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  • A widow discovers after her husband's suicide that he has mortgaged everything they own and the banks are ready to foreclose. Faced with impending doom and little working knowledge except her ability to grow plants, she struggles to save her home. Enter her gardener, who is struggling to make a few marijuana plants grow in a hidden location and suggests that she use her green house to help grow the plants and sell them to make the money both need. He is wanting to get married, but needs capital. What he doesn't know is that his girl friend is pregnant and thus fears that they will be busted for growing marijuana. While supposedly working, the whole village is well aware of the endeavor and is hoping for their success. When the plants come in, Grace takes the crop to London and tries to sell it to a ruthless, but charming drug dealer. Everything busts loose from there.

    - Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>
  • Grace has just lost her husband, which is sad enough, but she's also discovered that he's left her in debt to the tune of thousands of pounds. Faced with losing all of her belonging and her home, Grace turns to the only thing she's got left: her skill as a greenhouse gardener. She and her handyman Matthew hatch a brilliant marijuana-growing scheme. But are they doing the right thing? Can Matthew's girlfriend put up with these kind of illegal antics? And finally, once they grow it, can they even manage to sell the stuff?

    - Written by Martin Lewison <mlewison@utk.edu>
  • A wealthy widow discovers that she is not wealthy at all: in fact she is 300,000 British pounds in debt, thanks to her late husband's failed business ventures. To get her out of debt, her handyman comes up with a plan to grow a certain cash crop in her greenhouse.

    - Written by Tim Horrigan <horrigan@aol.com>
  • A small-town English widow, facing financial troubles after her husband's suicide, turns to agriculture of an illegal kind.

    - Written by Jon Reeves <jreeves@imdb.com>


The first scene shows Matthew Stewart digging a grave for Grace Trevethyn's husband, John (Bill Weston)...

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