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‘The Graduate’ at 50: Sex, Alienation and Comedy Made Mike Nichols Film a Classic

‘The Graduate’ at 50: Sex, Alienation and Comedy Made Mike Nichols Film a Classic
June is graduation month, which means a long parade of commencement ceremonies and family parties celebrating the new graduate. And at many of those parties, someone will make a joke about Mrs. Robinson or the word “plastics,” because the 50-year-old film “The Graduate” has become part of modern folklore, even for people who haven’t seen it. That’s an impressive achievement for a movie that nobody wanted to make.

The Graduate” opened nationwide on Dec. 22, 1967, and by the third week, Variety described its box office as sockeroo. Even 42 weeks after its debut, the film was in theaters, still doing “socko” business, as Variety reported on Oct. 9, 1968. It went on to earn $104 million, which roughly translates to $740 million today.

While many films date quickly, this one still works, thanks in part to the stylish direction of Mike Nichols and the script by Buck Henry and Calder Willingham, adapting Charles Webb’s novel.
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Newswire: Godzilla to stomp Tokyo for 96 hours straight on El Rey’s “Kaiju Christmas” marathon

  • The AV Club
The El Rey Network, the closest thing millennials have to a low power Uhf station, will be running its third annual “Kaiju Christmas” marathon, featuring over 96 hours of the one, the only, Godzilla. The whole thing kicks off Friday, December 23 with the original classic Gorjira (without Raymond Burr), and will wrap up on December 26 with Gigantis, The Fire Monster—er, Godzilla Raids Again.

The marathon features films from multiple eras of the King Of Monsters, including the darkest film from the Showa series, Terror Of Mechagodzilla, 1989’s Godzilla Vs. Biolante, the second film in the Hesai series, and Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S from Toho, which fits in the continuity of the 1954 original. Thankfully, the only appearance of the Tri-Star ’Zilla is when he gets his reptilian ass handed to him by the original Godzilla in 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars, the last film in ...
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Asian Films Looking to Cast More Hollywood Names

Asian Films Looking to Cast More Hollywood Names
As China is eager to export its soft power to the world, more Hollywood faces have been cast in Chinese blockbusters in the hope of scoring global releases and winning the hearts of international audiences.

Despite China’s box office slowing down by 21% in the first half of 2016, the country’s film market saw a staggering rise over the past five years on its way to challenge the North America’s position as the world’s No. 1 movie market.

Chinese money is also set to reshape Hollywood through various acquisitions, such as Dalian Wanda Group’s 2012 buy of the AMC theater chain and purchase of Legendary Entertainment in January.

But there is only so much that money can buy. Chinese productions earned little recognition abroad in recent years. The only Chinese-language film that has ever won a foreign-language Oscar was 2000’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” but the Ang Lee film
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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Xxiii Review

Brad Cook reviews Mystery Science Theater 3000 Xxiii…

When I wrote for Film Threat, I reviewed every Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD set released by Shout! Factory, so I was happy to bring my reviews to Flickering Myth and continue the streak. I’ve been a fan of the show since I discovered it in college, back around 1990 or 1991, when finding a blank videotape and programming a Vcr was a real pain in the ass. In those days, if you really liked a show, you made sure you were in front of the TV at the appointed day and time.

I never joined MST3K’s “keep circulating the tapes” movement, which exhorted fans to record episodes and pass the videotapes around. That concept, along with fanzines and play-by-mail chess, seems so quaint today, although the last several years of the show’s run coincided with the rise of the Internet,
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TV Review: ‘The Dovekeepers’

TV Review: ‘The Dovekeepers’
Designed to play as a moving adaptation of Alice Hoffman’s bestseller, “The Dovekeepers” is more of a wounded duck. Similar in tone to Lifetime’s “The Red Tent” by entering into such a story from a female perspective, the entire first half of this two-part miniseries essentially feels like an extended preamble to night two, which closes on a sobering note but proves dramatically flaccid until then. Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have made a splashy migration into scripted epics with “The Bible” and NBC’s sequel “A.D.,” but anyone who can endure this with their wits is a true survivor.

Granted, it’s been a generation since the 1981 miniseries “Masada,” but assuming it’s available somewhere, going back and watching that splendid pairing of Peter O’Toole and Peter Strauss is an infinitely preferable prospect.

As is, “Dovekeepers” should be most notable to fans of “NCIS
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The Original 1954 Godzilla Destroys The Tivoli Midnights This Weekend

“I can’t believe that Godzilla was the only surviving member of its species… But if we continue conducting nuclear tests, it’s possible that another Godzilla might appear somewhere in the world again!”

The original Japanese Godzilla from 1954 is a historical classic. While it may seem a little hokey when considering contemporary special effects capabilities, the film nonetheless seems to rectify the dated destruction scenes with realistic, dramatic, and depressing aftermath scenes where orphaned children are crying, families are destroyed, and lives are lost as a result of the ‘Big G’s’ destructive wake. When analyzing the monster’s destructive capabilities it’s important to remember that Godzilla was produced at a time when the after-effects of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were still remnant in the Japanese psyche and Western society at large with the looming Cold War and the possibility of a nuclear holocaust. Godzilla
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What’s New on Netflix Streaming: May 2014

  • Vulture
What’s New on Netflix Streaming: May 2014
At the beginning of (and throughout) every month, Netflix Streaming adds new movies and TV shows to its library. Here is a quick list of several that you might be interested in. Some of these were added halfway through or near the end of April, but we're going to include them in this roundup anyway, since you may have missed them. Some may also have previously been on Netflix, only to have been removed and then added back. Feel free to note anything we've left out in the comments below.Godzilla vs. MothraJust in time for Hollywood's latest stab at the King of Monsters, many of Toho Company's “Shōwa”-era Godzilla movies, from the defining 1954–75 run, are now available for your binge-watching preparation. Those looking for the reptilian behemoth in his purest, most metaphorical form should turn to Godzilla: King of Monsters, the Americanized version (now with more Raymond Burr!
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DVD, Blu-ray Release: Love Happy

  • Disc Dish
Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: May 6, 2014

Price: DVD $24.95, Blu-ray $29.95

Studio: Olive Films

The 1949 music-filled comedy Love Happy was the final film starring the legendary Marx Brothers (Duck Soup, Animal Crackers).

In the film, Harpo Marx is a true patron of the arts, taking from the rich to help feed a group of poor actors struggling to open a new musical without financial backers. He unknowingly makes off with the missing Romanoff diamonds when he shoplifts a tin of sardines from a classy Manhattan market. The diamonds have been smuggled into the country by a sinful yet sizzlingly beautiful jewel thief, Madame Egelichi (Ilona Massey). The Madame traces the tin back to the theater and becomes the show’s financial backer. Hoping to recover the missing diamonds, she and her henchmen nearly bring the whole house down in a madcap race to retrieve the jewels on opening night.

In addition to Harpo,
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Trailer: "Godzilla" 60th Anniversary

  • Dark Horizons
Six decades, countless sequels, two remakes and god knows how many imitators, Toho's movie monster "Godzilla" has cemented itself in legend.

Now, to celebrate the film's 60th anniversary, Rialto Pictures is re-releasing the original film under the moniker "Godzilla: The Japanese Original".

The 1956 western release version of the movie, "Godzilla, King of the Monsters," was dubbed and heavily re-edited with American actor Raymond Burr inserted into the action.

Ultimately, only an hour was used of the original Japanese film's 98 minute running time. Boasting a new restoration, this re-release will be of the uncut original Japanese film which boasted both darker themes and dark comedy.

The monster classic will debut April 12th at the fifth TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, followed by a national release starting at New York's Film Forum from April 18th-24th.
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Godzilla: Gareth Edwards, Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Discuss the New Movie at Comic-Con 2013

  • DailyDead
Gareth Edwards’ debut film Monsters was a labor of love – a quiet little character study that happened to be set against the backdrop of an alien invasion. But four years and hundreds of millions of dollars later, that personal filmmaker is tackling the King of All MonstersGodzilla, who’s set for a big-screen reboot featuring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. Retaining that intimacy and that personality is, of course, the film’s biggest challenge, but evidenced by the footage Warner Brothers premiered in Hall H at Comic-Con, Edwards has made great efforts to do just that.

Following the film’s panel, Edwards, Cranston, Taylor-Johnson and Olsen sat down with press at the nearby Bayfront Hotel for a longer and more in-depth discussion about the process of reviving Godzilla. In addition to talking about the character’s origins, and the challenge of preserving them while updating him for modern audiences,
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Godzilla Reboot Adds Sally Hawkins In A Scientist Role

Part of me feels bad for human actors who are cast in the latest Godzilla movies. Unless your name happens to be Raymond Burr, chances are you won.t be able to emerge from the long shadow cast by the massive reptilian lead character, because you know audience members are grabbing a ticket to see Godzilla, and not them. Happy-Go-Lucky star Sally Hawkins will be the next actress to try and steal screen time away from the radioactive creature in Legendary and Warner Bros.. new Godzilla reboot, Deadline reports. Directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters), the new Godzilla began filming a few weeks back, and already stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass), Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, the brilliant Bryan Cranston and Juliette Binoche. That.s an amazing cast for what some might dismiss as a simple monster movie. Hawkins, meanwhile, joins the ensemble as a scientist, though details beyond that are scarce.
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'Red Dawn' Review: The Pros And Cons Of The Action Film

  • Moviefone
What once was old is new again! Even old stuff that you probably only sort of remember, which is why we are being bombarded with a reformatted “Red Dawn,” a vaguely apocalyptic action thriller full of hot young actors (among them, Asgard's protector Chris Hemsworth, Hunger Gamer Josh Hutcherson and Nickelodeon superstar Josh Peck) who were probably too young to remember the original. Well, no matter. The teens need something to watch now that the glittery vampire luster of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” has faded. Now, the real question is: will you, hard-working moviegoer, want to pluck down for the new “Red Dawn” or is it something you'd rather just let fade into the sunset? Read on to find out! Con: It's a Completely Unnecessary Remake The original “Red Dawn,” released in 1984, is little more than a Reagan-era curio, one whose longevity has been assured, not because of some cult status or critical reevaluation,
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Beware… Godzilla Coming To Theaters May 16, 2014

Via Bloody Disgusting

In less than two years time, movie monster Godzilla will kick off the Summer moviegoing season on May 16, 2014. Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures made the announcement today about the classic franchise. As par for a big tent pole film like this, expect to don those glasses. Godzilla stomps to the silver screen in nothing less than 3D.

Have a look at the iconic big guy in action below. In the new film, the partnering studios will return the character to its epic roots with a gritty, realistic actioner.

Godzilla is under the direction of Gareth Edwards, who earned worldwide acclaim for his feature directorial debut, .Monsters.. Edwards directs from a screenplay by David Callaham (.The Expendables. films), David S. Goyer (the .Dark Knight. trilogy) and Max Borenstein (upcoming .The Seventh Son.).

Toho Co., Ltd..s Godzilla franchise contains one of the most widely recognized movie monsters worldwide,
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Exclusive: MoreHorror Interview with Master of Horror John Carpenter

  • MoreHorror
John Carpenter Interviewed by Michael Juvinall, MoreHorror.com

When you talk about film directors in the horror genre, very few names can be mentioned as being “masters” of their craft, it’s a short list which includes the likes of, Romero, Argento, Craven, Bava, Hitchcock, Fisher, Cronenberg, Whale, and my favorite John Carpenter. Carpenter single-handedly reinvented the slasher genre with his seminally groundbreaking film, ‘Halloween’. At one point, ‘Halloween’ was the most successful independent film of all-time.

Halloween’ influenced every slasher film that came after it. Without “Michael Myers” we wouldn’t have ‘Friday the 13th’, or any of the other masked killers that came afterwards. Not only was ‘Halloween’ a highly influential film, it was truly frightening, even to this day it scares audiences worldwide. John Carpenter’s career has spanned over 40 years in Hollywood and has directed 30 films.

He has directed such cult classics as ‘The Fog’, ‘Assault on Precinct 13
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DVD Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season One – Volume One

When I was a child, I loved the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; I can fully say this statement without hyperbole. And I wasn’t the only one; Power Rangers saturation overloaded the pop culture lexicon. Kids everywhere dressed up for Halloween as their favorite Ranger. Celebrities as famous as Mike Myers, Gene Simmons and Jean Claude – Van Damme visited the set. It was mania, pure unfiltered mania. But, like many of my youthful cohorts, I grew up and moved on. But I never forgot the invigorating feeling I got from watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and when I cracked open Shout Factory’s new DVD of the first half of season one of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I instantly got transported back to 1993 when the series premiered.

If you don’t know or aren’t aware of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, allow me to describe the show for you (and
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Sdcc '12 Report: Godzilla on the Remake Front (Again)!

Can Legendary Pictures remake Godzilla in a way that Toho Pictures originally intended many decades back? Their resume is good, but it has been a mixed bag of hits and misses. During San Diego Comic-Con '12, they have released a telling teaser poster and a trailer. Both of which may pay tribute to what the Japanese vision is. In a poster that spells out the name of the beast in Japanese (ゴジラ) and placed behind the American spelling, maybe not. The kanji are painted in muted red. The poster design is also familiar. Just look at the DVD Steel Book release of Akira Special Edition by Pioneer. The layout is different but the steel font is very much the same. The Japanese text is placed in front of Akira, and with Gojira, it's pushed back, making for a nuance to tell viewers which interpretation takes precedence. Ever since 1954, the vision
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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: A Glimpse of the New Godzilla! See it Now!

While absolutely no one was sneaky enough to nab the whole trailer, one fan was able to snap a picture of the Godzilla reveal from the trailer shown at the San Diego Comic-Con. Read on for the trailer description along with a video of the panel.

Trailer Description

A city decimated. Completely destroyed. The camera pans by the wreckage of a train, A distant voice is heard giving a speech about the dangers of atomic weapons from J. Robert Oppenheimer. Dust everywhere. Cars crushed. Holes in skyscrapers.

We then see a giant centipede-like creature with many arms and legs smoldering. (You know what that means? Monster battles!) The city appears dead as a doornail. Then blackness. The Roar. As in The roar. Huge bass drop. Raymond Burr finishes his famous speech. Dust...then an arm... a hand... with claws. Pan up... holy shit... the fins. The head. Godzilla. As we know him.
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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Godzilla Appears! Full Trailer Description!

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived. The teaser trailer for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla has made its debut in Hall H, and we've got a full description of what was shown. Without further ado...

A city decimated. Completely destroyed. The camera pans by the wreckage of a train, A distant voice is heard reading from the Book of Revelations. The voice sounds very familair. Dust everywhere. Cars crushed. Holes in skyscrapers.

It becomes obvious that the voice belongs to Raymond Burr from the original. We then see a giant centipede-like creature with many arms and legs smoldering. (You know what that means? Monster battles!) The city appears dead as a doornail. Then blackness. The Roar. As in The roar. Huge bass drop. Raymond Burr finishes his famous speech. Dust...then an arm... a hand... with claws. Pan up... holy shit... the fins. The head. Godzilla. As we know him.
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Criterion brings the King of the Monsters to Blu-ray with epic Godzilla discs

  • JoBlo
Godzilla is coming! Today Criterion has announced their long-rumored Godzilla release and it's a doozy. The Blu-ray and DVD sets will include new high-definition digital restorations of both 1954's Gojira and the 1956 Raymond Burr Americanized version Godzilla, King Of The Monsters. If that weren't enough alone to order the discs Asap, there's also a wealth of special features for fans of Man-on-Suit-on-Japan action. - New high-definition digital restoration (with uncompressed...
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Robert Downey Jr. Will Fight For Justice as 'Perry Mason'

  • NextMovie
Robert Downey Jr. will soon be his own lawyer.

The "Due Date" star has slammed evil as a superhero in "Iron Man" and investigated dastardly deeds as a detective in "Sherlock Holmes." Now he'll fight crime in the courtroom as the new incarnation of the famous lawyer character, Perry Mason, according to Variety.

Warner Bros. and Team Downey are teaming to relaunch the "Perry Mason" franchise as a feature film, with Downey Jr. looking to play the title defense attorney role.

The new "Perry Mason," like the original novels by Erie Stanley Gardner, will take place in 1930s Los Angeles and will feature such fan favorites as Mason's secretary, Della Street, private investigator Paul Drake and Mason's longtime courtroom nemesis, Hamilton Burger.

Gardner's 82 "Perry Mason" novels and dozens of short stories have been published in 37 languages worldwide. At the height of his popularity, Gardner sold something like 26,000 "Mason" novels per day.
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