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Chilling at times but mostly pleasant
vchimpanzee11 November 2005
Robin's parents Leah and Marcus are always fighting. Leah is too devoted to her job, and now she has a chance at a promotion that will require the family to move from Phoenix to Denver. Marcus wants to continue his career as an architect at the company he works for.

Robin doesn't really want to go to summer camp, but she does anyway hoping it will help things will get better between her parents. She seems happy enough and she makes friends with Amelia, who is quite shy and behaves strangely. Amelia, whose widowed mother is quite controlling, wishes she had Robin's situation. Robin learns to appreciate that her parents really do love her.

After a tragedy, Robin becomes quite depressed, but she soon feels better. One reason is her new friend Dorothy, who she meets in the park. Soon Dorothy has moved into the building. Leah has moved to Denver and is coming home periodically, so Dorothy becomes sort of a substitute mother, which doesn't please Leah one bit.

Dorothy is friendly at first but later starts behaving strangely.

This movie had a pleasant, family-drama tone most of the time, though it occasionally detoured into creepy and, by the end, creepy and frightening became the rule rather than the exception. I found it quite entertaining.

Diana Scarwid did an outstanding job, maintaining a pleasant facade and rarely showing that she had a disturbing side--at least not until close to the end, when she effectively played the wacko. I would compare her performance to Anthony Hopkins in "Silence of the Lambs"--one comment I heard about Hopkins in that movie was that he was scary precisely because he wasn't scary. Of course Hopkins is a much better actor, but the comparison still applies.

Evan Rachel Wood came across as quite appealing. She handled friendly, depressed and scared quite well and I really liked the Rachel character. Meredith Baxter was good as always--at least for a TV-movie.

The primary lesson here is that no parent should be overly focused on a career. I'm old-fashioned enough to say no mother, but even fathers shouldn't ignore their children.

This was good, for a TV-movie.
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Given it's resources, a great film.
frostedpinkcupcake4 April 2004
I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Evan Rachel Wood's made for TV movie Down Will Come Baby since I had first seen the preview for it. Evan Rachel Wood who to me has always been one of my favorite actresses, never really got noticed or credit before this year's independent movie "Thirteen". Well this is technically Wood's first made-for-TV film so she has reeled in a new audience for her films. So, on Friday night, I was really really bored and I loved Evan after seeing her in Thirteen, so then I figured what the hell, I'm bored and there's nothing on so I'll watch it.

Down Will Come Baby is about a young girl Robin Garr(Evan Rachel Wood), who goes to summer camp for the summer. There she be-friends an overweight girl named Amelia (Katie Booze-Mooney). When Amelia dies in the pond on the last day of camp Robin feels it's her fault and immediately falls into a state of depression. When the school year begins, Robin gets help from a classmate to help her return to her normal self. Her mother is in Denver hopefully permanently and her dad is in Pheonix staying with Robin. Robin's dad meets the "perfect" nanny for Robin, Dorothy. Dorothy and Robin eventually become friends and Robin learns Dorothy is a controlling freak when it came to perfection and neatness. Dorothy ain't who she says she is and has a mental illness.

Another terrific performance by Evan Rachel Wood is the main reason to see the film. Evan Rachel Wood again proves to be one of my all time favorite actresses. Her acting is flawless; she delivers yet again another terrific character. What I like about Wood is that she always plays a different weird character in every film she is in and to top it off every character she portrays is likable. So bravo Ms. Wood on another great performance for your resume. I also really liked Diana Scarwid who nailed the southern stalker, mental illness role. She was very creepy and his character was very believable. You don't want to mess with Ms. McIntyre believe me. Tom Amandes does another good job and can add this good film to his resume along with his great performance in The Long Kiss Goodnight. The cast of this film was right on target.

Down Will Come Baby was based on a Gloria Murphy book entitled what the movie's title is. The movie was drafted into a screenplay by writer/director Gregory Goodell who wrote many great films including Face of Evil, Terror in the Family and Perfect People. I don't read many books so I don't really know if the book is like the movie. I know that the movie did have great dialog and a good story. The script wasn't on the completely original side, which I don't know if that is because he stayed loyal to the book but the script was very well done. It was a very well written piece in my opinion.

Gregory Goodell who again wrote many screenplays but has only directed five films in which only one of them I have seen. Gregory Goodell did a good job on the film, there are some really great locations in which this film was shot. The cabin in the woods was very creepy and I liked that the main character lived in this small town. There were also some pretty cool camera angles in the film along with some really suspenseful scenes. I have no problem what so ever with Gregory Goodell's work on the film, he wrote and directed a good thriller.

In conclusion, I liked the film but not as much as I wanted to and the reason for that is because I watched the film and didn't find the film to be a laugh out loud comedy in like the rest of. My fellow moviegoers must have been watching a different movie because to me the film had a few chuckles here and there but the audience at times was in hysterics like we were watching Austin Powers or some other laugh out loud comedy. So because of this occurring, I had a hard time really trying to concentrate on the film while people were laughing like a bunch of buffoons behind me. I still really enjoyed the film nonetheless; it had great performances, a good story, and a pretty decent ending. I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good horror/thriller film and doesn't like stupid horror films like Freddy vs. Jason or stuff like that because this isn't for you. This is more along the lines of a movie like Identity although Identity is a bit better; Down Will Come Baby is still worth checking out. I think Wood's performance is worth the your time alone but you get her performance along with a good story and a decent ending with Down Will Come Baby. Down Will Come Baby was a beautiful yet underappreciated movie. If it weren't for HBO I probably would have never seen it.

Diana Scarwid is playing sick in the head, mentally ill, perfectionist not to mention her daughter who drowned was the girl she takes care of friend. Diana isn't the best actress, but she's very good.

Evan Rachel Wood is a little country girl who's mother's not around and divorced and her dad hardly takes care of her. She doesn't have many friends but is very smart and inquisitive. Evan Rachel Wood is incredibly adorable and well on her way to her excellent role in 'Thirteen.'

The movie is somewhat slow moving at the beginning but builds up to a great movie. Everything is believable. Diana Scarwid and Evan Rachel Wood make a great duo. This is definitely a film worth seeing. Don't be turned off just because you haven't heard of it. It's better than a lot of that trash that is highly advertised. 6/10
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Great TV Thriller!
lyndaful27 June 1999
This movie was filmed in Scottsdale, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. - Meredith Baxter and Tom Amandes played the Mom and Dad to young daughter, Robin (Evan Rachel Wood). Fast paced movie where Robin goes to camp, and feels responsible for her friends drowning. All actors in the movie were excellent. Good thriller, and great acting by all.
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sarahxelizabeth28 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Very nice movie. I watched this tonight and loved it. Evan Rachel Wood did a wonderful job of acting this one, and she was quite adorable. I loved the feel of the movie, and the ending as well. Down Will Come Baby, released in 1999, made for TV thriller drama movie. It tells the story of 12-year old Robin, who witnessed her friend Amelia's death at summer camp. The girl cannot cope with it and blames herself. What's more, her mother changes her job(which is a big chance for her and she thinks will be good for the family) and moves to another city, but comes back on the weekends. Robin is frustrated and one day meets a very nice woman, Dorothy, who turns out to be a new neighbour. They soon become friends, but the closer they get, the more uncomfortable Robin feels. Dorothy, after helping Robin clean her room, puts a walkie-talkie in her room. Each night, when her parents are putting her to bed, Dorothy listens in on their conversations, and begins to become obsessed with Robin, in an attempt to replace the loss of her daughter, Amelia. Robin's mother notices this, and is not very comfortable with how close Dorothy has gotten to her daughter, and she begins to realize Robin has become uncomfortable with it also. One night, Robin's father asks Dorothy to stay with her while he is gone. Dorothy ends up hitting Robin when she doesn't obey her. When Robin's father comes home, both his daughter and Dorothy are gone and he finds a bit of blood on the rim of the door. He calls his wife, and she comes home. They call the police and set out on a search for their little girl. Meanwhile, Dorothy is trying to brainwash Robin. She has taken her to her home, and begun to call her Amelia. Robin refuses to obey the woman, and Dorothy locks her in Amelia's old room. Her parents come across Amelia's file at camp and track down the address, despite being told to wait at home. It was a good thing to, for when Robin tried to escape from Dorothy(who's real name was Gretchen), she was going to hurt her. Finally, when Robin's parents arrive, her father breaks down the window and the door to the bedroom. Gretchen insists Robin is her daughter, named Amelia. The dectectives and police arrive shortly thereafter, and remove Robin from Gretchen's care and back to her parents. While being arrested, the clearly mentally ill Gretchen says "Amelia...want to play hide and seek? Yes, yes, I'll find you" and she continues to act this way while they take her and place her in the police car. Robin and her parents then head home, and her Mother says she will quit her job in Denver. She doesn't need it, all she needs is her family. Robin, in the back, smiles. It was a happy ending.
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Down Will Come A Great Movie!
Darryl Jason17 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great film. Credit where credit is due and I have to say it's well acted and the suspense is right there! Firstly, I will say the cast are great! Hats off Meredith Baxter, Diana Scarwid & Rachel Evan Wood. Superb acting, kept me on the edge of my seat - granted it's not supposed to be a highly-acclaimed thriller but the suspense kept me glued to the TV.

I think the director gives a good idea of a female-obsessed neighbourly friend rather than a typical male guy type who becomes obsessed with a young girl. Maybe it would have been shown as a more indecent movie but all the same, I like the way this film was portrayed, very different & unusual.

Diane Scarwid is quite the actress and plays the part of Dorothy McIntyre very well. I'm quite surprised she didn't get nominated for an award for this role, she does an excellent job. I've seen quite a few of Scarwid's movies. I first caught sight of her in the seasonal Christmas movie "The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue" (1996) & let's not forget her supporting role in the highly acclaimed mystery movie 'What Lies Beneath'. Awesome stuff, but "Down Will Come Baby" is right up there. There are so many levels that this movie can and will go to, it's not that too much disturbing but it has it's moment where Scarwid's character, Dorothy, does become a bit too needy and obsessively desperate for the young girl, Robin (played by Rachel Evan Wood). I suppose it's only natural for a woman who's lost the life of her only daughter to befriend a young girl & think of her as her own. How many times has this been done in a movie??

The film makes for a great Friday night sit in, when there's nothing else on the box and it does deserve the credit. It's full of suspense, it has thrilling moments, it moves along just nicely, it's not a slow film whatsoever.

I will say though, the ending went a bit daft, I think it was a bit unnecessary for Dorothy to suddenly go into 'playful' mode. The whole Hide & Seek seemed a bit too immature & fake. If they'd have just kept the character distraught and highly emotional of losing what she "thought" was her daughter, it would have been a really good ending. Other than this, it's a fantastic film, 7/10. A must-see for everyone.
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Good, Well Acting, location and (maybe based on a true story)
brenton-lee5 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
the Film is good and quiet creepy with the women at times. it weird they use the name of Dothery Cotten people in the UK knows there is a Character in the biggest soap Eastenders with the same name anyway nothing at all related back to the film on My DVD Case it says its based on a true story i don't know if that true but at the start of the film it doesn't say that, the people acted very well, the film is set in Arzina USA and it about a mum works at Denver and convincing the husband and the daughter to live there she goes back and forth to Phoenix on weekends and holidays, Robin went to Clear Lake for a Holiday Camp and met her friend Amellia and went in the water Amellia died as she drowned, then Robin upset and get a F at school and then a Women so called Dot Cotten comes along and She not the Women Robin Want to mix with later, by the way searching through online Maryville in Arozina is part of Mesa.
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Weak presentation (but at least, not made in Canada)
caa82117 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'd normally give this one about 2*, but will add another because it was filmed in its portrayed locale, Phoenix. This is almost unheard-of for "Lifetime" flicks, which alone must be a significant proportion of Canada's economy, since most are filmed there. I was surprised they didn't simply place a few pieces of fake flora around, say, Vancouver, to indicate a more southerly location.

Certainly the subject of any predator affecting the life of a child is a very serious one. However, unlike some others who regard this movie as a meaningful presentation, I simply felt it ludicrous. You don't have to praise a dramatic presentation simply because the subject matter is significant

The story presented perhaps the two most prominent components within "Lifetime's" resources: its most ubiquitous thespian, Meredith Baxter; and its likewise most ubiquitous theme, the completely wacky, psychotic neighbor.

Sometimes the victim, sometimes the villainess, Baxter has done these cable flicks so often she sometimes appears to have "phoned-in" her performance. Very much the case here! The husband's in these presentations are usually vacuous, clueless nerds, also the case here.

The youngsters are sometimes thoroughly annoying, sometimes completely engaging, and you know that virtually all of them probably have a stage mother in the background, prodding them like a trainer with a show horse. But here, the young actress portraying the besieged daughter presented a listless performance (consistent, however, with those by the adults).

However off-the-wall, the obsessive, insane villains in these offerings usually provide a chill or two, even where wacky or unbelievable. Here, even the actress in this role was more boring than interesting.

The two slow-witted parents were so moronic in the way they permitted this nut case to insinuate herself into their family's lives, over the period portrayed in the story - that I couldn't help but feel that, in real life, anyone with even minimal intelligence would have have extricated themselves within less than the "real time" two hours of the airing.

**Possible spoiler here (although what's to "spoil?").**

The "climax" which occurred within the last half hour - especially when the parents are visiting the villainess' former apartment with the elderly landlord (or building super), and their frantic musings, were more amusing than dramatic or frightening. I couldn't get even a minimal feeling of either tension or drama, for imagining Barney Fife and Gomer (or Goober) fluttering about aimlessly and inanely around Mayberry, before Andy would arrive to straighten everything out. In fact, those doophuses could have done a better job and been amusing while doing so.

The overdrawn investigation by the parents, and the storming of the predator-cum-kidnapper's hideout at the end, provided an appropriately silly and inane way to conclude these proceedings.
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Excellent TV Movie Surprise!! Why do People Downgrade Movies Like This?
Saturns_Illusionist12 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
*Some plot spoilers ahead*

This is worth being watched. Amazing acting by Evan Rachel Wood, Katie Booze-Mooney, Diana Scarwid and Meredith Baxter. Robin Garr is a girl who pleas to her parents to go to summer camp. At that camp, she meets an overweight young teenage girl called Amelia and the two become best friends. When Amelia drowns at the camp's lake, Robin feels responsible and plummets into a deep depression. The school year starts and a classmate kindly helps Robin back to her usual self. In the meantime, Robin's mom is staying in Denver permanently. Robin's father is staying with her in Pheonix. Her dad meets and hires an odd new neighbor named Dorothy McIntyre to take care of his young daughter. The trouble is that Dorothy is psychotic a little bit and tries to control everything and make everything perfect. Events happen and dark secrets are revealed. . . Dorothy isn't who she leads you to believe she is.

I'm glad I caught this one, I was a bit afraid that they may ruin the book, it didn't really follow the book that well, but it was still quite good. It's actually quite thrilling. . .it's one of those movies that could actually happen. It's one of the best TV movies. On the other hand, Evan Rachel Wood usually appears in the worst made for TV films ever made. Like I said, I was scared to try this one out but I am so glad I did! It wasn't really my type of film, I wasn't really impressed that they were making a movie out of a book I loved. I can see Gregory Goodall's career growing at a constant rate, especially now that he's finally hit the right tone for the material; one that adults and teens alike can appreciate. Whether Evan Rachel Wood is here to stay or not, this movie hit her at the right time. It showed the world that she could act! If you thought that Digging to China was great, you are destined to love this one. The ending is marked by complexity, fullness of detail and ornateness; it's planned and carried out with great care. Go rent or buy this film when you have some time. It's worth it!

Though it's not perfect, still I gave it a well-deserved 10/10! For it pleased me so much! Superbly casted, great setting, amazing direction, elaborate, excellent scripting that pleased as well as thrilled me!
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A Thriller worth recording
Tan522414 June 1999
A beginning of a sudden uproot from her friends and school leaves Robin Garr(Evan Rachel Wood) less of being thrilled. With pleas to her parents, she decided to go to summer camp, where she meets a slighty over weight preteen named Amelia (Katie Booze- Mooney)whom both quickly become fast friends. A sudden drowning of Amelia at the camp's lake, causes Robin to go into a deep depression. School year begins and with help from a male classmate, she is somewhat grounded back into reality. While her mother(Meredith Baxter) is in Denver on a hopeful permenant family move, and Father staying at the family home with Robin in Pheniox, Robin meets an unusual woman named Dorothy(Diana Scarwid of "Mommie Dearest", "The Cure"). The two eventually become friends and Dorothy becomes a controlling freak when it came to perfection and neatness. Events unravel that Dorothy isn't who she says she is and hints of a mental illness start unraveling. The ending is well constructed and elaborate.
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