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Author: Claire (HorseLover) from Buckhead, GA
7 May 2003

I did not get to watch this movie when it first aired but I did get to see it when Lifetime showed it in April. I thought the movie was great! Everyone on did a fabulous job with there acting, directing, writing, exc. I love the DQ series and I thank Hallmark channel for keeping it on. I hope there is a third DQ movie made.

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Very Cool

Author: KatharineFanatic from United States
23 May 1999

I saw this film, and thought it was pretty good. Being a fan of "Dr. Quinn," I was pretty ticked off when they took the series off of CBS. The movie plot was excellent, it was fast-paced, and all turned out well in the end. Worth watching, especially if you're a fan. :)

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An adventure that turns tragedy to triumph.

Author: Richard W. Magoun from St. Augustine, Florida
27 June 1999

After watching DQMW, The Movie, I thought of all the series episodes that led up to it. The movie was great - even for those who might never have experienced the six years of the evolving story of Dr. Mike and Sully. To us, the consummate fans, the missing factor was the gap, the three years of missing documentation of those years and a few missing cast members. Since CBS has given them a go-ahead for a second movie, I hope that it will get better promotion and become a real audience grabber leading to a string of 2 hour specials. Matlock and Columbo did it as did Cagney and Lacey.

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We Love You

Author: anonymous from Charleston, SC
17 May 1999

I can't believe it, I finally get to see Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on Saturday night again. And in its rightful time slot too. This is the best show there ever was on television and the fans miss it tremendously. I have not watched CBS network since DQMW was taken off the air. This movie is a continuation of the lives of our beloved family and townsfolk of Colorado Springs that we have missed so much. It is a great movie just like the series was. I hope there will be many many more movies of this nature and better yet, bring the series back. With all the violence in the schools involving disturbed young people, we do not need all the violent shows on TV for them to get ideas from. Dr. Quinn was a family show and this movie is true to that value. We love you Dr. Quinn and Beth Sullivan. Please bring us more movies of Dr. Quinn of this caliber. A VERY DEVOTED AND HAPPY FAN

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More movies.

Author: zendor-2 from Michigan
22 May 1999

The movie was worth the wait. The chemistry between Joe and Jane is still there. It was wonderful to see some of the cast members. I only wish that everybody from the orginal cast could have been on the show. I would love to see more movies made.

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Flawed and not believable

Author: Meg
13 November 2012

I did not really enjoy this movie or find it engaging, but my interest in the show waned sometimes too.

I was incredulous to aspects of the plot, which I don't want to spoil. I did predict where it was going, but was briefly distressed by where it might have gone.

I found the acting mostly dull, and I was disappointed with missing characters and other things from the series. I felt Michaela and Sully in particular were a bit cold, and they had unrealistic but not particularly passionate arguments. There were two brief moments I remember finding their performances compelling.

There honestly wasn't much dialogue... I would've have appreciated some more, to further explain certain situations. It was written by someone who worked on the series, but seemingly not towards the end of the show, which may explain why some things were missing. I think it needed more involvement from Beth Sullivan (she's merely listed as creating the characters)

Sidenote : Sully's hair must be a wig.

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Very Cool

Author: sparklinggirl from Japan
10 August 2005

Since I am a fan of Dr.Quinn I found it pretty cool to see. I love all the Dr.Quinn TV shows which are awesome. I am also a fan of Jane Seymour because she played in Dr.Quinn. Dr.Quinn is a very good family movie it show's love and friendship which is very good in a family movie. The movie is very good personal I watch Dr.Quinn all the time. Sometimes I wish I had more Dr.Quinn's at home. Now I wished they would make more Dr.Quinn movie's. I love so much i could watch all day long. My highest dream is to see Jane Seymour and Joe Lando because the are the best actors. They are so good in all the movies they play. They are wonderful together I think they are. Both of the girl's who play Colleen are very pretty. I think that Shawn Tovey is very cute.

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Best Comedy of The Year!

Author: epiphany-5
29 April 2001

I can always count on Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman to make me laugh. Hysterically. I won't even bother to recount the - excuse me for swearing - 'plot' of his movie. But I can tell you that 'I love you', 'I love you mommy' and 'I love you pappy' is about as deep as it gets.

However, raise a glass with me and toast the blatant anachronisms, Jane Seymour's distinctly 20th Century hair and make-up (her mascara is piled on so thick that it resembles spider legs), the clichéd plots, the tweeness, the simplistic and vomit-inducing moral sentiments, the silly storylines etc.etc.etc. This is US TV at its lowest common denominator. No punch, no guts, no edge, utterly unmemorable. I'd like to personally shake the hand of the person that decided it was time to pull the plug. It is, always has been and remains, the televisual equivalent of valium.

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