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It's a Winner for Us

Author: whoopeejunkmail from US Military Overseas in Okinawa
3 October 2005

I think this is great for kids. My three-year old just loves it, and would watch it every day if I let her.

A lot of children's movies are either obnoxiously repetitive, sappy or just plain irritating. Blue's Clues isn't, and this movie is really fun. I also like that the musical "lessons" go from very simple to somewhat more complex to keep children interested when they begin to learn the easier concepts. Problems that the characters have are easy for children to relate to, such as shyness and frustration. The music is easy to listen to, and in some cases, wonderfully catchy.

A special appearance by Ray Charles as "G Clef" and his great friends "the notes" really gives it soul.

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My 1 year old loves this

Author: chronos123 from Upstate, NY
17 January 2003

I bought this for my daughter on DVD last year and she will now turn on the TV, grab the DVD remote herself and turn on the show if we leave it in. She will sit or stand transfixed. She becomes a Zombie. I think there might be some kind of subliminal mind washing going on. I find myself starting to zone out while watching it with her. Other than that its a good show with repeating subjects that are good to teach children the fundamentals of life.

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It's all about the Steve!

Author: Rheyn from Michigan
23 April 2002

***Yes, Blue's Big Musical Adventure is a movie about a CGI dog of an unnatural hue aimed at the Juicebox set.***

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about Steve Burns. WHAT A GUY. It doesn't seem like there'd be much at all to singing a bunch of cheerful, encouraging songs to toddlers, and waiting for them to yell out answers when you find a "clue." But, as the sole human of the house, Burns does all his work in front of a bluescreen (no pun intended.) Must get pretty lonely, don't you think? If not for the neon fur and disproportionate features of Blue, I'd believe Steve was really talking to his cuddly costar - the man's that fantastic.

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Ecxcellent Resource for Pre-School aged children!!!

Author: bernhardtjames ( from Fergus Falls, Minnesota USA
1 August 2001

This is an excellent teaching aid for pre-school children. We have a 3 year old and this is one of the films that she will get herself out of of the case and watch herself. It has a number of skills it teaches as well as musical melodies. She really likes this and everything that The Blues Clues Production puts out. Excellent film, if you want your children to grow and learn and be ahead of the crowd of pre-school children. Another dosen't push a particular value system on your children. It is straight foward. I personally find that refreshing, compared to all of the politically correct children's programming out there. I reccomend this film for your child.

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very creative way to stretch a half hour show to hour and 20 minutes

Author: ceejaie
11 October 2000

Any movie that can hold my 4 year old's attention for the entire hour and 20 minutes has my approval. I enjoyed it too. I think that it works very well with the topics it tries to address, low self esteem, morality, ..etc. plus it's fun too

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Funny and cute. Great music!

Author: Joshua Bozeman from Evansville, Indiana
14 October 2000

Ok, I'm 21, and my girlfriend just bought me this movie on DVD, and I loved it. The movie is made for preschoolers, sure, but I don't see how anyone cannot just fall in love with adorable little Blue. She's the cutest little pup around, and Steve is pretty cool himself. The entire gang is here for this adventure, Blue, Steve, Salt and Pepper Shaker, Paprika, Magenta, Green, Side Table Drawer, Tickety Tock, Slippery Soap...almost all of them have major roles in this movie, and they all add their own little nuances. The music is really cool, with Ray Charles doing a bit when Blue scadoos into sheet music, and Steve learns how to make music. The persuasions, a group I've never heard of till now do music in the same scene as the notes on the sheet music. The whole idea of the movie is that the gang is going to have a music show in the backyard. They make costumes, snacks, build the stage, and everything else. It's fun to watch over and over, and when you learn all the music, it's kinda nifty to sing along. Just like the series, the movie incorporates learning into the story, each scene getting a bit more challenging than the last. If you're a Blue fan, you have to get this movie, and if you think you might like it, do the same, it's a great movie that is well written and thoroughly enjoyable.

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must see

Author: jaemiewaters from United States
25 June 2012

it is a must see movie for all ages if you are looking for a good looking movie than this work of art is the movie for you than i hope you enjoy this wonderful movie i like this movie and i hope your kids enjoy it to i think it is a perfect family film i never thought this movie would of been this good i was impressed with this wonderful movie i think this movie it is a one of a kind movie that will make you say the mail is here the mail is mail this is a must see movie it is a funny funny film i hope you like it as much as i did i need to let you know that this movie is the bomb i never saw a movie this funny before it is a work of art your mind will be blown away i love thuis wonfderful movie and i hope you enjoy it to you have to watch this wonderful movie it is a hoot i never thought i would like this movie but i really thought that this movie should be out in theaters and be Sold out let's make this a big hit everyone go watch this wonderful movie i think this is one of the coolest kids movies ever created by far better than any other Blue's clues movies

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Pokemon 2?

Author: Scott Godfrey from New York
17 February 2000

Hmm..any chance for another Pokemon? Don't think so, this show is made for 3-8, you miss out on that whole 9-12 crowd which is the main child population who goes to see movies. Still think it will do well though. Thank goodness this show has more to it than the Care Bears though, parents took me to that. Almost walked out they were so bored. Blue is amusing and cute.

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