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Only a Trailer...but WHAT A TRAILER!

Author: Christopher E. Meadows (robotech@eyrie.org) from Springfield, Missouri
20 February 2000

So far, BSG: The Second Coming exists only as a trailer that Richard Hatch and Fred Stauffer take to conventions with them--as they did for VisionCon this weekend. Although it was produced on a shoestring budget, with volunteer labor, and financed by Richard Hatch's credit cards, the trailer is a sleek, professional-looking presentation with incredible CGI and good acting by old and new cast alike. Thrill to the new Scarlet-class Vipers! Shiver when the new Cylon baseships "unscrew" into their dual-disc shape! Stand and applaud madly when it ends!

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A Labor of Love

Author: caspian1978 from Boston, MA
4 October 2001

Richard Hatch took everything good about the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series and produced The Second Coming. From using the original characters, the story line, terrific special effects, and a powerful musical score, Hatch managed to draw a mega audience of young and old to take a close look at one of Science Fictions almost forgotten landmarks, Battlestar Galactica. The overall message: Love conquers all. The entire production was put together with the dreams and hopes of Hatch, who, spent his own money, motivated the masses, and set out to promote the idea of what a film makers vision can do to the world. Several actors from the original series came together on a tiny budget to make a dream of so many into a reality. One of these actors was the late John Colicos who past away only months after he filmed his scenes. Everyone, for the actors young and old, to the crew of producers, cameramen, and assistants came together and made a labor of love that will withstand the test of time with movie audiences. Hatch's accomplishment is fact that nothing is impossible for the dream makers!

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Have exchanged emails with Hatch...

Author: newsjunkie356-1 from Southern Nevada
6 March 2005

...about the possibility of making his trailer available on his website.

Though he said nothing explicit, Mr. Hatch hinted that he's working toward getting permission to post it for download.

He also responded to my email in only a few minutes--a record for a response from any "celebrity" type I've ever contacted. He comes across as a genuinely nice guy.

I still feel that Universal should have given him a credit as a "consulting producer"; at least some acknowledgement of his 20 year effort to revive BSG. At the very least, they could have paid his credit card debt he piled up making his trailer. Because without his two-decade quest, we fans wouldn't be enjoying the amazing "reimagined" version. At least he got two guest starring roles out of it. Perhaps it can kick start his career again.

But as is obviously even to those of us outside "the Biz", the only thing rarer in Hollywood than gratitude is loyalty.

While BSG II is becoming a masterpiece, I still hope one day a "continuation" can become reality. Perhaps as a fully cg-animated feature. That way there could be no confusion with Ronald Moore's series.

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Wish it would come to fruition!!

Author: Launchd-II from Central Coast, California
15 January 2002

Hatch and the gang that assisted with the new CGI stuff and editing in the finer points from series footage have made a trailer that says- YEAH!!! I saw this at a private home showing almost 2 years ago and was simply delighted. Talking with Mr Hatch there, his enthusiasm was very apparent but so was a glimmer of doubt as he talked of being thwarted here and there on the way to presenting the trailer to Universal. And we hear a new series and or film from elsewhere may come to pass (Please leave Glen Larson out of it! I thank him for spawning the series and damn him for letting it become what all his series do- crap). BG's potential was in performances compelling, stories occasionally great but often good and an overall backdrop that could replace the excitement of a movie serial as we once thought would be (George). I want to see this project become a full big screen treatment. We'll see....

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Awesome Trailer

Author: qballrail from United States
21 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Watching this trailer sent chills up and down my spine. The effects, props and the acting were superb. In fact, the acting looked so much more refined than the original series. This would have been a tale to rival Star Trek & Star Wars. It was worth the wait and effort in finding this trailer. If only Universal & Larson would have pulled their heads out of their butts, this would have been a complete blockbuster and there would not have been a need for the terrible re-imagining SciFi produced. Hatch is superb at story telling, producing, and acting. I will not provide a spoiler, because if you do manage to see it, you'll love every minute of it. Just find it, watch it, watch it again, and again. Hatch certainly did justice to the original BSG. Just watch it. :) By the way, I WANT MORE!

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Hopefully this will one day be released, Possible Spoilers.

Author: RockGrey from Canada
19 February 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I would really love for this to be released on Blu-Ray. This reason is quite simple. The original series has a DVD release with a Blu-Ray for the theatrical film. The remake is on Blu-Ray. This deserves a similar release. The reason is that there are fans like me available who want to see the continuation. The update to the plot, new characters, how are the old ones doing, what is the new circumstance - all are things that fans of the old show want to see. Richard Hatchs' books are fine additions to the canon. They are fun reads. However a new film would be a terrific addition to it. That is why this is requested. It would be a fun film watch. After all it is the only sequel aside from Galactica 1980 that we have. We all know how well that was received - it is not awful, but it is silly, and BG fans want something somewhat more serious plus also thoughtful too; this is it.

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Don't come again

Author: Thomas (filmreviews@web.de) from Berlin, Germany
26 March 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming" is a 4-minute movie written and directed by Golden Globe nominee Richard Hatch from "Battlesta Galactica" and of course he is also acting in here. It seems a bit of a desperate attempt to cling to his successful past as no matter how hard this little live action film here tries, it does not offer anything beyond pompous costumes, pretentious dialogue and spectacular special effects. Film needs to tell a story in order to succeed or (in terms of experimental movies) at least make the audience think and feel something. This one here does neither. Really only the most die-hard science fiction fans should check it out as it is not a good watch by any means. I do not recommend it. Thumbs down.

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