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Nigel Gruff kicked a 65 yard field goal to win one of the games. The NFL record for longest field goal at the time this film was made was 63 yards (Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos kicked a 64-yarder in 2013), so Gruff's kick would have set - and would still be - a league record.
During filming, Keanu Reeves was offered a tryout with the Baltimore Ravens.
Keanu Reeves plays a former quarterback from Ohio State. In Point Break (1991), Reeves's character was also a former quarterback from Ohio State.
Jack Warden's last film.
Archie Harris, who plays Wilson Carr, was an actual replacement player during the 1987 NFL strike. He played OT for the Denver Broncos who eventually lost in Super Bowl XXII to the Washington Redskins.
Though the film is not supposed to be connected to the actual 1987 NFLPA strike, there are some similarities between the film depiction of the Washington team, and the actual Redskin team:
  • 1. The teams played by the Washington in the film mirror the teams the Redskins played during the 1987 scab games (including a Dallas team where all the regular starters crossed the picket line and returned).

  • 2. Shane Falco wears the number 16. Redskins replacement quarterback Ed Ruppert (who played college ball at Louisville) wore that number. Ruppert managed to last three seasons as an Arena Football League QB at Albany.

  • 3. The Redskins did have a player named Tony Robinson, who had just been released from prison prior to making the replacement team. The film depiction features a player who's on work release to play for the team.

The reason everyone refers to Shane Falco's meltdown in the 1996 Sugar Bowl is because there was no game in 1996. This made it easy to avoid having issues with a real player or team. The Sugar Bowl after the 1995 season was played on 12/31/95 (V-Tech def. Texas) and after the 1996 season on 1/2/97 (Florida def. Florida St.).
The film is set in Washington D.C. but was actually filmed in and around Baltimore including the Baltimore Ravens' stadium.
There were plans to do a sequel which never materialized.
Keanu Reeves gained 23 pounds for his role as quarterback Shane Falco.
Fumiko's war cry, "Nan desu ka!" in Japanese actually means "What is this?"
Washington Sentinels running back Walter Cochran (played by 'Troy Winbush') not only wears the same number as Chicago Bears legend and hall-of-famer Walter Payton, 34, but the first time he gets the ball he does a single long jump-stride in open field before he takes of sprinting, Walter Payton's signature move.
The Japanese name Fumiko is really a female first name.
Training and practice took place at Glen Burnie High School, in Glen Burnie MD. The Football coach worked with the cast and crew working on football plays.
The dance that the players are doing to the song "I Will Survive" is actually the "Electric Slide," a popular party dance, which is very easy and can be taught even to young children, which is probably the reason it was used.
The football scenes were filmed on a weekend and a company of army trainees from Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD were part of the crowd.
The film says Shane Falco quarterbacked Ohio State in a 1996 Sugar Bowl loss. In reality, Ohio State lost in the Citrus Bowl that year under quarterback Bobby Hoying. Florida State won the Sugar Bowl over Notre Dame.
When coach McGinty (Gene Hackman) is interviewed at halftime during the Dallas game, he responds with "Miles and miles and miles of heart." This is a reference to {A statement he made to Shane Falco when McGinty told Shane he was being cut. That Shane had the miles of heart necessary to be a professional quarterback} the song another hapless Washington team (the Senators) sings in the movie Damn Yankees! (1958).
The scene filmed in O'Neil's house was filmed in one of the buildings owned by publishing company, Agora Inc, located in the historical district of Baltimore City called Mt. Vernon. The majority of the scene was filmed in the conference room.
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The lunch scene during the practice was filmed in the Press Lounge at PSINet Stadium.
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Although they share the same last name, Wanna-be Cheerleader Mia Reeves is not related to the film's star.
Mark Steven Johnson did uncredited revisions on the script.
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Gene Hackman and Gailard Sartain previously appeared in Mississippi Burning (1988).
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