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Stupidly funny
Eelsnake13 May 2002
Yes, this was a good spoof on a Bond film, but it was actually quite funny, and it fulfilled its purpose as a spoof a bit better than did Alien Files--and probably because Bond is more universally known than Scully and Mulder. The actors' lines were fitting and silly, and the sex scenes were truly comical and provided a lot of exposure. Although Delphine Pacific gets naked right off, and although she's pretty hot, her character is a wise-cracking bimbo stand-up who tells one liners even while she's getting drilled. Robert Donovan was great in this--the movie is worth watching for his believable performance. He should actually audition to be the next Bond! For the older ladies: Early 80's Penthouse model and B-movie queen Michelle Bauer still looks great; and so does De'Ann Power who makes a fine canvas for her body paint. This is a truly stupidly funny movie and avoids being lame while still being campy and sexy. The only problem with all this is that I know that I've seen some of these scenes before; about 4 or 5 years ago on cable, which leads me to question why this film was released now.
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Very Funny.
Tonci Pivac10 March 2003
This is the funniest Soft porn film I have ever seen, I like the way they do that whole James Bond thing its so funny, Insted of Moneypenny its pennyworth, and insted of Q its p, insted of Oddjob its well, you can guess, not james Bond but ROD STEELE, haha you will be able to catch this movie one Sky-1 sametime, Its CRACKED.

7/10 for being so funny.
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A wild look and wanted look at Bond, James Bond
warrior-211 May 2002
Robert Donovan portrays a bond knockoff and boy did he do a great job. I think the whole cast was tops in their portrayals and I give them two thumbs up. The plot is taken right out of a bond movie except instead of a man taking over the world a woman of unparalled fire is bad. The sex is hot and the plot keeps up very nicely. I do not want to mention anything about the movie because it would kill it for the viewer. This is in the line of the click or clicker series of pictures and it outexcels "the ultimate attraction." But, I advise still seeing that movie and a older movie called "The Turn on" This is a combination movie for the single guy or group of guys and for the couple. Humor, thrills, and sexual situations are abound.
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Looking for some cheap laughs? Or some cheap women? One or the other, deal with the latter and this one's for you
scorpiotopgun31 August 2006
Okay, I rented this movie thinking it was just a low budget Bond ripoff. I had no idea what I was in for. For being some skinemax flick, this one was high-larious. It's like if they took out all of the pictures from Stuff or Maxim, and just wrote captions through the whole magazine. I'd still read it, and if they took all the ridiculous soft-core sex scenes from this, I'd still watch it. This movie is definitely not the type of movie I'd pick up...If I new any better I probably wouldn't have... Genuinely (silly)funny... (talking to the Q character "There's nothing better than a good 'P') if you want a hearty chuckle at some stupid silly jokes, this movie's for you. And if you want some soft-core porn, it's for you as well. Come for the theme song...and I guess the rest too. (No pun intended.)
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Babes of Steele
Dr. Gore15 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers

Rod Steele needs to save the world, B-movie style. Bad things are going on somewhere and Steele is on the case. The evil Tangerina is trying to kidnap powerful men so she can create clones from all of their powerful sperm. On a side note, Steele accidentally gets his hands on a remote control device that causes people to get horny. You hit click and its orgasm time. This device really comes in handy as a parade of hot babes always seems to be hanging around Steele.

"Rod Steele 0014" is a fine comedic sex flick. I enjoyed it immensely. I wasn't sure what kind of tone this movie was going to set when I rented it. Was it going to be more of a comedy or stick to being a skin flick? The good news is that "Rod Steele 0014" is able to pull off being both funny and sexy. Not only were the sex scenes good, but the movie kept me laughing. It's definitely worth a look.

One thing that is certainly impressive about "Rod Steele 0014" is the number of babes they've managed to stuff into this flick. James Bond would be impressed, if not embarrassed by the amount of hot women Steele hangs around with in one movie. Here's a short list: Kira Reed, Jacqueline Lovell, Michelle Bauer, Gabriella Hall, Delphine Pacific, De Ann Power and many more. Lovell shows up in a leather jumpsuit to take Steele out but luckily his orgasmic remote control saves the day. He also manages to send a horny wave through the telephone which gets Kira Reed excited. Bauer shows up as the madam of a brothel but does not get naked. He should have zapped her with his horny clicker.

But of all the babes, I really liked De Ann Power who plays the evil Tangerina. Every time we see her, she is emulating some famous female celebrity pose: Demi Moore's painted body, Janet Jackson's album cover, etc. At the end of the movie, Steele uses his clicker to send a room full of people over the edge and De Ann is right in the middle of it. This was a fine, fine orgy scene. Thanks goes to Rod Steele for saving the day with his clicker of power.

One last thing, you have to watch the unrated version of this one. You'll know that the unrated version is different because a lot of the sex scenes switch from video to even cheaper looking video. When you see the change, you'll know that good times lay ahead.
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James Bond meets Randy West!
Jack Skeets Gleeson3 July 2002
Words cannot convey how much fun this DVD is. Cheap, raunchy and most importantly, hysterical laughs never stop in this sexy send up of the James Bond genre. I can only hope casting agents take notice of the ethereal Robert Donovan(Rod Steele himself) and make him the star that he is. He's so wonderfully cartoonish I can't believe he's a real human being. This kind of comedy has been missing from the boring, repetitive Hollywood machine the last 10 years or so. Damn refreshing! Please go out of your way to find this, it WILL blow your mind.
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Funny and sexy and just perfect
withnail-41 January 2003
I watched this movie with male and female friends and we all found it outrageously funny and sexy. The women in the film expose their breasts and their comic acting abilities. It's a goofy send-up of Bond and the "orgasm machine" plot offers a lot of silly naked sexy goofy fun. Very refreshing to see something sexy that is not stupid, bad, or pretentious, just fun.
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The DVD extras are better.
loloset30 April 2002
The How This Movie Was Made section of the DVD titled 'The Feel of Steele' is better than the movie. The first episode from the Click series, this film was made in 1997. With Roger Corman as his inspiration, Siritzky has released a satire of the sophisticated spy movies. From the Mockumentary: 'The Feel of Steele' to the Auditions, nothing is to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, the main feature is seriously lacking in humour so you have to be content with looking at the naked actresses.
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