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Talentless in all departments
Stefan Kahrs17 September 1999
There have been several films with the title 'Devil in the flesh' over the years (half a dozen at least), typically all of related genres which makes them easy to confuse; atomic-12's comments are about a 1998 film, not this one. The best known (and best) of the lot is probably Marco Bellocchio's from 1986.

This film here is a very-low-budget exploiter about a group of guerillas/bandits taking over a remote hospital, apparently somewhere in Latin America. They have one of their group medically cared for and take the opportunity to have sex with the all-female staff. Overall this is a lousy effort: the script is very poor, the characters lack conviction, the photography is dull, the actors lack screen presence, both the rumpy-pumpy and the (mild) violence are unimaginative. Talentless in all departments.
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Excellent in all departments
alexferdman22219 February 2015
To write about movies you have to have benchmark or basic point which is always one--movies are illusion. If they reflect on reality it cannot be proved as everybody has different opinion about past and present. With this in mind this flick is excellent and I don't care about plot which is reasonable in this case, female characters which are all hot in their designer's underwear, fair amount of sexual activities etc. Illusion?--yes. Do I care?--no. Why?--D'Amato fits my definition of excellent. Maybe I am wrong?--maybe. But I pay attention to which movies I remember and which dissipate without trace. And I remember how piece of propaganda called Battleship Potemkin was considered one of 10 best movies of all time and as I knew all this propaganda first hand I said--whatever but D'Amato is on my list.
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