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A better movie than most teenage movies.

Author: Edozie Akunyili ( from Philadelphia
24 April 1999

This movie, blended a mixture of ghost and the 1999 Hollywood craze of teenage movies. The plot is simple, but the movie is well acted and also very interesting. Although it is a TV movie, it is better than most of this year's cinema releases. This movie shows a great improvement in the making of television movies this decade. WELL DONE PARAMOUNT!!!!

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Upsetting, but an overall excellent film

Author: AllisonLVenezio from Jersey shore, USA
25 June 2003

This formula plays like a "been there, done that" deal. Teen Angel/Posthumus Revenge is not new to the film industry. But, that doesn't always mean that previous efforts were always the best ones. That's where this little gem comes in.

"Dying To Live," a 1999 Made-for-TV/Cable film, is about a aspiring marine biologist named Rachel Linden (Hayley DuMond) who has the world on a string--a great boyfriend in high school swim team star Matthew Jannett (Gabriel Mann), and a good friend in cute and sassy Leslie Chambers (Linda Cardellini), who has a heart arythmia and says that she could die at any time. Enter Vanessa Cannington (Shannon Elizabeth), Matthew's jealous ex-girlfriend, who wants Matt back, and will stop at nothing. She spikes his punch with a strong tranquilizer at a school dance, and he takes Rachel outside to the pool. He begins to get disoriented, and plunges off the diving board. Rachel, in a valiant attempt to save him, stumbles on a ladder and bangs her head on it. She falls into the pool and drowns. Matt is so disoriented that he cannot speak, let alone save Rachel. He is hospitalized, but later arrested for killing his girlfriend. Rachel then steps out of her dead body at the funeral and wonders why everyone is crying, not realizing she is dead. A mysterious man named Will (Jonathan Frakes), who is a gaurdian angel, informs Rachel that she must expose her killer to the world so she can go to her eternal life. Rachel wants to live, but must rely on a mutual soul (one that both she and Matthew could trust) to expose the truth. Along comes unsuspecting Leslie. Rachel must use Leslie's body to expose the truth, even though it means risking Leslie's fragile condition. Can Rachel accomplish her task?

This movie was truly upsetting, but I really enjoyed it. It didn't try too hard to be overburdening--it didn't need to. It moved at an even pace, and the story was well-written. I only saw this the other night on the Sci-Fi Channel. The only real problem I had with this movie was how long it took for Rachel to begin trying to expose her killer. It took some stretch of time for any action to begin. But, maybe that was a good thing--the action was forthcoming and excellent. I like how Rachel would temporarily "occupy" Leslie's body to get her point across. Linda Cardellini had so much expression on her face, and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses and role models. Hayley DuMond put on an excellent performance, and I could certainly relate to her character. If something happened to me that cut me off too soon, I would want to expose the truth behind it. Gabriel Mann, who I only just found out was Freddie Prinze Jr.'s friend Auggie in "Summer Catch," was also excellent as Matthew Jannet, who just wanted to prove to the world that he would never have killed Rachel. It was another so-so performance for Shannon Elizabeth, who aggravated me very much (but that was probably the point--you wanted to hate her). Jonathan Frakes was decent as Will, and who he really is will shock you at the end.

Ok, favorite scenes: The scene where Rachel first occpies Leslie, and when Leslie looks in the mirror, she sees Rachel and backs up. I think Cardellini has great expression, as I've mentioned earlier. I also enjoyed the scene where the teens were having a good time in the pool earlier in the film, the scenes that Rachel tries to get Vanessa exposed, and the pivotal scene where Leslie, as Rachel, finds the evidence in the bleachers. I won't give away much about this, or the end, because that is my absolute favorite part, and I couldn't spoil it for anyone. That's not my reviewing style.

Anyways, long story short, this is a well-done, well-acted, nice telepic. Just some light fare, nothing bad and certainly harmless enough. The stars are great, and I will definitely enjoy the copy I made of this movie the other night. If you get the chance, PLEASE see this film. You will enjoy it, and certainly not regret it!

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An Enjoyable Movie About Angel

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
6 March 2004

Rachel Linden (Hayley Du Mond) and Matt Jannett (Gabriel Mann) are sweathearts in a deep love for each other. Leslie Chambers (Linda Cardellini) likes Matt, but he refuses her. In a party, the evil Leslie puts some drugs in Rachel's drink, but Matt drinks it, causing an accident with Rachel. She dies, and the angel Will (Jonathan Frakes) takes care of her. This movie is an enjoyable story of angel and spirit. Although being a television movie, it was released on VHS in Brazil and it is indeed a nice story. I did not like the conclusion of the plot, but it is a film good to see. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): `Morrendo Para Viver' (`Dying to Live')

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Surprisingly good angel-flick

Author: Tin Man-5 from Auke Bay, Alaska
6 May 1999

With all the angel films that have been coming out, it was surprising to see an actually pretty good tv-version. Several recent actors have played angels over the past few years. John Travolta was "Michael," Denzel Washington was in "The Preacher's Wife," Cuba Gooding got a shot at it in "What Dreams May Come," and let's not forget Nicolas Cage in "City of Angels." Now we have Jonathan Frakes of the "Star Trek" fame in this. It's a good film. It certainly lives up to its standards. The plot is simple, but the cast is very good, and it rises some interesting ideas not tried before in angel films (but they have been used in "Ghost"....I won't give anything away).

If it comes back on or comes out to video, give it a shot. It's one of those "warm, fuzzy" movies, but if you're into the angel genre, you'll go nuts over it. Others will find it appealing and well-acted.

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Surprisingly well worth watching.

Author: David Ogilvie ( from Glasgow, UK
8 April 2002

Was up late one night, channel hopping and this just started and missed the beginning credits, so I did not really have a clue what it was about.

Started of as the usual teen flick, with a guy having a psycho for an ex-girlfriend who now has a problem adjusting to the fact that he has found someone new. The new girlfriend gets murdered with the boyfriend as chief suspect and surprise, surprise the psychopath being everyones Miss Innocent, well apart from one lady detective. The murder victim becomes an angel and Johnathan Frakes is her guide who helps her to prove to the world what really happened. Mr Frakes seems to have the same wardrobe as in that paranormal/weird happenings show he does. Throughout the film I felt he had ulterior motives, I was wondering is he a good angel or a baddie.

The film itself has that made for TV feel about it, however its very well acted by all. Special mention must be for the three main females who play each of their parts well. The script throughout is never too slushy or biblical. A sort of mixture between Ghost and an episode of Highway to Heaven. All in all a very good film for its genre and worth watching. Nice little twist at the end, which I was not expecting.

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Better than expected

Author: a109p from Philadelphia
7 May 1999

Dying to Live was really a good movie! Considering most TV fare, this film came through for me, unlike most teen films made for the small screen. Acting was generally good, but not much depth was required of the actors. Little was asked of Jonathan Frakes who was not much more than a narrator. Gabriel Mann was very good as Matthew, but I think he fell short when true depth and emotion was needed. Linda Cardellini was convincing as the cute Leslie, as was Shannon Elizabeth as the pathetic Vanessa, but it was Hayley DuMond who really put effort and heart into her roll. DuMond really shone. She was adorable as Rachel. She brought emotion and depth to the part and credibility to the story. Her torment and hurt when her father rejected her boyfriends plea for forgiveness was so believable, I believe there were actually tears on viewers cheeks, and this was only one of several scenes where she pulled us totally into her character and she actually moved us.

The story was small and perhaps cliche, but it held my interest from beginning to end and the little twist in the end worked. I liked this film.

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pretty good, in a twilight zoney kind of way.

Author: ninedays-2 from San Antonio, Texas
26 April 1999

To tell the truth I really liked this movie. It brought me back to my high school days and reminded me of what it was like to be young and in love. Overall, I just really liked the movie, good acting, good plot, good ending.

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dying to live

Author: xo_kellishsox from United States
22 May 2005

I saw this movie on lifetime and ever since then i look all over for the movie on DVD or VHS and i have not been able to find it anywhere! i love it so much... it is my all time favorite movie.. if anyone knows where to find it.. please tell me I most definitely recommend this movie to anybody.. there is something in it for everyone... there is also and important lesson for everyone to learn.... everyone of all ages should see this movie... it is not something you should protect your child from seeing because this movie is truly fantastic.. i love it so much and if i owned it i would watch it every day of my life all of the time. it is so good... go buy it... if you find it tell me where you got it please i have been looking for over a year

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Angels are Among Us.

Author: Gloria Powers Husk ( from USA
13 January 2000

Dying to Live, was a Great movie, I rank it along the lines of Somewhere In Time, Always and Heaven Can Wait. Oh! and Field of Dreams Can't forget it. I thought Hayley DuMond gave a GREAT Performance for a new comer to the field of movies, I have also seen her in a few other things, such as Early Edition and Sliders also a few commercials in the earlier days in Hollywood. I do believe Hayley has the makings of a Great Star, and will go far in her career. Reach for the Moon & Stars Hayley!!

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Any movie with both Linda Cardellini AND Shannon Elizabeth has two good things going for it right away.

19 May 2002

OK, I'll admit it, I'd drink Linda Cardellini's bath water if she wanted me to, so this review might be a bit biased. All in all this flick is just 90 minutes of harmless fun with some decent acting, a few funny one liners from Jonathan Frakes and enough plot jogs (not quite twists) to keep you watching. Hayley Dumond gives an excellent performance as a HS girl who's life is cut short by the scheming, nasty Shannon Elizabeth. Jonathan Frakes, who plays an angel on a mission, arrives back on Earth to help her make the transition from her mortal life to her eternal life in the 'hereafter', but first he's got some work to do. Through his (Frakes) help, the real killer is finally caught and his work here on Earth is done. And if you've ever seen a movie or read a book that involves an angel returning to the 'mortal world' you can kind of figure out what's going to happen once all the clues fall in to place. Even if you figure it out ahead of time it's still an OK movie. Now, back to Linda Cardellini. In this flick she plays the cute, tough friend that she's played in a number of movies and TV shows already. If you've never seen her or experienced her work I'd advise getting a copy of the TV show 'Freaks and Geeks' - this woman is phenominal! Talented and heart-stoppingly beautiful, Ms. Cardellini can convey more emotion with her facial expression than most actors can get from five pages of dialog. She is truly amazing. Keep your eye on her, 'Scooby Doo' not withstanding, she is a tremendous talent. All in all, 'Dying to Live' is an interesting little made for TV movie made all the more watchable because of two female leads that you'll be seeing a lot more of in the future. Now, if Shannon Elizabeth could just act...

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