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Rolling Stone
Pulls off thrilling stunts that will leave you a sweaty-palmed mess. It's top-tier movie escapism.
Chicago Sun-Times
Strong performances, particularly by Glenn as the hard-bitten climber with a private agenda, Vertical Limit delivers.
Charlotte Observer
Vertical Limit is like riding a roller coaster for two hours. First it's frighteningly exciting. Then it's mind-numbing
Chicago Tribune
If you were forced to judge it simply on its action-movie visual and technical elements, you'd have to count it a roaring success... . But if you lay aside that action and watch the people instead, it's a morass of dimwitted family crises and hack action-movie cliches.
Village Voice
Vertical Limit's real problem is its digitized sheen. Every shot seems to have been CGI-enhanced, so the movie has an overpasteurized, Velveeta-like glow -- processed movie food.
Wants to be a dizzy, precarious thrill ride. Glenn provides the only gravity that doesn't seem dull, literal and earthbound.
So wound up in its own bungee cords, it leaves itself hopelessly tied in knots.
Boston Globe
Avalanches are nothing compared to the deadening touch of the stereotyping and audience-insulting simplicities in the scenic but brain-dead Vertical Limit.
A shallow yet empty action extravaganza.
It's a huge, bloated, hulking movie.

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