - English subtitles included - is freshly on the scene and...

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Sales agents slam Tokyo market-festival split

  • ScreenDaily
Sales agents slam Tokyo market-festival split
Tiffcom delegates complain that uncoupling the Tokyo International Film Festival and its market is having a detrimental impact.

In previous years, Japanese-subtitled festival screenings to local press, industry and general audiences had been an attractive boost for sales agents, who complained on and off the record this year that the split between the market (Oct 21-23) and festival dates (Oct 23-31) were a let-down.

“We have Partners In Crime in the Tiff World Focus section, but the first P&I screening is on October 24, after the market closes - and then some industry people will already be getting back,” said Eric Chou, sales exec at Double Edge Entertainment from Taiwan.

“It was better when the market and festival blended all together.”

Market attendees were trading rumors of a rift between the festival and organizer UniJapan, but Tiffcom head Mika Morishita said: “The reason is just because of the venue booking.

“The dates are
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The 2014 East Winds Film Festival Unveils its Lineup

East Winds Film Festival Line Up Set To Scare, Excite, Amuse East Winds, the UK’s only major showcase of East Asian cinema outside of London and the first of its kind in the Midlands, returns to Coventry between 31st October and 2nd November with a stunning selection of popular film from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan, reinforcing its status as one of the most prestigious events in the region. Opening the festival on Friday is the European Premiere of the dark, brooding and sinister Taiwanese tale “Partners in Crime” from acclaimed director Chang Jung-chi who takes the teenage angst into an entirely more mature and disturbing area. On the night, Japanese black comedy “Greatful Dead” from Third Window Films will follow a young woman with a dysfunctional childhood as she transitions from a peeping tom spying on people who have gone crazy from loneliness into a full-fledged stalker of old men.
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