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"What is it that there is nothing in the paper about?"
Gangsteroctopus14 November 2001
That is, in fact, an actual line of dialogue from the film, and it gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect. In other words...low, low budget; elementary school-level acting; post-synched dialogue (a la Coleman Francis); and a plot that seems like it was made up as they went along. For those of us who love movies that are so excruciatingly awful that they go full circle into the territory of unintentionally surreal brilliance, then this is totally for you.

The "wacky" lawnmower-starting scene goes on FOREVER. I kept waiting for the dad to run over Ichabod, the tortoise.

I can totally imagine seeing this projected in 16mm on a white-painted brick wall back when I was in grade school at Green Lake Elementary.

It's like a kids' film directed by the people at Centron. This is one of those weird, institutional-feeling movies that would seem to be perfect fodder for the MST3K guys. But really, it's sufficiently goofy enough on its own to provide an hour's worth of perverse amusement.

If you can track down a copy I highly recommend it. I use it every year to torture my family.
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Deliciously BAD!!!
shark-4310 August 2007
THE MAGIC Christmas TREE is one of the worst kiddie movies ever made. Obviously made with NO budget, the acting is atrocious - the guy who plays the father has a scene where he tries to start the family lawn mower and this "bit" goes on FOREVER - he pulls the chord - nothing - he pulls the chord - nothing - but they always add absurd sound effects with each pull! Circus horns, whatever, etc.....this disaster isn't quite as good/bad as Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny but it sure is close. The scene where the little boy is lost in the woods and confronted by a giant "woodsman" is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen - it unintentionally is more uncomfortable than Ned Beatty's scenes in Deliverance. Obviously this thing was made for nothing and probably shown at schools and churches and such. Man, the only good performance in the whole thing is given by Ichabod, an actual tortoise who is shown eating clover (LOTS of clover - they obviously show this a lot only because they hoped to "pad" the running time of the movie.)
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nccollins-112 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so bad it can only be watched with a sense of humour. It contains such scenes as a race between a man pushing a lawn mower and a turtle. The acting in this movie is pretty bad, and the plot is confusing. Due to poor editing the sound is off for some of the scenes (such as the chopping the Christmas tree down). The sound of ax hitting the tree is delayed by almost a second. Furthermore, there are some scenes which do not relate to the plot (what little there is), for example the scenes with the mother on the phone with her friend. The audience gets to hear one side of the conversation, with no advancement of the plot, and it doesn't really tie in to the rest of the movie. I have fond memories of literally rolling around on the floor laughing at this movie. It is literally this funny. It is now a family joke about the taste of the person who rented it thinking it would be a nice family Christmas movie. Needless to say they aren't encouraged to rent movies on their own anymore.
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Don't inhale, may cause dain bramage.
nprata24 December 2001
Think of a seriously shoddy and underbudgeted TV movie from yesteryear, add strong dashes of evil and homoeroticism, and hire a cast missing half their chromosomes and you'll end up with THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE. The only "magic" is that this piece of junk was made at all. I can't help but wonder if the executive who signed off on it lost his job...we can only hope. Let me put it another way, the blurb on the VHS, and most of the reviews can't agree on little things like the main character's name or whether or not the "movie" takes place with snow on the ground; I suspect the critics could not bear to watch the whole thing. A trite and joyless experience that will leave you rummaging through the medicine cabinet.
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A wretched mess
bensonmum222 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Magic Christmas Tree is easily one of the worst things I've ever taken the time to watch. It's a complete wretched mess of a movie. I've seen home movies that look less amateurish than this piece of rubbish. If you care to look, you'll find that Magic Christmas Tree is the only credit listed on IMDb for almost all of the "actors" and the director. This isn't "so bad it's good" - this is just God awful. And can someone tell me why the title isn't THE Magic Christmas Tree? Calling it Magic Christmas Tree without THE just sounds dumb.

Things you'll find in Magic Christmas Tree you won't find in any other Christmas movie:

1. A man trying over and over and over to start his lawnmower.

2. The same man destroying his mower when he runs into a tree he didn't know was there.

3. A man reading the morning paper unable to find any story about the flash of lightning he saw just few hours earlier.

4. A frightening giant threatening to kidnap all the children watching at home.

5. Trading a meatloaf sandwich for a bologna sandwich and a banana.

6. A boy who keeps a giant turtle in the drawer of his nightstand.

7. A baker chasing a woman with a pie down the same street over and over.

8. A lawnmower than sounds like the horn on a clown car.

9. A witch who gives a boy a cheap looking Santa ring.

10. A cat named Lucifer stuck in the top of a tree.
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unintentionally creepy Christmas tale.
navypablo1 May 2010
My wife and I both had head aches while watching this film. This satanic Christmas diddy should be shown in film schools as an example of how not to make a movie. From the incredibly bad editing to the atrocious acting, the remarkably bad lighting to the unsettling, nonsensical plot this film fails on all cylinders. My wife commented that she wished everyone in this movie would die except the turtle. It's easy to understand her feelings. There is one scene with an obese man who is supposed to be a giant that is especially disconcerting. But most harmful to any child who is unfortunate enough to view this is the message (if one can really be derived). It seems in the end that a satanic Christmas tree, brought into existence by black magic is to be desired by children on the night of Christs birth because it can grant the child awesome, evil powers over mankind and even help him to kidnap large jolly fat men. Unsettling.It's even more odd in that it takes place with in that classic 1950's nuclear house hold. Very unsettling, though often funny for it's extreme inability to get anything right.
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A horrible plot with fast motion.
mazaremba15 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This has got to be the worst movie ever written by mankind. The film starts out in black and white and suddenly it is in color. However, the transition is not as "magic" as the Wizard of Oz. The reason for this: the audio does not ever line up with the peoples mouth movements.

The plot is somewhat like this: "Marc's" friends are babies and won't follow him up on a dare. So Marc goes and sees the crazy witch and gets her cat down from a tree. Presto! A reward is given to him...all he has to do is plant the ring and he will get a magic tree. So we move through the calendar. Now it's Thanksgiving, and before you know it, we have Xmas Eve. If you have survived this long, you know about the horrible lawn mowing scene, that is way too long. Long story short: the rest of the movie makes no sense, "Marc" learns a lesson about being greedy, and everything ends out OK...wish I could say the same for my brain.

When someone can explain the giant man in the forest to me, I'll listen, but I doubt that it will make any sort of sense.
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Not that disturbing, just extremely bad
orangelifer7 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I had heard of this film when I happened upon it at a thrift store. I figured "why not?" and bought it. I had expected a truly disconcerting and ominous film. Okay,it is kinda creepy,but that is mostly because it us just so oddly bad. I don't see the tree as "evil" as some do. I think it was supposed to be an agent of good,although I don't see what good comes of a boy wrecking havoc in his community by making people chase each other and run after their delivery trucks. Overall,the tree seemed to be helping...I think. Mostly what I notice about this film is that it has almost no plot,terrible acting,and boring scenes that go on forever. The lawnmower scene is pretty excruciating. But the idea is a bit creative,even if it goes nowhere,and the fact the filmmaker chose to have one the three friends at the beginning be a black child was at least a bit progressive for 1964. The film has maybe a few merits.(By the way,whoever thought this movie was homoerotic must think that EVERY film is homoerotic.I just don't see it.) So,yes,it's bad,it's creepy,and it would probably scare some children,but I don't think this is the evil monstrosity that some say it is.
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Not as bad if you laugh through it
societialreform1 May 2015
I watched the Rifftrax version of this and laughed all the way through it. I did notice the demonic tone, but Bill, Mike and Kevin kept it at bay by making fun of the fat kid, the parents and even the tree itself. If you want to see it, watch the Rifftrax version. I was shocked to see a film made in the early 60s with three little boys as friends and one of them was BLACK, not something to be expected at that time when schools were not yet integrated, but if you are watching a demonic Christmas Tress turning little kids into Satanic minions on the night of Christ's birth, not accepting the three as friends seems, to me, as stupid as refusing to swallow an aspirin after one has just swallowed a door knob.
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Two thirds Christmas movie, one third Halloween movie, one wholly awful movie.
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki31 December 2016
Black-and-white awfulness about a trio of little brats dare each other to go into a witch's house at Halloween, as the audience hopes she'll curse them all and make them watch this godawful tale. One of these nitwits saves her kitty from a tree, and as a reward, she gives the kid a ring she bought out of a vending machine, and she apparently gives the cinematographer colour film, as the film then switches to colour, which looks even worse than the earlier poor quality black-and-white footage.

Said vending machine ring grants this little blockhead three wishes, and eventually a pedophilic, talking, yawning tree appears in his backyard. In one of the most lengthy, ponderous scenes, dad spends several minutes getting his Fred Flintstone lawn mower started, and tries to mow it down, but apparently this tree is made of iron, and it explodes his mower, and flips him on his back.

There is a message herein, a Christmas message, about not trying to mow down, or hack down demonically possessed, spontaneously appearing, talking Christmas trees given by witches on Halloween, because if you do, you'll have to watch this film for all eternity.

Nothing more than home movies shot in someone's home, with obnoxious people in the roles, and seemingly edited by using the aforementioned lawn mower, with numerous edits in the middle of a sentence, out-of-sync audio, and constantly uneven audio levels.

Only worth watching just to make fun of the film as it's playing, but the pedophilic giant is just creepy, and ruins any unintentional laughs. Oh, then the footage switches back to black-and-white again.
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No Christmas is complete without abduction, numerous instances of public disorder, and of course a talking tree.
ofpsmith12 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Mark (Chris Koesen) is a young, condescending boy who decides to go up to a witch's house on Halloween (just bear with me) with his two friends. When his two friends decide they don't want to go up into a creepy house with the annoying jerk who pressures them into things, Mark is left by himself. When the old woman who lives there (Valerie Hobbs) asks Mark to get her cat out of a tree, Mark falls down and has a crazy dream. In it, the old woman is a witch who grants Mark three wishes in the form of a magic tree. The magic tree shows up soon, and Mark's first wish is to annoy some people. Basically he causes a number of people to lose their vehicles and generally uses his power to be a jerk. Then he decides to abduct Santa Claus for his very own (don't you just get that holiday feeling when you read that). But soon he realizes the pain he's caused and releases Santa. Then he wakes up from his dream. As bad a disjointed and confused mess that this film is, it is still much better, and has much more to do with Christmas than anything in Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny. I can really only recommend the Rifftrax. The film itself is pretty terrible.
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Wait... This is a Christmas Movie?!
geminiredblue14 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*SSSSIIIIGGGGHHHH!!!!* Thank God for RiffTrax, yet again! Recently, the gang tackled this film. And, as usual, turned up a winner! What do you get when you have a cat named Lucifer (yes, Lucifer), a witch, a sarcastic talking Christmas tree, and a plot that involves kidnapping Santa? Why, a deeply disturbing movie, naturally! Here's the slim plot: Three boys dare each other to walk past a "haunted house" lived in by an old witch. The old women is having trouble getting her cat, Lucifer, out of a tree. She kindly asks one of the boys to help her. Reluctantly, he agrees. But upon falling and waking up, he's now in color (WIZARD OF OZ rip-off) and the witch gives him a reward: A magic ring and seed. A month or so goes by, and then the boy plants the seed. It grows into a lisping sarcastic Christmas tree. The tree grants the obnoxious boy three wishes. As for the rest, I'll leave it up to you the viewer to discover. But don't say I didn't warn you!
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lemon_magic18 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am watching Rifftrax riff on this turgid little kiddie's flick and I can't believe my eyes. (And I managed to sit through "Deafula" and "The Magic Land Of Mother Goose).

Badly shot, badly miked, badly sound synced, static, dull, confusing and annoying by turns, this weird little out-of-body experience makes no sense at all, even as a kiddie's fantasy. I have no idea what in the world the script writer and the director were trying to do, and I'm pretty sure they didn't know either.

Not sorry I saw it as a Rifftrax experience, but I can't imagine the audience's reaction when this was shown for the first time in some junior high auditorium.
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Boy gets wishes granted from the Magic Christmastree
CharCharpi28 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
If you like scary Halloween movies and joyful Christmas movies, you will love this film. This film opens in black-&-white. It is late afternoon on Halloween in a small Western town. Three boys are walking home from school when they pass a spooky, ugly old house. The townspeople say that an evil witch lives there. The boys are terrified but curious.

One of the boys summons the courage to actually sneak into the yard. Suddenly, an old woman grabs him by the arm and he yells in terror! However, the old woman just wants him to help her get her cat out of a tree. He climbs the tree to get the cat out but he slips and falls on his head and is knocked unconscious. The cat then jumps out of the tree at which point, the film switches to color.

When the boy awakens, he sees that the spooky, ugly old house is now a beautiful mansion in the midst of a lush, green tropical paradise. The old woman is a beautiful young woman who really is a witch! The witch gives the boy a magic ring which has a secret compartment. In that compartment is a seed that will grow a magic Christmas tree. The witch explains that when he wears the ring, the Christmas tree will grant him three wishes.

Late one night, he plants the seed and by sunrise the next morning, a large, magnificent Christmas tree had grown. He then makes his three wishes.

His first wish is to have power. When the Christmas tree grants him the power, he gains the ability to turn objects into completely different objects, make cars and trucks move in any direction he wants them to move and to make people do whatever he wants just by pointing his finger at them.

However, he is not satisfied so, he makes his second wish. He wishes to have Santa Claus all to himself. When the Christmas tree grants this wish, he makes Santa his slave and forces him to give him more presents than he had ever dreamed of having before. Meanwhile, others are wondering what happened to Santa Claus. People all over the world from the New York Police Department to the Sacramento National Guard start looking for Santa Claus but because the boy has enslaved Santa, no one can find him.

However, despite his great powers and his control over Santa Claus, the boy is still not satisfied and he has only one wish left! What is his final wish? Watch this film to find out.

I liked the way this film uses black-&-white and color film to distinguish between the ordinary small town life and the Land of Magic. It reminded me of how the movie Wizard of Oz used black-&-white and color film to distinguish between ordinary Kansas farm life and the Land of Oz.
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It is a cute story....
Sean Richard McCarthy16 July 2000
I know it is silly and hard to believe, but (speaking from my childhood) I LIKED IT!!! I watched it when I was young (and liked it) and I watched it a couple weeks ago AND LIKED IT!! It is silly and SHOULD BE, because IT IS A KIDS MOVIE!!!!!! I liked its "Leave It To Beaver" beginning, and the 1960's style performance. I might be wrong, as I am 34 years old.

Perhaps this movie can only be judged perspectively by a child.
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