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The yellow back type of story has no place in the picture drama
deickemeyer28 September 2015
Too much bloodshed and too much suggestion of a rough, outlaw sort of life. Gambling and murders are all sensational, and perhaps in ordinary occasions may be tolerated, but this man's cruel deceit and desertion of his wife might better be suggested than shown, and the last scene, where the gambler falls dead before the bullets of the posse, would be improved by allowing the posse to lead him away to execution. Western justice at one time countenanced scenes of that character, but it does so no longer, and manufacturers should recognize this fact. The effect upon the legal status of the wife would be the same as it is now to have him fall dead. It is too much of a shock to have him go from the arms of his child to instant death at the hands of the avenging posse. These defects could be remedied as suggested and the film would be greatly improved in dramatic value. Bald presentation of repulsive scenes is crude and it should be the aim of the producer to suggest them. The yellow back type of story has no place in the picture drama. It may be answered that the idea is to show that a gambler's end is destruction, but the most impressive feature of a story like this is to see the criminal led away subject to the law. - The Moving Picture World, November 26, 1910
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