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Brilliant...just brilliant...

Author: Mulliga from United States
5 June 2003

Ah, "Square One TV" - easily one of the most clever children's shows ever made. Parodying pop culture WHILE teaching math to children? People had good ideas back in the eighties.

Mathman and Mathnet were cool as hell. I liked the first "Kate" better, though.

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The Mad Magazine of Math

Author: MIK7x3 from Toronto, Canada
27 May 2000

The show presented an enjoyable solution to a serious problem: teaching kids how to do math and to think logically. It filled each half hour with sketches, game shows, music videos, comedy routines, and sporting events which parodied everything from "Let's Make a Deal" to "Who's On First" to "The Honeymooners." I've even used Tony and the Togas' "The Mathematics of Love" in a talent show! Each episode of Square One TV would conclude with arguably the most popular segment of the series, a police satire entitled "Mathnet." Using "...logical, step by step problem solving," Kate and George would always get their man, woman, or gorilla over the course of the week. Square One TV was a fantastic show that was so much fun to watch, you almost forgot you were learning math. As for the people who wanted tapes of the shows, sorry but I erased mine years ago.

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Why is this sitting in the vaults!?!

Author: Miles Husoy from Canada
23 August 2004

Having seen so many of the videotapes I erased of Square One TV, I feel like such a dummy for not keeping them. The show has been gone for 10 years, and no network in my area is showing reruns of the episodes. PBS won't even air Mathnet either!

Square One TV was an amazing and fun show for the young and the old. It was more than just a math show. It also had tongue-in-cheek music videos ("Less Than Zero" is one of my favourites), David Numberman, Dirk Niblick, Piece of the Pie...and of course, MATHNET! I couldn't really decide if I liked the early ones (in LA with Kate Monday) or the later ones (in NYC with Pat Tuesday) better. But each show was quite fun! Some fans of action movies, however, probably wouldn't like Mathnet because George and Kate/Pat used calculators instead of guns. Boy, taking a stroll down Memory Lane makes me hyper!

Still, I wish PBS would quit hiding this show in the vaults, and, if they won't license it to another company, just release it on DVD. I'd buy all the episodes! Because my videotapes (if any) are wearing out, and I'd love to have a piece of my early years back again!

If anybody out there from PBS is reading this, I hope they understand my plea!

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A PBS Educational Show With A Decent Budget!

Author: nycovom1 from California, U.S.A.
1 November 2003

And, it was a good show, too. It looked like it had a good-sized budget,anyway. There were no ultra-cheesy sets or grainy 16mm filmed segments(like some other well-known PBS kids shows), from what I remember. Plus, the show seemed truly modern in the realm of PBS educational programs, definitely 1987.

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Author: mecassid from United States
12 January 2004

I remember watching this show and its spin off Mathnet. The Mathnet segment was my favorite. I waited through the other parodies just to watch that sketch. I also remember the magician who had the audience pick any number, then through a series of calculations would show that everyone would have the same answer. I hate doing math, but I did those "tricks" every time to see if he was right. My parents are teachers and loved watching the show along with me. It was a great show for parents and kids because if the kids didn't get the parodies, they got the math knowledge and parents watched just for the laughs. they should bring the show back.

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Math through sketch comedy

Author: MrEricSir from San Francisco
4 August 1999

Cross "Sesame Street," math, and "Saturday Night Live" and what do you get? A weird show for pre-teens that teachers math concepts through sketch comedy and parodies. I remember everything from PacMan to Max Headroom being on this show. And who could forget the Mathnet series at the end of each show?

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A brilliant Educational show!

Author: reddragonhero17 from United States
28 December 2015

I was a PBS kid in the late 80's to the mid 90's and taped many of its shows in that time period. I was able to find an episode of this show on one of my Reading Rainbow tapes (more on that in a later review), and I realized just how much fun this show is at teaching math. I regret not taping any more episodes, though I wish this could be on DVD. There were many great memorable segments, from a variety of gameshows, comedy routines, music videos (even one with Weird Al Yankovic!), my favorite part Mathman (I kept wondering all the time when he would get a free game), Dirk, and of course Mathnet. Shame this show no longer airs on television, children these days don't know what their missing.

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Square One Rocks!!!

Author: waynech-1 from Hanover, NH
31 January 2005

This was such a great show. I don't know a single mathamagician or engineer that didn't watch this show growing up. Along with 3-2-1 Contact! this show was the epoch of PBS educational programming.


True it would be too hooky and not enough special effect and too much intelligence to make it on TV now, but it was soo good.

I still can hear the theme song playing in my head when ever I do math. Which is a bit to often sometimes.

Please who ever made the show put out a box-set. If not for todays kids who need something more then 5 second sound bytes of learning, but for those of us who grew up watching this spectacular show. Then again if I saw it for the first time now I would probably think it sucks.....

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Back to Square One

Author: heckler_ok from Oregon
11 November 2003

Square one simply rocked :) It was held together by a lot of silliness but that's ok. Mathman (pacman-like cartoon) ruled and was my favorite part of the show :) I was less fond of many of the game shows, especially "piece of the pie". Production was best during the first season, though later seasons had gems like "Nobody's Inn", a parody of John Cleese in "Faulty Towers" and nearly as well done :)

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Author: HeyThatsMyBike ( from San Jose, CA
10 June 2002

I remember watching this show and absolutely loving it. It was thoroughly entertaining. It was so entertaining that you forgot they were trying to teach you math. Mathman (a pacman-like character) and Mathnet were my favorite parts of the show, but it was overall good entertaining math learnin' fun. It should be revived for today's generation. They could use some good entertainment, not to mention the basic math skills they would learn.

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