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Sex & Nudity

  • This pornographic film puts a lot of emphasis on oral sex, which is explicitly shown in most of the scenes. Actual intercourse (vaginal and anal) is obscured (usually hidden) by shadows and camera angles. Much of it is pretty obviously simulated. Ejaculation is shown in most of the heterosexual scenes.
  • The film includes a lesbian group sex scene. There is also a three-way between a bride, a groom, and the preacher. There is a bondage scene as well (a dominatrix and her man).
  • In a scene of a woman having sex with a father and his two sons simultaneously, the son receiving oral sex ejaculates on his father's chest and neck.
  • Much of the narrator's voice-over centers around opinions about sex. It amounts to an assertion that free love is a positive good that should even be encouraged among grade-schoolers. Yes, she actually says that in so many words.

Violence & Gore

  • A dominatrix ties up a man and slaps him in the face, but that's sex play--not really violence.


  • The F-word is used six times. The S-word is used once. There are quite a few times when other vulgar sex-related words turn up. There are even a couple or three times when religious profanities are uttered.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In one scene, two women drink wine at dinner.
  • Two characters smoke--a man in bed after sex and a chauffeur while driving.
  • The lyrics of one of the songs encourages people to get high.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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