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A movie that had the balls to be made in this area

Author: topthugla from United States
16 November 2005

I have read some of these comments on this website ad please do not be fooled by some of the reviews. was at The Chicago screening and it was amazing everyone loved it. The person was a small minority if at all he or she was even there. Be warned there are lot of people that do not want you to see this movie. Because it questions everything the government does not want you to question!!!! What you are reading ( the negative reviews) are people trying to stop this movie from being seen. Please make up your own mind if you have enough sense. It is beyond John Waters, beyond anything you can believe and the cast is just the icing on the top. And for all you right wingers on this site trying to do damage on this site please go somewhere else...See this movie it is heartfelt, sleazy, funny and a laugh riot!!!

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Stops being shocking or funny after about ten minutes - and there's an hour to go

Author: adam1117 from Chicago
29 January 2006

I saw a midnight screening of this movie in Chicago last night, and had to fight very hard to stay awake. The idea of a remarkably vulgar stop motion musical about Charles Manson isn't such a bad one in and of itself, and there's about a ten minute stretch after the opening sequence that's really quite funny. However, once the novelty of seeing explicit puppet sex wears off, it's not shocking, it's not offensive, it's not subversive, and and it's not funny - it's just boring, and there's a good hour left to go. Once you've established that the real agenda is to shock and offend by any means necessary, it's hard to find anything really offensive. One or two of the songs is kinda catchy, in that "here's a show tune written by the drama teacher from the local high school," Guffman-esquire sort of way, but most are instantly forgettable. About the only thing to break the monotony of puppets trying their hardest to be shocking and offensive is when they take breaks to let Charlie do some ranting - and then it's even more boring. The movie even jokes about how dull Manson's rants would get, but makes you sit through them anyway. The live action sequences from the 31st century at the beginning and end seem pointless - could the guy in them even read in the first place? Would he sit through all of Helter Skelter if he could? I'm not sure which kind of people are going to get a thrill out of this - some might see Manson's scenes and feel really rebellious, like they're questioning authority and "seeing something they don't WANT me to see." Who's the "they," exactly, that would find this so threatening? While there's a segment of the population that will always be ready to object to people seeing violent and/or naked puppets, you can disturb those people just as much by watching CNN - and that would be a much better way to spend your time than watching puppets try to offend you.

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Brilliant Pop Culture Satire

Author: gnrationfo from United States
28 June 2005

I'm one of the lucky few who has seen this film. Although it may frighten the meek, this film is full of pop culture and social satire that borders on genius. From the opening musical homage to Paul Schrader's "Patty Hearst" to all the familiar faces of those Bass/Rankin claymation holiday specials that made you feel drug induced as a child. But the most memorable thing is the portrayal of The Brady Bunch from Hell..The Manson Family. The voice talents of many well known musicians give there all to bring this Macabre musical to life. John Roecker has done his research well and slips in many symbolic messages in the film that will make people take a second look at the world around them, while flashy and fun..evil can just be around the corner. This film is destined to be looked at for a long time just like John Water's Pink Flamingo has. This is a film that has a lot to say...once you're over the shock of nearly havin a heart attack watching're gonna wanna talk about it !

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A Fun and Morbid Idea, Great Cast, Horrible Execution

Author: gavin6942 from United States
19 December 2006

In the distant future, life as we know it has been completely wiped out. Man is hungry for answers... and one day when a book -- "Helter Skelter" -- is found, some answers are given. Just maybe not the right answers.

I am unclear how the people in the future connect to the primary story, a claymation retelling of the Charles Manson story. The suggestion is that reading the book would make them think Manson was a god, but the book would actually do quite the opposite. So I'm confused.

And also, we have some of the biggest names in modern "punk" music: Billie Joe Armstrong, Tim Armstrong (no relation), Davey Havok. We have Kelly Osbourne and Sean Yseult. We have the erection-inducing Asia Argento. For those of us who like these people, this film would seem to be one of the greatest things to happen. It's not.

The story is told in a bland manner, the claymation is poorly done. The songs are lame and carry on for too long. You would expect the music to be the selling point, but it's not. And for some reason all the names have been changed to things with the letter H: "Charles Hanson", "Susan Hatkins", "Hex Watson"... it's pointless and stupid.

The best scene involves a group of The Family in a dumpster exchanging quips with Sharon Tate and her gay hairdresser. Another memorable scene is the claymation sex scene, which starts out shocking and funny but gets drawn out. People who liked "Team America" might like this, but I didn't think it was that outstanding.

How to make this film better: get better music, cut out the future story and just tell the Manson epic in a unique way (which is already done thanks to clay). Films shouldn't make you say to yourself, "I can do this so much better", but that's how I felt about this junk.

My interest in Charles Manson was dealt a blow from this mediocre adaptation. If you're like me, you'll know it's awful but watch it anyway. But I hope you're not like me.

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See it if you want

Author: outofplaceimage from United States
28 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you want to see this movie you should go ahead and see it. After seeing it I wouldn't suggest wasting your time with it. Someone posted a review saying that bad reviews are from people that don't want you to see it. All I can say is that I'm just offering my opinion on the movie.

Yes it does have some elements of questioning authority, but is carried out very weakly. That's not the reason why I didn't like it personally. I found it rather boring. At times I thought about leaving, because it was so boring.

People saying it goes beyond John Waters are right, but being someone that likes John Waters I was greatly disappointed. Almost all the jokes seem to be variations of the same jokes told repeatedly one after the other. I laughed a few times, but that didn't make up for the rest of the film.

Another repetitive element is the songs. They begin funny but just end up being just as repetitive as the jokes. The chorus of the song is repeated more times than I could stand personally.

It's not too offensive. At least to me it wasn't. Cartoons on adult swim are probably more offensive than this movie is. Many gay jokes that are told might be offensive if you are gay. Other than that if you're wanting to see this film you've probably heard all the jokes already.

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One of the Worst Films I Have Ever Seen

Author: carljessieson from United States
20 September 2010

This was a horrible film. Thank goodness it was short or I would feel long-lasting regret over spending significant time on it. It's about Charles Manson and his "family," and how they come to murder the pregnant actress and her friends.

The only reason that I laughed during it is actually a bad reason to laugh at a film, so it doesn't really deserve points. There were plenty of times when the director tried to get me to laugh, but every time I sat silently. I only laughed because it's a poorly done stop motion. Some of the scenes were absolutely ridiculous! I can't believe they even put them in the final project. They are so funny because they are so awful! Haha. I laughed at the movie, not its jokes, because honestly, the jokes were twisted. There are a few different types of twisted humor: there's twisted humor that's funny, and there's twisted humor that goes too far and is just disturbing. This movie has the latter. It has so much of it that I was getting tired by the end of the film. It was never funny, and as the movie kept going it became less disturbing, so it was just there, taking up time. I was bored, and frankly, annoyed that these characters were still on my screen. It is a short movie, but it felt long because it's just so damn not funny. It tries too hard, and it fails.

I am going to give the movie a 10% because it actually had one good thing about it. When the scenes weren't absurdly sloppy, they were actually visually fascinating. The director used good colors, unique angles, and really kinda just trips the viewer out. During a couple of the scenes, I couldn't look away because the director's techniques were so interesting. I appreciate his work for those scenes, but the rest of the movie is so bad that I almost forgot his good points.

It's dialogue is original, yes, but it's not funny. It tries too hard and just ends up disgusting and pathetic. If I had any affiliation to this film, I would change my name and pretend like I had no idea what it was. It's really that awful. It's a portrait of the horror of the human mind, that's for sure. It has one good point that is overshadowed by its many failures. I would never buy this movie. I would never even watch it again. Waste of time.

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Trying too hard

Author: amateur16 from United States
19 August 2005

It's easy to see why some of the animators flaked out on director John Roecker. Once you see what a pile of crap you're devoting your time to, how can your work seem worth it? Don't be surprised when you see this DVD on the discount racks at Hot Topic. Once you see the cast list, it is apparent that this film was tailor made for the mall-punks who clamor to buy clothing with pre-inserted safety pins that don't open. But indeed the vocal performances are the only reason to sit through this annoying little movie. The cast list is impressive--impressive enough to lure in the curious before they demand their money back.

The program notes for the Chicago Underground Film Festival inform the audience that every line in the film is calculated to offend. It actually should have read "mis-calculated to offend." Every joke misses the mark and most end up being really lame. I almost felt embarrassed for everyone involved. It's really hard to be offended by something that's obviously trying WAY too hard to offend. I get the feeling that Roecker was the kid in your classroom who uncontrollably blurted out random bits of unfunny, snickering to himself while everyone else wish he'd just shut up.

There's no doubt that people will be lining up to see this. I'd also wager that most who do will walk away disappointed. Does this film push boundaries? Yes. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't suck.

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Edit out 75% and release as a short...might be great then

Author: Hobgoblin5271 from United States
11 July 2007

I had high hopes for this one. A stop action animated film about the Manson murders? Hell yes. Unfortunately after 10 minutes you realize that the creative forces behind this film bit off far too much for them to chew. I have a basic sense of what Mr. Roecker was striving for, and it's a shame that the richness of the ideas didn't have a chance to be properly realized here. The concept that history isn't always what happened, but how people perceive what happened is an important and mind-blowing concept to lot's of folks – however, I doubt many will walk away from "Live Freaky…" with much more than a headache and a strong sense of wasting 75 minutes. The "outrageous shockiness" of seeing puppets do things that puppets normally don't do on screen wears off after the scene in which Charlie is introduced, the songs sound like they were written during the car ride to the recording session, and the voice acting is atrocious. I can't totally blame the actors, though. The script could have used some serious editing.

Very disappointing, considering the caliber of the folks involved with this project.

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what happened here?

Author: DarkDraven3 from United States
6 May 2007

When someone comes up to you and tells you there is a claymation musical about the Manson murders you have a certain expectation built up by the time you actually track the movie down. for me that expectation was that i would be watching an irreverent dark comedy farce containing humorously gory puppet death and at the least some palpable music. sadly the only part of that sentence that holds true is the farce. the movie plays like a bad art school project from a far to pompous student body. the music was bland at best and gratingly annoying at worst. the portrayal of the characters mad absolutely no sense. the Sharon Tate character was possibly the most annoying performance ever captured on any media ever and as if that wern't bad enough, they have the gal to allow her to continue talking even after decapitation. let me say that again to get the point across. you will find yourself waiting and eventually begging for this character to be killed to silence her poorly written and voiced rants. it finally happens. she is killed along with her equally annoying friends and as your are about to slip into a joyous tirade at the prospect of never hearing that voice again... the severed heads start talking, and continue talking far longer than necessary. when the creators of the film express their confusion and distaste for what they have made on the commentary of their own film, you know you have witnessed something beyond the bouds of bad cinema. in spite of all that i have said i fully encourage you, the reader, to see this movie. by no means should you purchase it! simply view it in a quiet room. it is a life experience that no one should miss. afterwards jump in the shower, cleanse your body of its taint and go to bed knowing that you have looked into the void and you never have to do it again.

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Doesn't Live, Just Dies!

Author: Rebel_With_A_Cause_94 from United States
1 June 2014

There's a lot to be said about Live Freaky! Die Freaky!. First off it's hands down one of the most bizarre films I've ever viewed in my life combining stop-motion, sci-fi, music, dark humor, and the Manson murders all into one strange little film. The concept itself is undeniably creative and original and unlike anything I've seen before. Unfortunately, the opportunity to do anything even halfway passable with this film is completely wasted in a mess of trying too hard to push the envelope just for shock-value and forgetting to add any substance to the absurdity.

The cast consist of almost entirely of musicians including the members of Green Day, Rancid, Blink-182, and more. Billie Joe Armstrong who voices the Charles Manson type character actually does an alright job, but the rest of the cast comes off completely flat and just dull in their voice acting.

The acting is the least of this films problems though. As previously mentioned, the entire films seems to be trying to only accomplish offending and shocking the viewer by whatever means necessary. If this film was to be submitted by the MPAA, it would no doubt receive an NC-17 . This is is not a film for the faint of heart as it contains incredibly explicit puppet sex scenes including full frontal nudity, graphic animated violence, drug use, and near constant profanity. This may all sound shocking, but after the first puppet sex scene which is roughly around 10 minutes into the film, it immediately grows tiresome and repetitive and results in a surprisingly boring film despite the chaos that is presented.

The film is ultimately a dark-comedy/musical with social commentary on the media and how the Manson murders were handled by them, but it fails in all of these areas thanks to the abysmal writing. It's hard to believe that the script was written by anyone but a 13 year-old boy with the most embarrassingly juvenile sense of humor who just discovered the most vulgar words in the English dictionary. There are a few chuckles to be found here, particularly some sight gags in relation to the medias handling of the Manson murders, but the majority of the humor relies on tiresome jokes which involve the constant use of expletives and the most lowbrow sexual jokes imaginable. These jokes are made even worse that they are dragged out for close to 5 minutes on several occasions. I was hoping that the music would be the saving grace here considering the talent involved, but the songs are almost as awful. The lyrics are complete garbage and the songs are anything but catchy. The film seems to be making an obvious attempt to satirize and make a statement about the way the media portrays celebrities, but it's doesn't appear to be saying anything beyond "Oh, the media glamorizes celebrities and Manson wasn't given a fair trial". The portraying of celebrities is nothing to be shocked by and Manson is a wacko that deserves to be locked up.

There's not doubt there is an audience for this out there who will enjoy it simply for it's shock-value and absurdity, but most will probably see for what it truly is. A wasted opportunity for something that could have been unique and original.

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