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Rolling Stone
Pulls off thrilling stunts that will leave you a sweaty-palmed mess. It's top-tier movie escapism.
Chicago Sun-Times
Strong performances, particularly by Glenn as the hard-bitten climber with a private agenda, Vertical Limit delivers.
Baltimore Sun
OK, so some of the scenes are a sham, but the mountain of suspense and adventure is enough to keep you captivated.
Charlotte Observer
Vertical Limit is like riding a roller coaster for two hours. First it's frighteningly exciting. Then it's mind-numbing
Vertical Limit, despite its weaknesses, finds the right director in Martin Campbell to energize this high-altitude thriller.
Mr. Showbiz
A shell of a film. It's a stripped-down and blown-out thriller than can only be measured by the sum of its action sequences.
Entertainment Weekly
By laying on disasters with a trowel, misses the chance to sweep us up into a more elegant fantasy of primitive mountaintop terror.
USA Today
The action scenes in Vertical Limit take cliffhanging to the highest peaks of excitement. It's a shame the story keeps dragging us down to sea level.
Chicago Tribune
If you were forced to judge it simply on its action-movie visual and technical elements, you'd have to count it a roaring success... . But if you lay aside that action and watch the people instead, it's a morass of dimwitted family crises and hack action-movie cliches.
New York Post
One of the most thrilling - and authentic - mountain-climbing films in recent memory. Unfortunately, it's also burdened by one of those every-line-a-wretched-cliché Hollywood screenplays.
San Francisco Chronicle
The film is well shot and has titillating action without a single persuasive emotion.
New York Daily News
A climbing thriller whose plot may be on thin ice but whose action sequences are stunning.

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