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Way better than the rubbish that plagues Serbian TV nowadays
lumosnight27 May 2012
Please do not listen to the reviewer 'Crveni Krst' - he has given negative reviews even for classics such as 'Bolji Zivot' as he has a preference for foreign films.

Pavic-written series were not mindless soap-operas that currently plague the US, India and Spain, but series with intelligent dialogues and witty caricatures of common people in Serbia. I personally find 'Porodicno Blago' a better series than 'Srecni Ljudi'.

What is notable about 'Porodicno Blago' is the good dose of realism it possesses without being dark. It is happening during the difficult times in Serbia (that unfortunately exist to this day) where Serbs face the issues of high unemployment, the rural-urban divide and the young generation dreaming of leaving the country in a delusion that they might find a better life abroad. We have the Gavrilovic family where the heads are trying make ends meet while the children are faced with issues of their own: one is trying to find a job, the other is a tomboy who finds love and the third child struggles to finish school. These are very common problems that are portrayed in a manner where we sympathise with the characters and root for them. Even the people from the countryside are hilarious, a refreshing change from Serbian movies and series that were at the time this was aired were heavily focused on Belgrade.

My favourite character was Churchill, the loud, jealous husband who is actually a good man that tries to protect his family using methods that may seem brutish at first sight.

Give this series a chance, it is good fun!
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Not really a treasure.
Crveni Krst8 March 2010
At first, I was surprised that no one has commented this title. But when I came to think about it, it's not so strange after all. There isn't really much to say.

"Porodicno Blago" or "Family Treasure" is yet another of Sinisa Pavic's lost-in-time-and-space creations. It is also an unfortunate remain of the troubled 90's. Officially called comedy, but there's hardly anything funny about it. Boring, pointless dialogs with characters repeating in circles and talking in a sort of Serbian southern redneck dialect. There will be spoilers, but trust me, it won't matter much...

Typical Serbian family with an ever square dad, boring mother, two sons with no vision in life and a deaf grandpa who supposedly has a lost inheritance in gold. There is also a bunch of other minor characters like drunk truck drivers, gigolo wannabes, prostitute secretaries, bumped up grease monkeys, imitation Saudi sheiks, peasants, corrupt fat Montenegrin directors, and so on. Yadidadada... the "story" revolves around the treasure and plenty unfunny mishaps. A lot of screaming, bad jokes, misinterpreted sentences, and so eventually they find the treasure, all turns well and everyone is happy and satisfied. The final scene is consisted of grandpa with shades driving in a red Opel Vectra, giving a lecture about values of life.

It's quite obvious that Pavic wrote this to satisfy the needs of the 45-80 generation with bare glitches of elementary school education.
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