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It's not Christmas until A Christmas Together

Author: Tollpatsch from Germany
14 November 2005

A Christmas Together actually came before my time, but I've been raised on John Denver and the songs from this special were always my family's Christmas music. For years we had a crackling cassette made from a record that meant it was Christmas. A few years ago, I was finally able to track down a video of it on Ebay, so after listening to all the music for some 21 years, I got to see John and the Muppets in action for myself. If you ever get the chance, it's a lot of fun--great music, heart-warming and cheesy. It's also interesting to see the 70's versions of the Muppets and compare them to their newer versions today. I believe Denver actually took some heat for doing a show like this--I guess normally performers don't compromise their images by doing sing-a-longs with the Muppets, but I'm glad he did. Even if you can't track down the video, the soundtrack is worth it too. It has some Muppified traditional favorites, but also some original Denver tunes as well.

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A Classic !

Author: (sweetadditions-hot) from boston, Ma.
23 December 2003

this was a favorite Christmas Special that I wish that they would release on vhs or dvd , since my 33 RPM got lost,and any cassettes I made are also long gone.

I am not even a big John Denver fan but was very impressed with the music , which was mostly traditional favorites with a muppet spin ( esp Little St. Nick ! ) It also contained a few little known songs ( original ? ).

Even though it was done at the end of the '70's this show had a timeless feel to it. Hoping to find a copy soon !!!

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John Denver & The Muppets A Christmas Together

Author: stongeaz from United States
29 September 2005

I was reviewing some old VHS tapes I have and came across The TV show John Denver & The Muppets A Christmas Together.This made me go to my computer and look it up to see if I could find a DVD version of this show to buy. I was disappointed not to be able to find it yet on DVD. The show aired in 1979 and was a delightful show. I have the record and the CD but I would love to buy a DVD version of this show. The tape is old and picture quality is pretty good but fading, the sound is not as good as the CD. There is also a few other songs not put on the CD. As a Fan of John Denver and of the Muppets, a DVD of this show would really be a good seller. If you don't have the CD it is a wonderful Chritmas collection of songs taken from that show. The album is also good if you can find it and still have a record player to play it on.

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Still waiting for the DVD...

Author: Rick-80 from Rising Sun, MD
29 December 2004

For me too, this Christmas special is one that I remember very fondly. In 1989, I snatched up the 2 CDs I found of the soundtrack recording, giving one to my sister and keeping the other for myself. It's part of my family's Christmas tradition now, and I would love to be able to actually see the show again rather than just remember it as I listen.

It has been noted elsewhere that John Denver made a number of appearances on the Muppet Show, and they did more than one special together. The good rapport between Denver and his fuzzy companions comes through clearly here, in a charming and fun show that is good for all ages.

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Find the CD

Author: hypermushu from United States
29 January 2005

I wish that they would release this on DVD too. It was such a great show. I am surprised that at least some channel like ABC Family doesn't it put it on, but I have seen it in years. I caught it on accident a few years ago, but that was it. But in the meantime, if you need a new copy of the soundtrack you can buy it on CD in a lot of stores. check the bargain bins around Christmas time. Best Buy or Circuit City are good choices, you can also try Amazon.com. I got my copy for $5 when I discovered that there were so many scratched in my record that it would no longer play. The only thing is that the original pictures on the inner lining are not longer there and they changed the cover picture of John Denver.

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john denver and the muppets a Christmas together

Author: dmd2222 from United States
16 December 2006

yes i have a copy of it on VHS uncut in great condition that i transfered to DVD and if anyone one wants to bring back the memories of a Christmas classic please emil me at dmd2222@verizon.net.i searched everywhere and i found nothing on this and i thought that i cant be the only one on this planet that has this classic on tape there has to be other people and if they do i fit in with them being that very very few that has this classic so i consider myself lucky and i have all of the muppets Christmas except one that john denver did with the muppets again i thinks its called a smokey mountain holiday im not to sure but its close.

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More Xmas Muppetry

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
16 December 2013

This 1979 special has John Denver and his not-quite-mop/not-quite-puppet friends sing a selection of Xmas songs amid a series of brief sketches. It's mostly musical, with a thin story stringing the songs together, but it works for the most part. The only bit I found to be boring was the long toy soldier segment. John Denver, despite hardly being hip with the kiddies of any generation, has a gentle voice and brings a cozy warmth to the show. He also seems to be genuinely find his interaction with the Muppets to be funny.

It's never been aired again since 1979 and never been released on any home video format, but the soundtrack album has remained popular over the years. If you can find an old recording of the show then it is worth adding to your Muppet/Christmas special list.

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Great Christmas Special!

Author: walterzukowski from United States
29 December 2008

One of the most memorable and enjoyable Christmas specials of its era. I remember it fondly and would love to have it on DVD so that I could watch it again. Like many others, I own a copy of the CD and faithfully listen to it every Christmas. But hearing the songs is only half the fun. Let someone out there take note and do whatever is necessary. For those who are interested in purchasing the CD I have a word of warning. There are two versions floating around out there, one with ten songs, another with thirteen. Be sure to purchase the latter rather than the former or you, like me, might end up feeling that you're missing something.

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Loved this movie and want a copy

Author: (sdblack@fuse.net) from United States
13 December 2006

I am a huge John Denver fan. I have a large collection of his music on vinyl. I saw this Christmas special when it was originally on TV and loved it. I have the original vinyl album and CD. I have the original CD and later release. The later release is missing several songs though. I see that it has been released this year with all original songs. To my surprise I found the original CD for sale at $75.00. WOW - to think that a Christmas Cd would be worth that much. To me no amount is worth selling this treasure. It is my favorite Christmas CD. I have never been able to find it on VHS or DVD. I would love to have either version. If anyone has one available please let me know. Thanks

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How long must we wait for this wonderful piece of family entertainment?

Author: smagwire from United States
3 December 2006

How long must we wait for this wonderful piece of family entertainment? I watched this when it was first aired and hurried to buy the record, yes the old LP! Family members with children received records that year in November so they could enjoy the music before Christmas. Everyone in our family still loves this classic recording. I have worn out the LP, and two subsequent tapes as well. I even purchased the book of piano music! I now have a toddler granddaughter and would love to be able to share this holiday classic video with her. Is anyone pursuing this? Is there hope this will be available soon? I was a Best Buy today asking about the availability of this in DVD format and the clerk told me I was the 2nd person to ask about this video today.

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