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The actors improvised lines in many of the scenes to achieve a sense of reality.
Series producer Judd Apatow told Vanity Fair in 2012 that whenever he sees an opportunity to use anyone from the show he does. It is his way of refusing to accept that the show was canceled, and that all of his subsequent movies are the continuous adventures of those characters.
John Francis Daley is the only cast member to be the age of his character (14) during filming.
James Franco and Busy Philipps were said to have hated each other in real life, in spite of the fact that they play a couple in the show.
Jason Segel admitted it was very easy to act intimidated of his father in the show, played by Kevin Tighe, because he was intimidated by Tighe in real life.
The creators were determined not to end each show with a typical "happy ending". One notable exception is the pilot episode, which the creators purposely wrote as a self-contained story, in case the show was never picked up for production.
About halfway through the season, it was evident that the show was in danger of being canceled. The rest of the episodes were put on hold, while the creators wrote and filmed the final episode (which was written in a way as to serve as both a series finale if the show was canceled, and a season finale if the show would've gotten picked up for a second season). Several episodes later, it was canceled.
Linda Cardellini kept the jacket she wore on the show.
Cancelled after the airing of Freaks and Geeks: Chokin' and Tokin' (2000).
Shia LaBeouf auditioned for the role of Neil Schweiber.
Jesse Eisenberg was the second choice for the role of Sam Weir.
The pilot was filmed in an actual school, and after the show was picked up, school sets were built that matched the original school almost exactly, and the rest of the series was filmed on these sets. The hallway set was actually just one "T" section of hallway, and it was constantly redressed to make it appear as if more of the school was being shown. The extras walking down the hall would pile up at the end of the hallway after every shot, as there was literally nowhere for them to go.
Debut for both Seth Rogen and John Francis Daley.
Busy Philipps orginally auditioned for the part of Lindsay Weir. The producers did not think she was right for the part but asked her to try out for the supporting role of Kim Kelly.
Seth Rogen split his chin open when he smashed Nick's (Jason Segel) guitar.
Nearly everything that happens to the characters happened to Paul Feig or other members of the crew - for example, the blue suit that Sam Weir wears in "Looks and Books", the showering in the locker room storyline in "I'm With the Band".
Ranked #25 in TV Guide's list of the "25 Top Cult Shows Ever!" (30 May 2004 issue).
Kaley Cuoco auditioned for the role of Cindy Sanders.
Lizzy Caplan auditioned for both the roles of Lindsay Weir and Kim Kelly before being later cast as Sara.
Creator Paul Feig wrote the pilot in a series of hotel rooms while traveling cross-country in an attempt to sell his independent feature, Life Sold Separately (1997).
Jason Segel and Linda Cardellini have small roles in Dead Man on Campus (1998) ' as a couple.
Entertainment Weekly included this show in its "25 Greatest Cult TV Shows Ever" list at position #13 in the September 29, 2009.
The smoking patio where the freaks hung out was actually filmed at several different locations.
Linda Cardellini (Lindsay) and Busy Philipps (Kim) were both born on June 25th. However, Cardellini was born in 1975, while Philipps was born in 1979.
While the show took place in Michigan, it was shot in California. Outside scenes proved to be difficult to shoot because no palm trees were allowed to be seen in the shot. If you look closely you may see at least one.
In one scene, Sam Weir is discussing Stripes (1981). Joe Flaherty, who plays Weir's father, had a small part in that film.
Paul Feig's inspiration for the show was Rainer Werner Fassbinder's epic Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980), which dealt with the lives of outsiders and misfits in Berlin before World War II.
Cast members Seth Rogen (Ken Miller), Thomas F. Wilson (Coach Fredricks), and Sam McMurray (Dr. Vic Sheiber) all have the same birthday (April 15th).
In the intro song, before they both get their pictures taken, you can see both James Franco and Jason Segel rubbing their eyes to give them a stoner look.
Sarah Hagan & Natasha Melnick were only 15 years old when filming began. Linda Cardenelli was 24.
In December 2014, James Franco and Seth Rogen played an interactive game based on the series and was uploaded on YouTube by The Fine Brothers and animated by Doctor Octoroc.
John Francis Daley was 13 when he auditioned for Sam Weir.
Creator Paul Feig has said that Lindsay was his favorite character to write.
According to executive producer Judd Apatow, the "look" of the show was heavily inspired by the works of director Hal Ashby, particularly Harold and Maude (1971) and The Last Detail (1973).
Samm Levine (Neal) and Martin Starr (Bill) had a feud on set, and were later known to get into a few arguments throughout filming.
Jason Segel (Nick), Samm Levine (Neal), Martin Starr (Bill), and Busy Philipps (Kim) all appear in the series "How I Met Your Mother"
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Stephen Lea Sheppard only auditioned because his friend, who he was living with at the time, asked him to go.
Stephen Lea Sheppard was dragged to the open call audition against his wishes, and asked to audition for the role of Daniel Desario when producers saw him reading a book with his hair in his face.
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The bottom "leaf" on Mr. Rosso's tree says "Peter Warrick FSU", who was a wide receiver Florida State, for now playing for the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL
Lauren Ambrose was considered for the role of Lindsay Weir.
"Smooching and Mooching" (#113, aired July 8, 2000): While at the Weirs' house during quiet hour, Nick breaks the silence by blasting "Tom Sawyer" from Lindsay's room claiming listening to music is his homework. After a brief conversation about screwing around, Mr. Weir says "That drummer you're listening to, he's terrible...Neil Peart couldn't drum his way out of a paper bag...you wanna hear drumming? I'll play you drumming...I grew up with Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich". (Ironically, Harold Weir is played by Joe Flaherty, SCTV's "Count Floyd" who introduced the song "The Weapon" on the concert video screen during the Signals and Grace Under Pressure tours, as well as on the single release).
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When Daniel takes Ken and Nick to the punk club, Ken and Nick make fun of Daniel's new punk haircut. Jason Segel who plays Nick, has a role in SLC Punk! (1998) in which he is friends with two guys who also have punk haircuts.
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