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San Francisco Chronicle
A delicious comedy that starts out promisingly as a pleasant gag comedy but then turns unexpectedly into a bright social satire.
Sunnier and sillier than most of Allen's recent work, makes its belly laughs heartwarming. It's a most winning movie about losers.
Christian Science Monitor
The plot is lively and the dialogue packs many good laughs.
Rolling Stone
The Woodman has recovered his common touch. On him, it looks good.
Chicago Sun-Times
Dumb as they (allegedly) are, the characters in Small Time Crooks are smarter, edgier and more original than the dreary crowd in so many new comedies.
USA Today
Though this is a tough movie to dislike, it plays more like a second draft than a final product.
San Francisco Examiner
Stooge-filled farce offers low laughs but lacks a point.
Boston Globe
It's the kind of movie you can settle into, secure in the expectation that you can steal from it more than a little vintage Allen fun.
Entertainment Weekly
For all its wispy fun, Small Time Crooks still tilts, with little-guy stubbornness, at windmills in Allen's mind.
Mr. Showbiz
Only Elaine May shines, in a weird and wonderful turn. Her loopy character has such a struck-by-lightning demeanor that she's always delightfully off in her own comic orbit even in the tritest of scenes.
New York Daily News
Allen was out of his element in creating characters who feel like East Coast cousins of the Clampetts, and his dialogue has never been more banal or forced.

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