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I think this movie is more relevant today.

Author: easttawest from United States
23 April 2007

As we learn more about how human kind is evolving, I think this movie has more relevance as time continues on. I just had the chance to view the original starring Ellen Burstyn, and the original did have a lot of heart but I also felt that Dana Delaney's portrayal of someone coming to terms with this newfound ability was equally realistic and more pertinent to today. I love Rita Moreno as her always positive and encouraging friend. The only part of the movie I could have done without was the over dramatic scene in the hospital. I saw this on TV when it first aired in 1999 and wanted to purchase a copy of it immediately, but was unable to find any for sale. I definitely preferred this versions ending more than the original.

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Improves on the original film.

Author: lumpystv from United States
4 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a satisfying remake of the Ellyn Burtsyn film of the same name. It improves on the original by making the familial conflict- a mother/daughter test of wills and rejection, a recognizable one. Brenda Fricker is fine here. In the earlier version, the father/daughter conflict is so harsh and dysfunctional as to appear weird. Who or what is resurrected in the film version?- Ellen Burstyn ends up "buried" in a gas station! In the TV version Dana Delaney gets to redirect her life. A little soapy-but satisfying none the less. Nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately not available on DVD, and not frequently scheduled on TV. NOTE: A chance to see the director's daughter in an early supporting role.

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See the wonderful 1980 version instead

Author: AlexMI from Michigan
25 December 1999

Ellen Burstyn's 1980 film of the same name is a far better film. This one left me cold... don't understand why the makers felt the need to do a "TV update" of the original story. If you've seen this TV version, do yourself a favor and rent or buy the 1980 video -- it is terrific.

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Rent the original with Ellen Burstyn

Author: patti_o_ from United States
20 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a dreadful remake of the Ellen Burstyn 1980 movie of the same name. I wanted to like this movie because I am a big fan of Dana Delaney and I loved the 1980 movie. Unfortunately, this movie does not deliver and suffers badly in comparison. Delaney plays a character who survives a devastating motor vehicle accident and clinical death event. She returns to her bitter mother and her small town to recover from the accident that has changed her to a widow and a wheel chair bound paraplegic. She soon discovers that she has the ability to heal herself and others, a residual gift from her near death experience. A really meaty role but Delaney misses the mark entirely. Perhaps it's not entirely her fault; the script is poorly re-written. Her character shows zero emotional growth or development. The supporting cast is a no-show as well. It's an OK movie to watch if it shows as a re-run on Lifetime. However, if you want to see the same story in a much better production, rent the 1980 version.

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very good

Author: bejwak from Florida, USA
14 November 2001

I saw this on TV about 4 years ago and really liked it. It inspired me to buy the movie version on VHS with Burstyn. The other version is good also, but not in my memory as good as this one. Either one is a movie that will move you. Highly recommended.

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Fair to poor

Author: Miles-10 from United States
13 April 2000

This remake improves on the original in some ways but absolutely does not in others. The story has potential, but has not been done well. In this version, Clare (Edna in the other version) and her lover have more chemistry, but a crazy guy committing mayhem in the hospital does not work any better than having her lover go berserk in the original version. I have nothing against violence in film, but it does not help the story and is especially confusing in this version.

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Warning - It's A Film For Females

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
23 August 2005

Clair Miller and her husband are driving along the road one day minding their own business when they're involved in a accident that maims Clair for life and kills her husband . After being told she'll never be able to walk again Clair shocks everybody by walking again . Even more shocking Claire claims she has healing powers that can cure other people

I went in to this film with a vague knowledge of the plot and even though I knew this was a TVM expected it play out in a similar manner to Stephen King's story THE DEAD ZONE . Can you blame me for thinking this ? After all when someone has the supernatural powers to improve the well being of human beings there's many , many people to want to exploit this and I was hoping we'd see a morality tale , something like the episode called Girl Of My Dreams from the 1960s anthology series JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN , but what I got was a very average female friendly TVM that I have seen far , far too often . There's a romantic subplot and lots of arguing with mom and weepy scenes with sick kids and there's even a scene with a litter of puppies while there's no scenes with a mercenary villain or a bitterly ironic ending where the bad guy gets everything he deserves for being greedy . And before you ask there's no men claiming they're impotent and could Clair place her healing hands upon them

To be fair there are a couple of good points like Clair's healing powers having a scientific rationale . All too often in these type of stories there's either no explanation at all for the healing hands or it's all explained via vague mystical nonsense but here it's down to human evolution and DNA . There's also a very spectacular car crash the likes of which I haven't seen in very many big budget Hollywood movies never mind a TVM so at least the stuntmen earned their fees with this production

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