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Predictable 'Heist' Film, Brightened by Leads...
Ben Burgraff (cariart)9 December 2003
It is doubtful that you'll remember much about $WINDLE for long; as a 'heist' film with an undercover cop (Tom Sizemore) falling for mastermind Sherilyn Fenn, it is pretty much 'by the numbers', with the mandatory 'psycho gang member' (Conrad Pla), a plot twist that isn't that surprising, and a resolution that is predictable (save for Dave Foley's unexpected windfall). What provides the greatest pleasure in the film are the performances of Sizemore and Fenn, who are both terrific.

Tom Sizemore is a fast-talking, quick-witted cop who is deep undercover as a freelance hood 'recruited' for an old-fashioned bank job, and whether he is quoting Jack Kerouac while seducing Fenn, savoring a high-stakes poker game, or trying to explain to his partner that he's not on the 'take', he dominates the screen each time he appears.

Sherilyn Fenn is a marvel. After surviving early roles best remembered for her frequent nude scenes (TWO MOON JUNCTION, MERIDIAN), she has matured into an actress of some range and a remarkable sensitivity. When she describes men's usual 'pick up' lines ("Nice dress...It would look great on my floor"), there is a world-weariness and pain in her voice that is totally honest. At 37, she has achieved a balance between her still breathtaking beauty and growing dramatic skills that, in a 'kinder' world, would provide her better roles in more than just 'Indie' films.

$WINDLE isn't a great film, but catch it, anyway, for Sizemore and Fenn. You won't be disappointed!
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There can be worse ways to spend your Sunday afternoon...
Enochian8 December 2003
Synopsis : Tom Sizemore plays an undercover cop, who infiltrates a gang (led by the gorgeously curvy Sherilyn Fenn) planning a heist at a bank, where Dave Foley is the manager.. The movie unfolds as a series of flashbacks (to describe how the whole thing was set up) that occur as the robbery is taking place.. While the plans are being made, Tom semi-falls in love with Fenn and loses contact with his superiors leaving them to wonder which side he is on.. The plan is conceived as a smooth get in - get out operation, but things quickly start going wrong.. There are a couple of plot twists along the way, and the climax is satisfying if not mind-blowing..

My Comments : The lead cast is pretty good since I consider both Sizemore and Fenn to be very good, underrated actors.. Though it seems as if it was made on a shoe-string budget, their acting along with the support cast is reasonably strong... The script and dialogue, though smattered with heist movie cliches, can be witty at times.. In short, this is an eminently watchable movie for those Sunday afternoons, when you're all done with laundry and have nothing else at hand..
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Better than I had hoped
Warning: Spoilers

I don't usually rent a video on a Saturday night, so when I do I really want it to be enjoyable. This one was. I got more than I expected. I'm a sucker for movies with a twist in the end, so naturally I loved this one. Clever dialogue, the script was not bad, direction was good, the story-telling speed was just right.

No complaints, I got more than I had hoped for.
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Funky precursor to CSI genre, TV B movie with cool music
Emily Roberts31 March 2010
$windle is a cool, funky movie I landed on by accident watching TV, when I couldn't fall asleep. I was instantly captivated and entertained by the large number of clichés. I guess it was all tongue in cheek from the get go as far as cop shows roll. I love cop shows. For those of you who can read between the lines, and love CSI,loved Snatch, it would seem like this unpretentious flick could be one of the precursors to the CSI genre. A borderline cheesy cult B movie made in 2002, starring Tom Sizemore (Natural Born Killers) and an semi-serious performance by comedian Dave Foley (Kids In The Hall)I don't want to create anticipation or spoil the plot. It's light weight in a fun way.

I wish there were more of those movies around in 2010, to pad those sleepless nights, zapping through infomercials. We love the cheese, so I can't wait to see another cop show by KC Bascombe. On a final note, I really loved the music score throughout, and had to go and find that El Camino song by E.P. Bergen that now plays on my I Pod all the time.
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Average heist thriller that still is entertaining...
Enchorde9 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Recap: Seth George plays a risky game working his way into a crew planning a big bank job. But it pays off and finally the day comes when the hit goes down. But Seth gets suspicious quickly. The plan depends on the police being alerted, creating a hostage situation, with the crew slipping out unnoticed in the end through a unknown maintenance tunnel. But what is the mastermind Sophie really after, she is completely uninterested by the bank's money. And partner Cisco and Seth just can't play along. But Seth got a trick up his own sleeve, he is cop. But he is also far over the line and can't be sure he won't be arrested when this ends. If he can survive that long.

Comments: An average heist movie starring Tom Sizemore as Seth. Sizemore is a good actor, especially in this genre, the heist thriller. But he got little support. The cast is mostly unknown and though they don't fall through completely they don't impress either. Nor does the story. It is predictable and even though it tries to add another level by cutting in time, adding background information and extra substories through a series of flashbacks, it is still rather simple.

But anyone expecting more going in is living in a fantasy world, and is up for a big disappointment. Yes, these kinds of movies can be real gems, but to expect it? I didn't, and therefore Swindle worked alright. It delivered 90 minutes of good entertainment, what it was made to do, nothing more nothing less. I won't remember it for all time, but I'm not supposed to either. This is a movie made with an average budget for an average result. And that it delivers. This is movie that works very well if nothing else is on.

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"BankJoB-UnderCover-Inside man"
Vasko_petroff26 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was not sure if i will watch the movie after i saw the trailer because there are too many movies about bank robbery (with much better actors) and undercover cop.In the begging i was not sure if i still wanna watch this movie but still i decided to give him a chance(It looks very low budget)After 20-30 min i was interested,the story is not bad its not Scorsese.But the end is with not so good.Sherilyn Fenn is very pretty and act good ,on the other side was Tom Sizemore,i find his acting very poor.(Probably with better acting crew the movie will be good).Conrad Pla was bad i didn't like his interpretation of a psycho-robber,like he was watching a lot of bad movies and copy the acting.The Screenplay is not bad (Mid 90s action),for some people will be hard to follow the story but i actually like that.Don't like that sometime the cameraman recorded the backs of the actor when they acting,speaking in the moment(Probavly Reggie/Director order).I will not recommend the movie but if you are movie fan or you have 90 min to lose its not bad movie.
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