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‘Heavy Rain’ Dev Wants You To Play It His Way

By Locke Webster

“Heavy Rain” may be the first real “Choose Your Own Adventure”-styled game but there’s one choice that David Cage, the game’s writer/director, would prefer you not make. And that choice involves tampering with Heavy Rain’s invisible autosave system.

Historically, players (myself included) have often used small save workarounds to ensure their games provide them with the experience that they’re after. And it’s often the case that a quick restart of the console and the loading of a previous save ends up being the easy way to make up for a game changing choice or bit of bad luck. Well Cage is urging players to not make that choice when they sit down with his cinematic thriller, “Heavy Rain,” next year.

“I am going to say something a little bit strange,” warns Cage. “I would like people to play [Heavy Rain] without playing
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Liu puts career in CAA hands for representation

Liu puts career in CAA hands for representation
Lucy Liu has signed with CAA for representation. Liu, who most recently starred on the big screen in a flashy cameo in Miramax Films' best picture Oscar winner, Chicago, next stars in Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle opposite Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore. She will follow that up with Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, also for Miramax. Liu rose to fame on David E. Kelley's Ally McBeal, for which she was nominated for an Emmy for best supporting actress. Her feature credits include Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever opposite Antonio Banderas, Hotel, Play It to the Bone, Shanghai Noon and Payback. The actress also has recently moved behind the camera, adding producing to her resume. She has an untitled pitch set up at Universal Pictures through Jersey Films and is on board to executive produce and star in an update of Charlie Chan at 20th Century Fox. She continues to be managed by Framework Entertainment.

Woody Harrelson Sues Insurance Company Over Lawsuit

Woody Harrelson Sues Insurance Company Over Lawsuit
Actor Woody Harrelson is suing an insurance company for breach of contract. In the lawsuit, filed on Thursday at Los Angeles COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT, Harrelson alleges ALLSTATE CORP wrongly stopped defending him against a lawsuit filed by two tabloid photographers. The Play It to the Bone (1999) star claims Allstate withdrew its defence just before the lawsuit went to trial in 1998. The original suit was filed by the photographers in 1996 after they scuffled with the actor at an airport in Martha Vineyard's Massachusetts. Now Harrelson claims Allstate lawyers should have represented him because he had a "deluxe homeowner's policy" to protect himself against personal injury suits. He also contends errors by Allstate lawyers resulted in him having to pay $233, 000 in damages and legal fees.

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