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The story was originally the concept for an abandoned The X-Files (1993) television script.
In the opening scene, Devon Sawa (Alex) was supposed to pretend to be asleep. He actually fell asleep for four hours.
The music played throughout the movie was by John Denver, a musician who died in a plane crash.
The woman at the check-in desk at the airport tells Alex that the plane leaves at 9:25, which is the same as his birthday (25th September). When he gets on the plane he sits in seat I (which is the 9th letter of the alphabet) and the seat is in row 25.
The shot of Alex's bedside clock, which fades in from 1.00am to 180, took 5 days to get correct.
Kerr Smith and Seann William Scott took travel sickness pills (Dramamine) before each plane crash take and were half asleep and very weak during the shots - that's why they aren't shown close-up much.
Ms. Lewton's conversation with the co-pilot to let the teachers back on the plane was completely improvised.
The exterior of Ms. Lewton's house was built in five days. The residents of Vancouver didn't want the filmmakers to blow it up as they thought it was a nice house.
The original casting choices for Alex and Clear were Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.
Much of the news footage shown is actual footage from the July 1996 explosion and crash of TWA Flight 800 off East Moriches, Long Island, New York.
Clear's cabin was also the cabin from Lake Placid (1999).
As well as footage, this movie borrows in other ways from the crash of TWA Flight 800. The July 17th, 1996 flight was carrying a high school French club, it exploded suddenly and was investigated for a possible deliberate act causing the accident - first a bomb, then a surface to air missile. As with the movie, it was ultimately decided that the crash was a result of mechanical failure (explosion in the central fuel tank), although the FBI investigation is still open.
The Chinese title translates as "The Death God Comes".
Features the shortest 'opening disaster' of the five films in the series. The plane crash only lasts about two minutes.
The numerous appearances of "180" in the movie refer to the film's original title of "Flight 180". New Line decided to rename the film to "Final Destination" through fear of confusion of other movies like Air Force One (1997) or Con Air (1997).
The scene where Carter elbows Billy in the car was added in because on the day of shooting that scene, Seann William Scott had a sore lip. To hide it, the make up team added blood and the end result was of Carter elbowing Billy.
When the students are boarding the airplane, Alex looks down from the jetway and sees a luggage cart with the number 666 on it.
Body Count: 5, excluding the 287 passengers of Flight 180 at the beginning.
Most characters in the film are named after directors or stars from black and white horror movies: Chaney (Lon Chaney); Waggner (director George Waggner); Browning (famous "Dracula" director Tod Browning); Larry Murnau, (after F.W. Murnau, director of the "first" Dracula film Nosferatu (1922)); Schreck (Max Schreck also starred in "Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens"); Valerie Lewton (Val Lewton produced several famous horror movies); Blake Dreyer (Carl Theodor Dreyer directed Vampyr (1932)); Howard Siegel (Don Siegel' directed Dirty Harry (1971)); Billy Hitchcock, whose name pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock.
Alex's chicken spread was actually mushed up banana.
Many of the props contain references to assassinated presidents or almost-presidents: Ms. Lewton's leaking coffee cup had an inscription for Mt. Abraham High, and Carter Horton's car had a license plate beginning with the letters "RFK". The plane takes off from "JFK"-Airport. JFK (John F. Kennedy) also was assassinated.
When Carter is driving to "take control", the train Alex sees out his window is number 747, which is the type of plane that blew up.
The plane set was built on a gimbal about twenty feet high to make it shake. The plane set was later torn down and changed to Clear's top floor which she runs through in the storm sequence.
Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) was named after Glen Morgan and James Wong's assistant. The Rivers surname came from a family relation of one of the crew.
Daniel Roebuck was chosen partly because of his knowledge of old horror flicks.
When Clear gets out of the car to find Alex on the beach, a real beach was used with some trees placed at the roadside to make it appear like she is walking through a maze to get to Alex. Once the shot closes in on Alex, a set is used to stop the water effects from the real beach getting on to the soundtrack of the scene.
In South Korea, the film is simply titled "Destination".
The infamous beach scene was originally shot with the romantic subplot between Alex and Clear.
The speech that Tod gives at the funeral is a quote from Marcel Proust.
After the main characters are removed from the plane, Billy is only shot from the rear, showing the name on his jersey, that of suspense master Alfred Hitchcock.
The flight charter board in the airport was not part of the scene, it was a CGI effect.
Alex's full name is Alex Theodore Browning.
After Ms. Lewton's house has exploded the camera shows the front of the house. Note the address as 39, the number that died from the French class. According to what was quoted at the memorial service, that is.
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At the Flight 180 memorial a month or so after the crash, the song that plays is "Hundred Grand", performed by Pete Atherton.
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The Region 1 USA/Canada DVD from New Line Home Entertainment is available in both a regular DVD cover and a holographic DVD cover.
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The name of the flight that explodes is called Volée Flight 180. "Volée" in French literally means "flight". So the translated name is "Flight Flight 180".
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In Alex's room, you can see a poster for Edward Furlong's movie Pecker (1998) which also has Christina Ricci in it. Devon Sawa was in both Casper (1995) and Now and Then (1995) with Christina Ricci.
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The Canadian French voice cast version dubbed in Quebec is: The French voice director was Mario Desmarais, It was recorded at Cinélume Post Productions Inc. in Quebec Canada.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The original plan was to have death as a much more obvious entity in the film as it was in Tod's death (with Tod seeing a shadow in the mirror and the water running back into the toilet to "cover its tracks"). After Tod's death it was decided to have the deaths simply as accidents.
The Alka-Seltzer sequence which follows Amanda Detmer's character getting hit by the bus had to be extended as test audiences were still recovering from the shock.
In the scene where everyone stares at Alex after the plane explodes, Terry's death is foreshadowed; when she is seen staring at him, there is a picture of a bus in the background. Billy's death is also foreshadowed. While he is looking up at the plane taking off, the reflection of the plane is shown across his face. It is flying in a line right where the piece of the car decapitates him later in the film.
The piece of glass that went into Ms. Lewton's neck from the computer was done backwards - they shot the glass being yanked away from her neck with a line (which was digitally erased).
In the scene where Ms. Lewton is impaled with the kitchen knives, actress Kristen Cloke was put under a fake wooden floor with a silicone body on top. This was so the knife could impale the character.
When Ms. Lewton examines the smoke coming out of her monitor, an image of a large dagger is seen in the background; part of the design in her door's stained-glass. It's revealed on the DVD commentary that this was a purposeful foreshadowing of how she'd be killed.
During the opening credits, two of the deaths in the movie are foreshadowed. There is a hanging doll, and a picture of guillotine in a book.
When Carter is killed by the huge sign in the final shot, it is a giant "180", a reference to the plane.
Right after Terry gets hit by a bus, everyone is sprayed in blood. When Alex turns, there is a 7 on his cheek, in blood, in reference to the seven people who got off of Flight 180.
In Tod's death scene, the shot of the leaking water was played forward as it came out. The footage was simply rolled backwards to give the effect that it is sucked back under the toilet.
Tod foreshadows his own death while aboard the plane. After the girls ask Alex whether or not he would be willing to switch, you see Tod making choking/hanging motions toward Alex
The alternative ending of the movie was shot. It involves that Clear was pregnant with Alex baby. And that Alex died in the climax of the film burned.
The bus sequence, from Alex and Clear talking about the Mortician to Terry being hit by the bus took a total of three days to shoot.
The title of the of movie can be seen in a tag of alex's luggage when a stewardess is putting it on.
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